Received letter had to fax forms 8962 & 1095A

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    I filed and was accepted 01/22. My one bar changed 02/03/2018 and received letter 02/09. I faxed same day, now the wait. Anyone ever experienced this? I only had marketplace for ONE month. How long did it take to see any changed to your WMR? Thanks :)

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    Good luck JustAshheres to a DDD this week!!! Fingers crossed. You maybe apart of the 1st batch…



    @justashe That’s what happened to me last year once they received my paperwork. Topic came back about 4-5 days after I submitted, then on Wednesday my bars came back, Friday I got the 846 on my transcripts, and got a DD on Saturday (Friday night update). I was a weekly. It sounds like you are moving forward at any rate.



    I”m in the same boat here. Faxed my forms back on 2/6. Still waiting. UGH. Hoping for early march. When this happened, I had 1 bar, but it dropped. I did notice my WMR changed back from Your Refund is still processing and no tax topics to “Your refund is still being processed” and TT152 is back this weekend. Good sign? Yes? No? Thoughts?



    Thanks all. Will keep you posted as well



    Same, had marketplace for one month. D9nt expect any updates on your account until 4 weeks after faxing or mailing back forms. Don’t expect a ddd any earlier than 3/30.

    You could indeed get your deposit earlier, but let’s be realistic here.



    I filed 1/30 and accepted 1/30. Received letter to fax both forms 2/17. Lost my only bar on wmr 2/18 and went to “your refund is still being processed.” Tax topic still there(152). Faxed forms back 2/18. Transcripts have been blank since I filed. Will keep you updated of any movement



    I got same letter on 5th. I called a week after I faxed to verify and they said they received it and it’s processing. To expect either another letter or my refund within 6wks from the week they received fax



    Same here I called the next day after I faxed the forms and was told to call back in 8 weeks if I didn’t see a change or receive my refund.



    Thanks and that gives me a relief :)



    I had this happen last year. It only delayed my refund by one week. It resequenced when they were done with the info and my bars came back on WMR on a Saturday morning (I’m a weekly). Fingers crossed for an update overnight!!



    Thanks, at least we know we are not alone :)



    Hi I filed 1/22 received letter on 2/10. Faxed 8962 on 2/11. No movement no change on WMR.

Viewing 12 replies - 501 through 512 (of 512 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.