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    Republic bank has not sent my refund cheque despite repeated phone calls .PLEASE HELP ME


    Amanda Vallery

    My date is the 5 of July n republic bank don’t have my return


    Brandy Murphy

    Amount on republic site differs extremely from IRS site and when I call offset number it says no debts found. Someone help me


    Queen Ify

    The IRS sent my refund on May 2nd 2018 and when I check the Republic website it says they do not have it. How long does it take for the information to be available ? meanwhile Republic says my refund took too long so they took the filing fees out of my checking account but that information is not on their website either. still shows i owe $35 filing fees.



    I have been trying to get in touch with someone there all week. i called every number possible and no options to speak with someone. only automated systems. Please, if someone has a good number to get in touch with someone let me know! I have been waiting for a check from them for a month now and i dont know if that is normal waiting time.



    @ Maria

    How did it work out for you? Have DDD from WMR tomorrow 4-18-18. 1st time and last I ever used this tax preparer very simple return cost 500.00 in fees plus 19.99 to send and member even explained any of this process. I had to ID verify and when she went to confirm my direct depost account # my copy was blank she told me it’s the tax preparers account.I HAD NO KNOWLEDGE no copies of any papers agreeing to this just my original and 2 papers of my return…sorry for rant.. Anyhow republic bank sent me a text at 10 am today that they had my refund and sent it to my bank and I would get it in 1-5 days. I see that you did not get your deposit the first day. How long did you wait? What bank? I have Bb&t if anyone can answer please give me some hope it will be there tomorrow.. Filed 2-15-18



    I did my taxes myself this year through TurboTax! Instead of using my personal bank info I put in Republic Banks info, my state refund said it was issued on 3/6/18 and my federal is still pending…I’m impatient waiting on them to release my funds. Next year I will be going back to my old Tax office, save money but gained a major headache!



    I have not received my card. It shows funds was deposited yesterday. Should I have had my card already or do they send it out now?



    The bank info never updated and I got a call from liberty tax my check was there around 1130 this morning, go figure



    My Republic Account updated this early morning with my amount and the fees taken out. Just checked now after checking throughout the day with no pending deposits, and it now shows a pending deposit with my credit union.



    Republic Bank updated this morning for me. Says Refund sent minus my filing fees. If it goes like last year I will have tomorrow as I use a traditional bank



    My refund did not show on the website

    I called them with the Trouble logging in phone number @ 1-866-581-1040

    They said my refund was sent to my bank and to allow 1-5 days for it to show up :(

    At least its coming, just not the amount I was expecting! Only $700 less after fees and a bogus offset amount. They entered one to many zeros into my amount owed or something because I feel violated and cheated like I was robbed.



    May be a stupid question but when I try to sign into the Republic Bank taxpayer thing, I get login failed. So I call the number and there’s no record of my social.
    I use Tax Act every year and I’ve never tried to log in before and have always gotten my refund in my bank account on time but is there a reason I can’t log in ? Weird.



    My refund has been sent off by the bank. I wonder if I’ll get it today.



    omg mine updated but my $600 was taken on my $200 offset! How the [email protected]# can they charge that much intrest? F-ing state of Illinois. Started as $120 overpaymentthat they made the mistake of giving. What a F-ing scam. Broke ass state probally did everybody dirty like that. Its probally why people are seeing the 203 code and think its a mistake cause they dont owe people just like I didnt owe anybody until they made sure of it!



    Republic bank updated for me… with more fees 😑 A subsequent ACH fee in addition to the other fees. I’m so frustrated.



    So the amount that says sent to taxpayer thats the amount i will be getting on website?



    That I don’t know, Jamie. It’s going to my CU so idk if I’ll see mine before tomorrow.



    Site updated for me shows me refund amount now how long before goes on amex serve card anyone know ?



    Mine just updated as well!! My state dd hit my account around 5:30pm the day before my ddd, so I would suspect that I will get my fed tonight as well!



    Okay… I called and it says it was sent to my bank. The site must not update at all or something. Idk. So today or tomorrow I’ll have it I guess.



    Mine says fee taken out no update yet


    negasonic teenage warhead

    The site just updated for me that my refund was recieved and sent to my card now to wait for netspend!


    negasonic teenage warhead

    Mine has not updated. However when i call it says my fees were paid.



    Republic just updated for me direct deposit sent thank god check your republic site



    Still nothing for me. Never again will I deal with them or TaxAct. My DDD is for tomorrow, but how if Republic claims they don’t have it yet? I call BS, but whatever. I sure got an education this year. Lesson learned.



    I called and it still says no knowledge of refund but it does tell me what fees were deducted from the refund. Next year Im paying upfront.


    Mrs Turner

    Ok as many times I’ve called republic Bank today for refund status and press 2 for fee deductions it normally hangs up without saying anything yet just now I call and it’s saying fees paid and the amounts paid but website says nothing received yet. I’m so curious now to whether they have my money or not.



