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    I filed a few days before opening day. Had all 3 W-2s……filed with Turbo Tax…….filed expecting not to get anything until feb 15 at least since I filed with 3 dependents as a single mom. I work my hands to the bone at 3 jobs all year. Well then I got a letter in the mail around march saying I had a 60 day review. I did call and they stated that one of my employers did not report my wages. That 60 days came and went…….I have gotten no more letters, no more information, and still do have my tax refund. A week ago my bank account got compromised, so they had to issue me a new account with a new routing and account number…… if I ever do get my refund (not sure even what is holding it up as I can never seem to get to an actual human when I call the IRS). I desperately need that refund now… my oldest son will be turning 18 in October and I need extra funds to pay for a car for him as a gift. So my first question is what has happened to my refund? I was expecting around 8k back………it has just been saying ‘we have received your return and it is being processed’ after a 1541 code till march 1 then it changed to received and processing. Like I said i have not gotten any other letters, and no audit, nothing. Not a single word from the IRS in months………what can I do? I just want my refund!

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