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      I owe over 20k in retroactive child support, I just started paying child support in November and pay weekly but have only missed 1 week for payments. Does anyone know if they will take from my federal for the retroactive payments or is that only for back pay? Thank you

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          @ Japri

          Which state is unemployment? I’m from Michigan and had my state refund garnished from unemployment while I dispute it. Apparently because there are so many errors with them asking for money rightfully claimed back, that people are getting their refunds back. I got a check on Saturday from the MI dept of treasury stating I was released from my garnishment.

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            Idk about child support but unemployment Damn sure took $1800 of my refund money now I’m not getting any real money until my audit is closed smh. I’m sick as hell and who knows how long this audit will take 😔

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              If you’re due a refund you won’t be getting one. Bottom line.

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                Call the IRS offset hotline. It’s an automated system that will tell you whether your federal taxes will be offset and by who.

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                  Child support arrears can be offset at the state and federal level.


                  As for retroactive support. This greatly depends on state but a lot of states will not enforce anything against you as long as you are making payments on time for the retroactive support and the current support order if one is in place. If you miss the retro payments then they turn to arrears and carry the same enforcement as regual child support arrears. Again this depends on your state laws.

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                    My ex husband was 2,000 behind because they didn’t notify him that his ex went for child support for months. On top of taking extra from your checks to catch up they can do other things. For him personally it took his federal refund and his stimulus check. I think it depends on if she’s on tanf/snap/medicaid because with stuff like that they push to get the money

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                      If you are on a payment plan, then they shouldn’t touch it at all. To be honest, *and don’t quote me on this*, I think child support is only on the state level, and isn’t federally garnished unless you are behind bars. You can call the 1040 line to double check this information though.

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