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      My processing date is 2/28, but I am a weekly (20220605). Will my 846 be updated this Friday? It hasn’t moved in two weeks.

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          Wmr hasn’t updated in weeks and my transcript hasn’t either I have code 570 then a code 971 called IRS and they said I’ll be receiving a letter and haven’t yet I’m getting very impatient and frustrated!

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            I want my processing date to stay the same but it’s possible to be moved out.. so my 570 date 2-28-2022 aka hold refund from being released idk why. So if irs is playing by the rules then Friday I will see hold release 571 or another hold 570 with future date because not done review or I need to ID verify but need letter first. If agent doesn’t manually release hold and issue 846 the system will automatically release hold. Hope that helps

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              Ok so the processing date 2-28-22 is same as ne
              I have 570 and also some date
              971 notice issued that date still 3/7
              This past Friday after 5am my amended qnd current return as of dates changed not sure why by heart broke. I went back hours later and it was back to original date. I’m weekly 0605 means even though I efiled/Accepted
              1/25/22 I didn’t post to master file till 2/10 Thursday

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                I just realized that I didn’t claim my husband’s ACTC. I claimed mine, but I thought the letters were duplicates because he doesn’t work. The ACTC was split in half.

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                  It actually happened on Friday for me. Woke up to 3/14 and then late in the day it snapped back to 3/7. So weird.

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                    @momof9 Did you update to March 14 on Friday and then back to March 7 today? That’s what happened, I was shocked to see my transcript change at all.

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                      I am a 0505 with 2/28 processing date and still haven’t updated. I did go from a 2/28 to 3/7 to 3/14 to 3/7 again “as of” date. I’m going to be very upset if I don’t update with an 846 this week …

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