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      I don’t have any updates but turbo tax said Jan 21st – Feb 10th

      Expected refund delivery… Anybody else got the same dates ? I filed on the 18. Accepted early morning on the 20th Tax topic 152.

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        B F

          Jenny.. Yes, it is. The 21st to the 10th is like 20 or so days. That’s basically the entire 21-day window the IRS gives you when you file. Of course it’s a long timeframe, and of course it means nothing. If you got accepted on the 21st and did not have your refund by the 10th, then that is a big problem. So of course you’re going to get it in that timeframe. It means nothing.

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            @ B F no its not. no offensive but it’s not going to just appear from one to another. We are not the only ones expecting a refund. Millions of American are too. Be patient.

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            B F

              It means nothing. 21 – 10 is such a long period of time, of course you’re going to get it in that timeframe. I wouldn’t put any stock into it.

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                I filed on the 8th and got accepted on the 12th.. I have the same date also.. But still no update

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