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Refunds available through NetSpend

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    My Best Friend just received notification that the IRS deposited at 9:45 pm. She filed on 1/16 and was accepted 1/20! They are coming! Now I just have to be patient for mine haha

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    I also received my refund last night I filed the 10th got accepted the 14th & wmr never changed from the accepted bar, still has not changed. I used netspend.


    I believe that SBBT is only for Turbo Tax..


    I went through, I had the $35 taken from my refund. Does SBBT have anything to do in my situation?


    Leslie- She didn’t have fees as she made under a certain amount, so it went right to her card not through SBBT


    Just want to give everyone some hope. I just received my tax return on my Netspend card at 10:36 p.m. EST

    01/27/15 Credit: Direct Deposit from TCS TREAS 449 for TAX REF


    If I don’t get mine before next week, then I will have to look into netspend (whatever that is) for next year.

    Leslie M

    @Dj, Did your friend have her fees deducted from her refund?


    This was the text she got.. I don’t know how to do screenshots…I know I know I am an old lady (33 but still)

    I just got this: NetSpend: $1,240.03 available after $1,236.00 Direct Deposit load from IRS TREAS 310 on 01/27 Text HELP to 22622 for info
    2015/01/27 09:44:15pm


    U might get yours on Monday


    Okay need some opinions. I filed through TT on 1/17 and approved on 1/20. I had my fees deducted from my refund so it will have to go through SBBT. I also am having it deposited on a paypal prepaid (netspend) card. Anyone I’m a similar situation received their refund yet?


    I am not kidding! I won’t play with emotions.. I cried because I didn’t do Netspend this year lol… I am East Coast. She filed through Turbo Tax.


    I have netspend and nothing has been put on my card yet. I pulled my transcripts today and had a cycle # 20150402 and the 846 code that they refunded. Is netspend still sending deposits through the night?


    yes, what coast???


    Any of you pay turbo tax using your refund?


    Omg congrats hun!!


    shesings78 – he is right . I just received refund at 9:48pm. Able to order transcripts today as well.


    I might be real skeptical, if it weren’t for the fact that Netspend users seemed to get it two days earlier last year too.

    Big congrats to your friend, DJ.


    Listen Dj do not play with my emotions like that! I was just informed that my financial aid will be delayed another 2 weeks so I am in NO MOOD Sir or Ma’am! Lol. ..but really?? Are you serious?? What coast are you on?

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