PSA: Fact vs Misinformation – Before you post

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    Everyone before you post please know that your words mean things. If you are going to post a FACT please make sure it is a FACT for EVERYONE. For instance there are several posts out there right now telling people of things as FACTS for EVERYONE but instead what they intended to post was a personal experience. And now that everyone is jumping on the misinformation and trying to correct it the community here is being bashed in forums now, myself included. Again your words mean things. If you wish to post something please make it clear was this your experience or was this a fact that came down from the IRS them self.

    As a PSA in this post I will tell everyone now YOU WILL NOT BE PLACED ON A VERIFY LIST ALL BECAUSE YOU CALLED OR CHECKED WMR. Checking doesn’t flag the system, incorrect information flags the system, and they do random pulls as well. If you call and they say you have ID Verify to do, guess what they made that decision well before you even called. Unless of course when you called they couldn’t verify you then you flagged your own verify.

    If you intend on posting an experience we only ask that you make it clear that is what it is. There is a difference from “When I did this, this happened” vs “If anyone does this, this will happen” Ando if you wish to only have those in the same situation as you maybe you should also use a proper title such as “Those of us with ID Verify”. As with an experience once you pass it off as fact that leaves it open for everyone to call you a liar, when you may not be lying about your experience but instead you didn’t articulate it well enough as an experience.

    And then a side note to all those who wish to bash everyone on this site waiting for their money. WHY ARE YOU HERE? Let me guess you have a refund, your WMR tool isn’t working and this was the next best thing for some solace. But instead you choose to bash people who are simply trying to get through the wait together while informing each other of their process and what was said as we can all better understand this years process.

    We are all here because we are expecting a refund there is no need for people to start getting rude and start bashing people all because they like to correct misinformation so the masses don’t panic all because you intended on posting an experience but didn’t understand how to word or format your thought.

    I’m sure this post will get buried in a hour but I felt the need to post this. Sorry for the rant I just don’t like people giving facts that clearly are not.

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    Too many Renee’s







    It’s insane the amount of misled information that gets passed through such as the one you mentioned.



    Hey there @igmr-admin is there any chance of pinning this? I feel this must be seen, if not understandable just figured I would tag you and maybe this wont be buried and people could understand how to post things better and avoid all the online conflict.



    I’m curious how to get this pinned if possible, anyone know how to flag a moderator without using the dreaded T word lol




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  • The topic ‘PSA: Fact vs Misinformation – Before you post’ is closed to new replies.