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    So last year I lost bars and had to verify my identity, so when I lost bars this year I assumed it was the same issue. I just got off the phone and they said mine was resequenced? Anyone else have this happen?

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    I check this morning I have no bars after two weeks and it says still processing with tt152
    I’m hoping it’s back on track with an update Saturday morning 🤔



    Ordered lasted week and got them today black as hell, no return filed? I’m so confused. I filed 2/7 and was accepted that day as well. on 1st bar on wmr. eic and actc.



    Did any of you receive blank transcripts?
    I had bars for 2 weeks now it’s still processing. Got my transcripts in the mail and they said no return filed.


    Hi y’all! Resequencing can be due to many different reasons. I found this to be enlightening. One might be resequenced because there was a change to SSN or may pertain to business(es) or merging of accounts, etc.

    (particularly page 2)



    @brittany Nicole..
    Thants exactly wat he told me..that he saw nothing error codes..just being resequenced..buying extra time ig



    @LadyJ thanks. I don’t have any take action codes, and I didn’t get a code last year when I was pulled to verify iD. A letter just showed up in the mail a month later. I hope it doesn’t take that long. If they need something, I hope a code shows up soon.



    P.S. My issue was being pulled for ID verify. I lost my bars on the 15th of February and had nothing at all for a day or 2 then updated to a take action message.



    I did lose bars, I assume the bars were lost the day I was pulled. I had to call the IRS and my bars reappeared a day or two after my situation was resolved. The bars stayed gone until a few days (2 or 3) after my return was cleared.



    I filed 1/30, accepted hours later on 1/30, State approved 2/4, however, how am I supposed to know if my Federal was approved?

    Last year and this year I tried to order my Transcripts online (as mailed ones take 5-10 days) and although I can log in to do so, when it asks to verify credit card or auto loan (which numbers I know and have resubmitted multiple times, all to get the same error) it says the numbers are incorrect and they cannot verify my identity.

    So, to try to find out if my Federal was approved (and when), I called 800-829-0582 ext. 652 TWICE and explained all of this, and the slow-as-molasses (not even trying to be funny) and the barely English speaking guy who spoke really fast, told me there could be no update until 21 days after I filed. End of their “help”. I even mentioned a tax code of 1542 the second call. No help.

    I’m so frustrated because my coworker has the same credits, deductions and I always file before her. AGAIN this year, she is showing a DD date and I have nothing. How this always happens, idk.



    @ladyJ thanks for the info. If you remember did you lose bars on WMR and if so at what point. I was told I was resequenced 2/9, I lost bars the same day. I’m just trying to figure out if I was pulled out that day, or put back in that day, or if there really is any way to tell.



    Learned about resequencing last year. If there is any issue with your return, a misspelled name, number in the wrong spot, anything that triggers a manual review, your return is pulled. Usually when it is pulled, it’s no big deal, an IRS employee just looks the return over and either does a spot correction for you, or approves the issue. The problem is, once it is pulled for anything, whether legit or not, your return doesn’t go back to it’s original place in line. It goes to the back of the line. I was told last year to think of it this way, Filed 1/19, accepted 1/20, pulled for error on let;s say 2/10, error fixed, resubmitted 2/11, well now my accepted date from the IRS is 2/11 and my countdown starts from that day, NOT the original accepted date.



    @brittany When they told you that you were resequenced did they say it was put back into processing or that you are pulled and will be put back in. I’m trying to figure out what she meant. They told me it was like I submitted on the 9th (the day I lost my bars) and my 21 days now starts from there. I just am so skeptical of everything they say. Last year everything was fine according to them and after a month they said I’d be receiving a letter to verify ID.



    I just got off the phone with them and they said they can’t see any letters being sent out but can tell me mine has been pulled for further review and to wait upto another 21 days to get the letter to see what they want. I can’t order my transcript and when I pull up my wages nothings been reported so I don’t know wth is going on. All I know is she couldn’t really tell me any details but just wait and wait then wait some more. I’ve played these games with them the past 2 years with sending them stuff so you’d think by now that they’d realize everything with me is on the up and up since I’ve sent them everything asked for in the past



    @im here for the record I didn’t lie. I was very honest and told her it hasn’t been 21 days but I know from last year’s experience that something is wrong. Explained that last year I had to verify I’d and wanted to see if it was the same this year. Although I do agree that if you call 3 separate times that you will get 3 separate answers. I know that from experience too. I called because I was hoping to cut down on the weeks of waiting needlessly like last year. They should put a code on WMR but most often they do not.

    @ Sharon. From what I’ve read, you can be resequenced for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s something they can verify and fix on their own, sometimes you will get a letter to verify identity or you have a missing form etc. it just means you were processing and got kicked out for some reason and won’t go back in until whatever issue is fixed.



    By the way they do play with people, there is no accountability there and this is the busy time of the year for them and allot of them are burnt out federal workers.



    I don’t agree, lying to them on the principal to get information is not a good thing…either way it doesn’t sound like there is much patience going on here.

    I am speaking from years of experience both from my life and reading the forums such as this. If there is something wrong just wait WMR will prompt you and a letter will be soon to follow. However once a take action code pops up I suggest calling and possible getting the information together that will be needed but don’t send anything until you have the letter simply because sometimes the letters are extremely specific to your case.



    Has anyone found out what the deal is with the Re-sequencing ?? Pray that doesn’t happen to me


    Brittany Nicole

    One answer is better than none. We are all trying our best, to be patiently waiting. Its not like they don’t “pull our chains” all year long.



    If you call three times your going to get three different answer’s, my advice it to relax till either your notified by letter from the IRS or WMR prompts you with an actual code.

    Don’t you think these reps like pulling your chain? They know people call up saying they have error this and that not to mention why would you want to lie to a person who has your tax information in front of them?


    Brittany Nicole


    Ok, I called and was able to speak with someone. I filled 1/22 and my bars went missing 1/27 and have been since. Called (800) 829-0582 ext. 652 and was put right through to a person. Said I received code 1542 (that was a lie). She reviewed my account.

    Said I was selected for further review and that I should receive a letter or update on WMR by 2/19. I am currently in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and she did mention that it usually goes to that department before the refund is released, so I’m hoping THAT’S the only further review she is referring to. I’m stressing ya’ll!


    Brittany Nicole

    So i found a post someone else wrote that they called and fibbed about seeing a error code on their return so i did the same thing and the guy was really nice
    1 800-829-0582 ext. 657 i believe. and i told them when i went on WMR it shows a tax code of 1542 (no idea what that is) and he looked it up!

    my refund says still processing with no bars and 152. he said there were no errors on my refund but i was getting resequenced. UGHHHH



    Brittany Nicole .. Who were you able to get in contact with and how did they give you any information? Every time I call they say it has to be 21 days from the 29th before they will give any information at all.



    Ugh. Keep me updated if you find anything else out. Did they tell you what day you were resequenced


    Brittany Nicole

    ME! i just got off the phone with them. He said no error codes, but that mine would take ” a week” longer & was being resequenced!!!! what the hell!

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