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      I’m just wondering if anyone has had a refund rejected. I stupidly put in the account number incorrect ny 1 digit.
      Anyone have this wonderful experience and is it going to be the long drawn out nightmare I’m envisioning??

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          Iamoney0409 that’s awesome! Hopefully I will get mine from the irs Monday.

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            I got my refund today!! I thought I had posted on here! There is hope guys!!!! 5 days for me, from SBBT! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!! YOU ALL ARE STILL IN MY PRAYERS!!

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              Did the WMR site ever update for u? Or did they just send the check?

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                just to let you know hr block finally sent my check I received it in the mail today. so iamoney0409 you should be receiving yours shortly if you did not get today

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                Well, no check in the mail today. I’m quite disappointed. Guess I wait for monday.

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                Sweeeeeet! Mail hasn’t gone here yet but I have a feeling mine will be here today =) Thank you for the update.

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                  I did that one year, forgot a zero in my account number. Your bank *should* accept it then cut you a check in the mail. Its way faster than the IRS mailing it. Mine was delayed only like 4 days. They cut the check and mailed it super fast.

                  I have Netspend though and they deposit up to 3 days earlier than the DDD. Ive been told that institutions really try to be quick when your direct deposit doesnt go through, I mean it’s in their best interest to. Less angry people calling nonstop. Plus they care more about you getting it quick since you’re their actual customer. Unlike the IRS, which we pay more to than most other places. They chew us up and spit us out with nary a thought.

                  If you call your bank they can tell you if they got it and mailed it yet. Hope this helps!

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                  Sweeeeeet! Mail hasn’t gone here yet but I have a feeling mine will be here today =) Thank you for the date.

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                    Thank goodness, a bit of hope haha. I still havnt gotten a date as to when mine will be mailed. I will expect the worst tho, the full 10 weeks..

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                      I GOT MY PAPER CHECK TODAY!!!!! MAILED FROM SbTPG 2/2!!

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                        When I called the IRS they kept saying 5 weeks at a minimum. My DDD was 1/30. According to WMR my check will be mailed by 2/7. Now I’m not complaining that it (hopefully) won’t take that long to get here but they couldve saved me some anxiety.
                        Anyone get their checks that went out this week??

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                          hr block told me the same thing so when I did not receive today I called. Now they our saying it could be another 2 weeks. they did state that they sent to hr block on the second. I just think the banks our holding them as long as they can for interest

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                            Still nothing today! WTH?!?! SBBT “issued and mailed” it MONDAY!!! UGGHHH!! I wanna scream.. I keep reading reviews where people have to fight to get their money if it’s paper check. Then I read some that get their checks in a timely manner! So hell Idk… Thank God the mail runs again tomorrow, but I will be soooo freaking pissed if it’s not here tomorrow! UGGGHHH
                            Anyone had any luck yet?!?!?

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                            Mine was rejected on th 30th and went straight back to the IRS since there were no fees taken out. WMR claimed that as of Monday, it was mailed out. I have no idea where it’s being mailed from but I figured it would have arrived by now.

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                              When was your refund rejected? Mine was rejected and sent back to its on the 5th. I have no fees to be taken out so it goes directly to IRS. Trying to fig out how long this will take :/

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                              Has anyone received their check yet? WMR updated Monday morning telling me that the check was mailed out but no date was specified. It’s Friday and there was still nothing in the mail. I’m hoping it will be there tomorrow.

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                                Everyone is a F****** comedian these days… UGGHH! Yes H & R block should have your money today or tomorrow I would assume. SBBT mailed my check out Monday… looking for it today, no later than tomorrow! KEEP US UPDATED!! I WILL UPDATE AS SOON AS I GET MINE!! Good luck to all… except the smart elics here in the forums!

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                                  I hate this happen to us but anyone who receive theres first please let us know the waiting time i don’t know when my bank will reject mine ugh its our money and we want it now i hope sooner tho

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                                    Green Dot?? who in hells name would use a green dot card for Income Tax return. Thats what normal banks are for

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                                      I had the same thing happened to me anyone know how long

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                                        Hey im having the same problem i messed up one number and sbbt said once rejected the will cut a check and send sometime next week i will be getting a check

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                                        pat m

                                          My refund was rejected by green dot. Irs told me it would go back to hr block. Hr block says it will go to the irs. I just talked to hr block again and they tell me it would go to the irs and they will send a paper check please i need my money can some help me. I had the fees taken out of my refund check then was sent to green dot. I dont think I am ever going to see my money. I dont know where else to turn. Can some one please help that might know the answer

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                                          pat m

                                            green dot sent my back due to they had my name wrong. I had my funds taken out at hr block and they sent to green dot. according to hr block and irs they should be sending back to hr block. I have called hr block everyday since it was rejected they still do not show receiving it back. They said they will issue a check when it comes back. I just dont understand why it is taking so long. green dot rejected on 1/29 hr block should have had back on 1/30.

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                                              I am in the same boat… I am waiting for the money to go back into SBBT so they will issue me a check.

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                                                It was the refund and I put the bank account number in wrong. My bank has already rejected it. I’ve been told it could be 8 weeks and I’ve been told a week to 10 days to get a paper check.

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                                                  If it was rejected you should be able to correct it and re-submit. I am not sure what account number you are talking about, if it is the bank number then I think they mail you a check so it could be an extra week to ten days. I know when I used to file my ex’s I would get his birthday wrong by one day every single time, it would be rejected, I’d smack my head and re-submit then wait for the off set. He refused to file knowing it would go to back child support, he never understood it would reduce his balance a couple thousand. The solution was he’d give me his W-2 and I’d file for him.

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