Received letter had to fax forms 8962 & 1095A

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    I filed and was accepted 01/22. My one bar changed 02/03/2018 and received letter 02/09. I faxed same day, now the wait. Anyone ever experienced this? I only had marketplace for ONE month. How long did it take to see any changed to your WMR? Thanks :)

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    Almost 150 days in
    Filed 2/4/18
    Acceptance 2/4/18
    One week after file was sent a letter that I was in random review
    Waited 60 days only to be told another 60 days
    Now I’m about 150 days in
    I had to prove my w2s
    My status
    Pay stubs
    Prove I was my own child’s mother
    That I lived where I live everything!
    Told TA I didn’t need her because bluntly speaking she was rude.
    Who knows how long I’ll wait but this is insane, my returns haven’t changed in years

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    bout the paper

    woke up to a ddd of 4/25 fucking finally

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    @balth… that was a long process for you! Amen

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    I filed with Tax Slayer 1/23, accepted 1/24. Received letter to fax forms 8962 on February 15. Faxed on Feb 22nd. 60 day review letter received March 8. Two weeks later another letter saying they were adjusting my return. After 3 letters and nearly 4 months of waiting my WMR updated Saturday morning with a DDD of 5/9.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting.

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    8weeks up!! Called and told I have to wait another 4. Idk wtf to do at this point.

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    Just wanted to update everyone that I did have to get a TA and come to find out after all of the calling to the irs THEY never received my fax no matter how many times I asked about it they just said wait 6-8 weeks and not to fax it again.. total bullshit so now having to fax it again this time to the TA and wait 2-4 weeks fun times

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    Well I called the IRS today and well come to find out they haven’t even begun to process my taxes in fact she said in the next 2 days will be put back into processing and will take yet ANOTHER 6-8 weeks but she was a very nice woman and is also setting me up with a TA but I know it will do no good whatsoever.. At this rate i’ll get my taxes back come Oct

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    bout the paper

    thanks, they lied though about the amount going up, it stayed the same disappointingly, this after over 3 months of waiting

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    @bout the paper
    congrats. i was hoping for an update today but its still processing a lil over 6 weeks

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    bout the paper

    got my ddd today for 4/25

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    Filed 2/1
    Letter 2/25
    The accountant said she sent it 2/28
    Called 3/25 they finally after 15 calls trying to verify said they never received.
    Re sent 3/26
    Called 4/1 and was told they never received the information so they sent my return back to processing

    As of 4/14 I have DDD of 4/18! FINALLY! YES!
    Same amount nothing have changed and transcripts all match up.

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    no updates at all

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    I did the same thing! Any update? I’m moving out of state next week, and was hoping I’d have it by now!

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    Contacted a TA yesterday and she told me i had to wait three more weeks and she does not know if they received my fax but my receipt is my proof and that’s BS, i have read where IRS said they didn’t get it after the 8 weeks and to fax it again and in return the customer goes back into processing and waiting another 6 weeks. I am forced to just wait another 3 weeks and pray to the GODS that they received my information. They def. need a new system in place because the one they are using has failed.

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    @ Angrylady

    tis the same for every time I ask if they have received my fax they give me the same BS about 6-8 weeks I have never in my life went thru something like this I will know better next yr for sure.

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    Just a heads up here for anyone contacting an advocate. Do not expect any miracles. I was assigned one and just seeing on here others who have gotten one, does not seem to speed up the process.

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    So tired

    Faxed mine on February 24th refaxed march 19 they said they received it on march 24th but they still haven’t processed it as of today 4/10

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    @vsleo thank you so much. i wll get on that today. i feel helpless and in limbo just hoping and waiting.

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    I would make it a priority to find out if they received the forms because my faxes went through and they said they never received them so my return went back to processing.

    That is basically 6 weeks of dry time for no reason.

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    @angrylady I called 1.877.777.4778, the number at the bottom of

    I called around 7 p.m. on the March 30th. I was immediately connected to someone. She looked up my info and asked if I had a hardship. She then put me hold. She told me she referred me to advocate and someone will be in touch in three working days.

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    how do i get a TA

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    @rhonda I’m still waiting. I faxed my stuff on 3/5. I broke down and got a TA. He called me on Thursday and said they never received the fax. Or it could be backed up. He then told me to fax it to him and he’ll make sure they get it.

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    Oh and no update on WMR. still says processing and will provide date when available. No code and same amount and mine is increasing by 216.00

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    Still waiting. 5th week also and
    File 2/1
    Received letter 3/2
    Faxed 3/5
    Still wont tell me if they received my fax
    just told me to wait 8 weeks and if i have not recieved in 8 weeks to call back. smh

    This has been the worst experience in my ENTIRE life

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    Not everyone. Faced feb28 still waiting

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    Wow everyone must have received their refund because there isn’t any new posts. I’m still waiting on my 5th week atm and hoping for a DDD soon

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    Filed 2/1
    Letter Received 2/25
    Faxed 2/28

    Just called to check on the status and they said they never received the healthcare information so they returned my refund to processing os as 4/4 and I will have a refund date within 8 weeks. I’m so sick and tired of the hoops, maybe if one of your representatives would have told me if the fax was received or not prior I could have resent it. Has anyone else dealt with this?

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    bout the paper

    @Patty, did it go from still being processed to bars? or did you get you TT152 back or did you just get your money?

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    yes hopefully you will get an update soon !

    I advise to wait til monday to call back, because on 03/31 was when my status was updated !

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    UPDATE: I got my part of the refund today, had to fax in paperwork proving kids now but TA said by April 15th. It is one thing after another I swear. This has been the longest tax season ever.

