Reference Code 9001 for 3 weeks…

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    Impatiently Waiting770

    Anyone with this code seen any movement or received their refund before WMR updated?

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    I’d verified on 3/22 at local IRS office still nothing either my transcripts did update on 4/12 but no update on wmr some people have said that wmr won’t update and the best way is to check transcripts but i can’t view online i have to wait for them in the mail has anyone received their refund after verifying but did not update on wmr



    Well I went to my local office to verify and still nothing is anyone with this code 9001 getting they refund thats all I need to know



    Im not sure what 9001 means but Ive had that message for about 15 days! I filed on the 29th regular w2s with EIC and CTC! I recieved a 5071c letter in the mail today dated for Feb 14th. I called to verify they answered after 22 mins and asked questions about the income on my 2017 taxes, my dependent info and my address for 2018 taxes! Extremely quick and minimal. Then she said 2-9 weeks! 🤦🏾‍♀️😤 What a let down! I will not be filing next year if not required by the law! Tax season gives me so much anxiety every year😩 I just can’t take it! I can not find any info on people recieving thier money after verifying!



    Is that “just what it means”?

    I can’t stand people such as yourself. That’s not, at all, what it means this year.

    Thanks Ms. Twocents



    9001 just means you accessed the file with a secondary ssn. Married filing joint people will see this with one ssn or the other.


    Tracy Draa

    I had to verify today. I will have to verify again next year…I verified last year also….I had my ID stolen a few years ago. It usually processes fairly quickly after verifying….takes 2 weeks generally to get your refund.


    Justin Case

    9001 is not an idverify code. This tax season is just all over the place and everywhere. There are tons people that don’t have code 9001 that have had to verify too for whatever reason. The IRS manual lists code 9001 as a system error.

    However, I did read somewhere that checking multiple ss#s from the same ip address could trigger a fraud alert in the system. Which means if you’re at work, a library, starbucks, or any other unsecure public wifi access point checking wmr you might want to be careful.

    My tax preparer advised me not to worry as long as I can see my info in the left column everything should be okay and that code 9001 is a code specific to the WMR tool. Nothing more. Nothing less.



    So just finished that joyous call and the only thing I was told was to wait the full 3 weeks. If I don’t see a change to call them the next business day. Was not told that I needed to verify my identity or anything I may try calling later this week.



    So I am currently on the phone with the IRS and the gentleman I’m speaking to has no clue of what 9001 means. He says he can see my return on file. When I tell him about pulling my transcripts and it shows N/A for 2018 he’s oblivious. His only answer is wait your 3 weeks. When I ask him to speak to someone who knows what the reference number means he is very hesitant and says he can put me on a 5-7 min hold. I want to ask him so bad like are you new?! Lol. I’m sure I’m not his first phone call about this reference number.



    I had the 9001 code since 1/28… finally got a letter in mail today that I had to ID verify. After I completed process got message that it can take up to 9 weeks to process my return. Such BS! Transcripts still blank… but it could be done in as early as 2 weeks. Ain’t holding my breath though



    I called the ID verify line because I verified online last monday and I am still at 9001, 8 days later. After finally getting through, the rep didn’t even ask me my name. I explained that I had gotten the letter, verified 8 days ago…. she started with the “up to 9 weeks”…. she wouldn’t let me talk. I said supervisor twice, and then lost my shit. She didn’t even ask my name, control number, nothing. I motherfucked that lady 75 times and hung up. She wasn’t going to help anyway. Will try later.



    Alright guys, it’s been a week since I verified online. I’m going to call later today this refund line side that’s on my letter, and see what’s up.



    I filed and accepted 1/14/19 was processing for about two days and then i got the 9001 code been checking every since then hoping for a update but nothing i thought i would to have idverify also but it seems thats not the case i called the irs today because it’s been 21 days and i was basically told my return is under review and theres nothing i need to do at this point but to just allow 8 weeks since i filed no letters or anything sent out this year is straight bullshit im getting a advocate



    Was told Friday when I called that would either get letter or deposit by the 19th. Didn’t get either one. The 19th, today, is 21 days for me. The rep said if neither happened by today to call back.
    Had to ID Verify last year. The questions that I just got asked Friday will be the same ones they will ask when they “ID Verify” me.
    The rep last year told me that the returns of people who are having to ID Verify do not begin processing until after the verification happens. For those that I have seen say that their transcripts say no return filed, that’s probably why. The IRS has the return, they just haven’t done anything with it.
    I don’t understand what the hold up is with the letters…it definitely doesn’t take 2 weeks to get a letter…it seems like they wait until the 21 day mark to even send it out.
    I’m extremely frustrated. It is a process that seems to have been made more difficult and lengthy than is necessary to say the least. Especially considering after I verified last year I had my refund the following week.
    So I will call back today, as they said to do, and see how many more steps I have to go through to get to what’s actually needing done.



