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"Real banks" and 1/30 DDD

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    Anyone who has a 1/30 DDD already have their deposit and has a major bank such as Huntington, BOA, PnC, etc.?

    If not does anyone have any idea what time they update the accounts, should I assume I won’t see it until banks open in the morning?

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    Hello. I filed through Liberty Tax on 1/21 got accepted on 1/22. Ordered transcripts on 1/27. Got ddd 1/28 for 1/30. Just received money in bank account. Wells Fargo. It hit at 3 a.m. exactly. Good luck all. Be blessed!!!


    I had mine sent to my prepaid card but it’s issued through US Bank and so far I haven’t seen any money. It’s almost 1am here. I am also hoping that I didn’t mess up when I put savings rather than checking as the option for the account. Even though it’s a prepaid card I guess it’s considered a checking account for stuff like this. I did get the routing number and account number right so I’m hoping that’s good enough.


    I work for Wells Fargo and deposits come in between midnight and 6am your local time.


    Eastern Time


    BOA usually post deposits between 2-3 am

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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