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      Basically, when did they appear? I know updates seem to happen overnight, but if you check first thing in the morning is there no point in checking back the rest of the day if they are blank?

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          Thank you for the info guys!

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            They were updated during the day.
            I checked in the morning then checked tester day evening and I was able to finally order them last night. So unlike WMR transcripts are updated through out the day. I tried to order mine last week and was not able to until last night.

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              Visible I meant,lol

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                Thanks @elle

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                  Like I really wish someone answers this question, another person asked a similar question to. When you guys saw that your transcripts were VISIABLE were you checking all day or that was your first time that day checking.

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                    Mine appeared last Tuesday. I checked around 8am and then again at 9’and they were there. I’ve been waiting for a DDD since. They update throughout the day, so check often if you’re impatient. ;)

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