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      Did anyone here use Tax Act (which has Republic bank)? I am a little confused as to how they work…On the paper work I printed is says that they will deposit directly into my bank account after what they call a “refund transfer” which costs 19.99. Does that mean I WILL NOT go through SBBT? I have a deposit date of the 4th, but would like to find out if I have to go through any other bank/union other than Republic. Please help me clarify…
      Good luck to you all I hope you get your money soon!

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          my state return was accepted on 2/3 and shows it was released on 2/13 however republic bank still says have not received it… we are now into march and I can not get a live person to talk to… this is very frustrating anyone have any ideas

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            I Had My Tax Refund Sent To My Net Spend But It Was Rejected Because My Name Is Spelled Differently On My Card
            Republic Banks Issued My Check Out Yesterday To Be Mailed To My House It Was Processed Today Does Anybody Know How It Will Be Before My Check Comes To My House ?

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              I went through tax act. I got a text from republic bank saying they received my refund & sent it & I should get it within 1 to 5 days. But when I search for the status of a deposit through republic banks website it says they never received a deposit. Has this happened to someone & they’ve gotten theirs?!

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                I have a ddd for 2/11 which is today and the republic bank do not have anything for me on file. The IRS stated that they sent the money to them, I am so pissed off… Then when you call you can not get a live person all you get is a recording. WTF….. I am getting angry, I will not do this next year at all

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                  I filed my taxes early through taxact and it was accepted on 1-20-15 when the irs opened and as of today 2-6-15 I still only have one bar on wmr and it only says processing and the irs told me they can’t see nothing and for me to call back on the 11th I wonder what’s going on and why my status is not changing any one else having this problem and I heard even though u were givin a date for acceptance from the irs taxact didn’t submit your return till like two days later help please…

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                    did you get your cash today?

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                      I know my bank does ach deposits only once a day. So if rb sent it any time after 8 am it will not hit my bank till the next morning. Hope this helps.

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                        I too received mine a few minutes ago sent to my bank, but got a text that says 1-5 business days, which will put me into next Monday. Is that really how long it’s going to take for my bank to get my money? I can’t wait that long ;(

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                          I did my taxes with taxact and opted to have the fees deducted from my return. The irs sent my return to republic bank on 2/2/15. I called rb toll free number and got the automated system and was told it was sent to my bank. No dates given. I called my bank and they have not received anything from rb. Can not get a live person on the phone at rb. Would like to know when I’m going to get my refund since rb has already been paid!

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                            Republic Bank sent my money to my bank this morning. Just waiting for it to post :)

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                              Has anyone that has a DDD date of 2/4 through Republic Bank received their refund in their bank yet? Or see that Republic Bank has their money when you log onto their website? Thank you.

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                                *Be tomorrow

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                                  Thanks everyone! I have yet to see anything and my WMR still has only 2 bars. Any chance that it is just slow and I will get my DD before it updates…which it would have to tomorrow??
                                  Thanks again…

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                                    web address to see if republic bank got your refund yet… update us if it says they got it

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                                      I’m having my refund sent to a prepaid card (Insight) and the bank is Republic Bank of Chicago. Is that the same bank that you guys are referring to? My dd is scheduled for 2/4. Should I expect to receive it any sooner?

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                                        Haha typo central-

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                                          I always use taxact and republic
                                          I sign up for texts from republic, it goes to republic first then sent to your bank from them, they transition is always faat and I’ve always gotten my DD on or before my DDD.
                                          As soon as republic gets it they take their 19.99 and send it immediately by ACH credit. My personal bank is BBT.

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                                            Right if you went throught TaxAct they use Republic Bank for a transfer. I thought the same thing that whatever amount I owed would be taken out of my refund and the rest would go straight to my savings account. That is not the case. It will first go to Republic and then Republic will send it to your bank/credit union. Also TurboTax uses SBBT.

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                                              I filed thru JHewitt and I believe they use Republic too. How were u able to speak with a rep? What number did u call?

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                                                I filed through Tax Act as well and I spoke to them this morning because my DDD is 2/4 and I havent seen anything yet as well. The Rep told me that the deposits comes in batches, which means they hold the funds for that one day then release it. They recieve these batch deposits twice a day from the IRS. 8am and 4:30pm. Dont know when they update there online system. Hope that helps

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