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    i faxed on 3/5 so maybe i will get an update soon. im praying

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    @Patty thank GOD your IRS mess is complete… See you
    next year

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    Filed 02/01/18
    Letter 02/28/18
    Faxed 03/06
    Received 03/08

    I called a week later and told them I faxed weeks ago, I ask to make sure if the faxed went through and they said they received it on 03/08.

    DDD date is 04/09

    Hope this helps !

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    @Angrylady, Most of the IRS reps are fucking rude as hell. I just kept calling until I got one that would do their job. I told more lies trying to get info in the last few weeks than I have told in my life. It is stupid we have to go through this shit. They have to know how we feel sitting in the dark waiting and wondering but they do not care. I hope you get someone who helps you real soon.

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    UPDATE: Today transcripts updated to 420 Review to prove kids, they released $3600 DDD 4/4 but held $5400 until paper work is done. TA called m,e today I faxed everything to her and she said she will have it expedited and have the rest of my money released within 2 weeks. Here comes the wait again. I am thankful she got at least some of my money released but I would like it all. This tax season sucked, next year I am sending in so much information with my return it will be a 100 page return.

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Got the letter requesting the forms 3/9
    Faxed them 2/12
    Finally able to see my transcripts 3/24
    Updated with hold release and DDD of 4/4 today!

    Hope this helps all those still waiting.

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    I am calling the number on the paper and they are so rude when i call. i will lie next time to see if i get new info. I have never experienced this long wait time before. I will try calling back today but as of this morning there is no updates on WMR.

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    Virginia Baker

    Filed 2/5, Accepted 2/6
    Notice to file 8962 & 1095A on 3/2, faxed 3/5
    Was in an installment plan for taxes due for 2011
    Latest transcript for 2011 shows part of my 2018 refund transferred to satisfy the balance (which is perfectly fine with me) with a future date of 04/09/2018
    2017 transcript states:
    Cycle date of 20181105
    971 notice date 04/02/2018
    Even with transferring the amount I owe for 2011, I still have a refund due. No DD yet, but I’m wondering if it will be after 4/2, or perhaps 4/9?

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    @Aclem I faxed 2/20 and am still waiting. Was able to order transcripts last Friday and now it has code 424 for a review after they finished processing the healthcare info. I had to get a TA and you can get a TA after 6 weeks not 8 the TA told me they only have 6 weeks from the day you faxed to have your refund to you. My 6 weeks is up Tuesday I think they put me under review because they were not finished all the way. She said if my transcripts do not have 846 tomorrow then she is only giving them a week to release my refund. Hope you update soon.

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    @Angrylady Are you calling the number on the letter or the IRS general number? I always call the number on the letter and they let you know if it was received I had to lie to them most of the time and tell them I faxed my stuff in on (whatever date) and received another letter for the same info then they check. I faxed on 2/20 they just finished processing the healthcare info and now are trying to put me under a review I had to get a TA

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    no update for me still. i cant order my transcripts because i don’t have a credit card or home loan. filed on 2/10 got letter on 3/2 and faxed on 3/5. no TT 152, same original amount even though it went up 216.00. they wont tell me if fax has been received either. smh

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    Still nothing, filed accepted 1/29 faxed forms 2/28 no updates since. Guess I gotta wait the full 8 weeks

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    @Crystalene I got a TA yesterday and she said it was for proof of my grandchildren. She said they have not pulled it for review yet and if my transcripts do not reflect 846 code Friday she is having me come in to office with my proof and she will enter everything and give them a week to release my refund. She said 424 means it was sent to examination department and they decide if they want to do an examination. She said when I see code 420 then they decided to do the review. I just have to wait until Friday and see what my transcripts say.

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    this link has all the irs codes and descriptions, it it very helpful.
    424 means examination of tax return, so a review.
    I would call the TA asap. Be prepared, I have tried to get a TA three times this week and have been on hold for over 2 hours each just to be disconnected.

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    this link has all the irs codes and descritions, it it very helpful.
    424 means examination of tax return, so a review.
    I would call the TA asap. Be prepared, I have tried to get a TA three times this week and have been on hold for over 2 hours each just to be disconnected.

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    @Aclem and @Angrylady

    Thank you. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this. Hopefully, things will start moving soon.

    I feel like they forget that we’re people. Keeping us out of the loop just creates more chaos for them and us.

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    @Crystalene not sure was not able to get my transcripts until last Friday. I called and now have a tax advocate. She said it does not show it is in review but can be pulled for review. She said if I do not have 846 on transcripts Friday they will have me come in to office with proofs and have my refund released. Apparently this is for my grandchildren I claimed. Thing is I claimed them last year sent in proof of custody and everything. My six weeks is up Tuesday for the healthcare stuff and that is already done processing. I see the refund freeze code and the code where the refund freeze was released but that review code is pissing me off. I will keep everyone informed.

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    @vsws dude I filed 1/30 didn’t receive letter until like 2/25. Faxed papers on 2/28. Absolutely no updates since just says processing no tt152. Tomorrow makes 4 weeks since I faxed, 8 weeks since I filed. I called today and all they would tell me is I’m still processing. #fucktheIRS

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    I faxed in 3/6 and no movement. they wont even tell me if they recieved my forms. im not sure what other to do than wait

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    Am I the only one that received and faxed the 1095a and 8962 on or around March 5th who has seen no progress at all? I filed on 2/13. And received a letter on March 5th. I immediately fax the documents. I had to download 1095a.

    My WMR has been showing the same information from when I lost bars on March 4th. I still have tax topic 152 and the original refund amount.

    I am debating on whether or not to call them. I haven’t had insurance for two years. But, they insisted I did for two months at the beginning of 2017. When I filed, I didn’t have a 1095 and the tax software said my I was exempt So, I thought nothing of it.

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