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      Hey there, I have a question. I filed around Feb 23rd and still nothing. I however have been checking the transcripts and would always see a -$851 on top where it says account balance. On the bottom though, it had other negative numbers as I was supposed to get $3101 in total. The negative numbers are still there with code 706 and has date 4/15. Those negative numbers on bottom were a bit more than the total of $3101. The -$851 now has code 846. I remember it said account balance on top -$851 but now has account balance $0. I feel as if it was like money owed to me but not sure. I know it might be a bit confusing but does anyone know what to expect? Would I be getting those other amounts with a negative amount still and code 706 on bottom? Thanks in advance. By the way it has date of 3/30 for those $851.

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        Sorry but it’s not code 706, it’s code 766 on those negative numbers.

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