    Still not showing they have not received my federal as of 440am


    negasonic teenage warhead

    @Mspang yes i just got that message. However I think it was just a glitch. I dont think we will get an update until Thursday sometime. We are almost there! 🌈🌈🌺🌹



    Did anyone get this page come up when trying to access the Republic Bank Refund Status tool?….Copied text….

    You have reached this page because of the following reason(s):
    The previous page you requested generate(s) exception(s).
    Your access level is insufficient to display the requested resource.
    The previous page you requested may be under renovation.
    Other reason(s).

    If you feel you should not be redirected here, please contact Technical Support at 866-491-1040, option 3. The details below will help you and the Technical Support representative resolve the issue.


    Beyond Hope

    Well….It sounds like the reps at republic bank don’t all follow the same script.

    I had one rep tell me that they receive info from the IRS between 7:00am and 8:30 am and that they update their site daily typically before noon

    I had another rep tell me that they get their information from the IRS when the IRS sends the money, typically overnight and they update their site when they get to that particular deposit and then batch them every few hours.

    Clearly some of these reps must only be temps there through the tax season and can only get to certain pages on their screens for updates

    Ive used TaxAct and republic bank for several years and typically I have gotten my money the day after Republic gets it since I have my fees taken out. I will usually see money on my card the same day as the DD from the WMR

    Hope springs eternal for those of us hoping to see the refunds early.




    You must be bored today huh? Just came on the site to play devils advocate lol



    Ok I guess you people are just stupid so yeah go ahead and whine and cry and carry on acting like the idiots you clearly are.




    Look, if someone wants to “complain” about not having their money yet, that’s their prerogative. I mean, why care so much about how other people are feeling about their own issues? It’s not hurting anyone.
    Anyways, I’d love to get a DD today or tomorrow but last year I got mine the 22nd on the dot.



    @Maybetomorrow4me you know people have already gotten there money right … So I guess time travel is possible lol



    I know I am just so terribly rude for expecting people to stop acting like their money is being kept from them even though there is absolutely no reasonable expectation for their money to be in their account since the deposit date given is in the future. Unless of course people are time traveling to 2/22 to verify and then back to now to complain everyone needs to relax.



    My local Jackson Hewitt called republic for me today. They said they get multiple updates daily. So to check in the morning and night, she anticipates that the deposits for 2/22/18 will arrive sometime overnight. Enough time for the bank to process the fees/loans people have and then disperse them to banks/cards.



    I just got off the phone with Republic bank. The Rep told me that they only receive updates from the IRS at 7:30am. I asked him if Republic updates periodically throughout the day and he said no. He said it doesn’t make sense to check the website periodically throughout the day, similiar to Where’s my refund. He also stated that they have not received any info regarding the refunds being late so they anticipate them being they’re by the 22nd. We will see because the refund still needs to get to my bank from Republic, so if it doesn’t get there tomorrow I won’t get it by three 22nd.



    Great to hear because I’m like the rest it’s my money and I want it now lmbo



    @mrs turner
    Thank you I will definitely check at that time


    Mrs Turner

    Ok I just got off the phone with republic Bank and was informed that they will send a big drop between 2 and 4 so begin checking the system at those times



    I called republic Bank and they said they update a number of times a day it could be their early but just check a few times a day… I don’t mine will be there till the day of but that’s fine with me lol




    I get the same message that no refund for ssn. Someone told me that they sometimes wait for the last bar to light up when refund says sent that it update and/or update on the date to the DDD. so i am in the same boat



    That’s alittle rude I was seeing if someone had the same promblrm as me maybe I was checking the wrong site!!!!!! N I wasn’t complaining..
    Replubic bank still has no update for me still saying refund not been received for this ssn number. I checked to make sure on my tax papers from Jackson Hewitt it said republic Bank just wonder if they r gonna send it to the serve card or drecit deposit.. lol



    If you have a ddd of 2/22 and are getting upset that you ‘still don’t have your money in your account’ maybe you should look at a calendar and settle down. Until it’s after 2/27 you literally have no reason to complain.




    I’m having the same issue. I did get the refund advance, so i did a little digging. I went to my online banking and checked to see who deposited my advance. It said JTHFLLC or something like that. So, i googled that and it came up with JTH Financial LLC, they do the refund transfers too like sbtpg and republic. I was able to call the customer support number, and my info was there. i used liberty tax, so idk if they do it strictly for them or not, but just some info…
    maybe check to see who deposited you refund advance??

    Best of luck



    The republic bank still shows no refund found with this ssn.. I had the cash advance fee taking out of refund. Advance put on express card and rest in my bank accound first community. Has any one seen their refund in their account yet.. Irs websit ddd 2.22



    In my past experience with jh and republic I’ve never seen my fees deducted or them reflect that they’ve received my check until that 3rd bar lights up on wmr and says refund sent, so if it lights up tomorrow then for sure you’ll have funds tomorrow. Mine is still on second bar and because of this hoilday I doubting any changes in the morning so I’m praying maybe Wed.


    negasonic teenage warhead

    @jamie they prob have not processed it as of yet. Mine says the same.

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