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    Sorry if this has been addressed already but I couldn’t find a direct answer..

    I filed 2/1 and was accepted the same day. WMR 1 bar until Wednesday/Thursday last week when it went to Tt152 then switched to PATH on Saturday 02-10-2018.

    I’ve seen most say that PATH will not receive any deposit before the 15th, but is the 15th-16th when we should expect the deposit if filed and accepted on 2/1/18?

    Also, if being deposited to Walmart Money Card (Green Dot Bank) what day could I expect it to hit? The 13th or 14th since they deposit “2” days early? Or will the 15th be the earliest?

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    by the way…I was only referring to the cards/DDD…none if that is relevant if you ARE PATH…you know…because of all the PATH blah blah blah laws…I did not have any EIC or ACTC creds this year.

    It DOES pertain to me last year though — I had Netspend last year…had EIC and my DDD was for 01/22 and received my funds 01/20.

    I just wanted to clarify that :o)


    @Steve – #respectfully – My WMR DDD was 01/31/2018. I had my funds on 01/30 @ 6:30 p.m. PST.

    I’ve gotten it 1 – 2 days earlier than my DDD the last two years. Prior to that I used a traditional bank (US Bank to be exact) and if my WMR DDD was xx/xx, I would see it ‘pending’ in my bank account on THAT day…but due to the ACH process each financial institution must adhere to, could not touch the funds until up to 24 hours later (depending on the day deposited)…this is where the appeal of the Netspend cards, Emerald card, etc. comes to play.

    All my personal experience and opinions :o)



    It means the irs has reported your income for the year. Which ears your return is approved. Mine hasn’t updated on yet but I was told by irs that my return was complete & I’m just waiting for funds to be released



    Quick question……
    Why are some people talking about and whether or not your income has been received by them…if you can see your income what is that supposed to mean?


    juli rodrigurez

    Does the irs report to social security or is it the other way around? If the earning show for 2017 on the social security website does that mean your return has been processed?



    “2 days early” means they don’t pend it like a normal bank would.. If your deposit date is 2-22 and the irs deposits on 2-22 thats when you’ll see it. You wont get your money sooner than treasury/irs sends it…



    Doesn’t left hand itch mean money going out. Left=Leave, Right hand itch means =Receive ? Thats what i always thought maybe i been wrong . This PATH has us all waiting but it was like this last year, we hate waiting but its the name of the game.



    We had ours on the 22nd last year. It was also in the evening which occured the previous year as well. I think that is strange and its kinda aggravating when you got a husband who is wanting to go back out shopping right after you just got done for the day LOL.
    We had our state return on the 13th and that one was deposited in the evening also. I am not sure why they deposit in the evening and the other deposits we have had go on in the morning.
    Regardless, it shouldn’t be much longer for alot of people. I am hopeful we will find out something this weekend. Reason I believe this, my left hand has been itching and yes I do believe in that old wives tale LOL.
    It has itched twice this week, my husband’s mother swore by that and he does also. I also throw salt over my left shoulder too when I cook. Its silly, I know it is but its the silly things in life that keeps me sane. Have a good day guys! Don’t stress too hard over it this year.



    Great, that’s very helpful. Thanks @momjess



    No money will be released from the IRS until the 15th. If you’re return is done processing you should see an update on wmr this Saturday the 17th with a DDD. Some lucky people will probably have their money this weekend/early next week but I think the most of us will have it the 21/22nd. I’m hopeful that WMR will start updating the 16th like last year for dailies like last year. Saturday’s are the big update day for weeklies. But All of us who have been processed should know our ddd no later than saturday.

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