    I just talked to a really nice lady from the IRS. I’ve had the 9001code sense 1/30 2 days after getting accepted. She told me I have to id verify and my letter was sent on the 14th and it takes up to 2 weeks to get it. Hopefully this helps anyone with this code,it sucks but at least it’s nothing major. Also if anyone needs to call this would be a good time I was only in hold 20 mins.


    Lisa S

    Mine was filed and accepted 2/9 it had the bar for a few days then switched to the cannot provide info 9001 etc same as others stated. I called this morning and it said something about extreme high volume cannot answer call and basically hung up on me!!

    Absolutely ridiculous that they ate giving us the run around like this!

    Has anyone that has received the 9001 thing gotten a refund yet?

    I think they are putting us all off bc they got behind because of shutdownand now this is just another way to make us wait and wait!!! Never this bad in previous years!



    Reposting here so this thread stays on top…

    Filed and accepted 2/6 with no credits.

    I updated Saturday (2/16) from the normal “We are processing …” with bars to “We cannot provide any information about your refund. If you electronically filed a complete and accurate tax return you should receive your refund in about 21 days from the received date. If you mailed your return please allow 6 weeks.” and “Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative
    IRS Hours of Service: Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.” with no bars. Amount and TT152 is still showing. I also haven’t received any letters.

    In the past, everyone who calls the IRS prior to their 21 days seems to trigger an ID verify. It seems counterproductive. Anyone have a similar scenario? Is this something to be concerned about?



    I just noticed Friday that my bar disappeared and now my message is unable to provide an update on your refund. I also have the 9001 reference code. I had to verify my identity for state this year. I’ve always rec’d EITC and ACTC and never had any issues. It’s a little frustrating. Hoping wmr updates tomorrow.



    I was accepted the 15th and still 9001. My transcript is there but says no return filed and as of the 18th. I also haven’t received any letter in the mail. If someone calls tomorrow please let us know



    Another 9001 here, now I don’t know if I should call tomorrow cause that’s gonna trigger id verify and that mean 9 weeks or if I should wait till Saturday for an update I’m weekly



    I too still have the 9001 code I am a pather and have also gotten path message until this year filled 1/28 accepted same day had 1 bar for 2 days then been at 9001 every sense. I don’t know what is going on I have no letters and didn’t call IRS yet but plan on calling tomorrow.this is stressful!



    9001’s still all over the place



    Please keep posting in here! I can’t find ANYONE ELSE



    I just made another topic because I didn’t know there were still people!

    Filed accepted Turbotax 1/20-1/21. Updated to 9001 1/26. Transcripts blank. As of code has updated once from 2/11 to 2/18, for ID verify letter last monday 2/11, verified online. Nothing else.

    Credits: EIC and ACTC
    W2 and sch C

    There aren’t a lot of 9001s I see left….



    Still 152/9001 since 1/23
    Filed and accepted 1/14

    N/A on the major Transcripts
    My As of date is: 2/18
    No movement.
    We will see if Transcripts pop or if that date rolls up another week.


    Rika M

    Jus posting to keep this topic near the top in case someone has new information or get an update from the 9001 ref



    Let me know what they say. If I don’t see anything by Friday I am going to call



    No, mine has not changed yet. Still 9001 😔 This is the first time I’ve had that… I claim EIC credit and always get the PATH message so? And still no letter the IRS lasy claimed they sent. Unless when I talked to her and verified my info is that counted as ID verify? I’m gonna call again tomorrow bc it’s 21 days since i filed. It’s just so annoying!


    Rika M

    Filed/accepted 1/30 wmr 2/6 and got “we cannot provide info” tax topic152
    If u have questions call and give reference 9001
    Well I still have the same msg 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️



    @Kristy has you’re changed? I am also still 9001



    Filed & accepted 1/29…1 Bar …Then it disappeared and have had the 9001 ref code since. Called the IRS at the # and extension listed on Friday….was asked to verify my identification…put on hold for 5-7 min…then a second time for 5-7 min…was told would either receive refund or a letter by the 19th….which is 21 days since date filed….and that if had not received either one come the 19th to call back.
    It has been a few years since I last filed. Last tax year I knew 2 different people who hadn’t filed for a few years…they both went from 1 bar to the 9001 ref code and both had to ID Verify. The IRS told one of them that returns are put on hold and not processed until the ID Verification has been done.
    Now I’m wondering if the verifying I did Friday counts as the ID Verification or if I’m going to be at a stand still until I get an official letter saying I need to verify.



    I called Friday bc I’ve had 9001 since 1/28… IRS told me they were mailing a letter out and to wait 14 days. But it’s been over 14 days so I have no idea. And the lady was a bitch and wouldn’t tell me what the letter was for… ID verify or not? Others say this code is nothing and it’s behind bc of shutdown and to be patient. My transcript still says no return filed with a date of 2/18 which is 21 day mark



    9001 is just your ssn is flagged as secondary on a return



    I’ve had it for this amount of time too. Very annoying. I feel like I should call But don’t want to make things worse



    I moved from that to Path took a few weeks after first filing but lifted the 13th



    Mine updated from 9001 to 1541, but not sure that is any better lol

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