Processing Date 2/25/19 Cycle 20190605 UPDATE here

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    Processing Date:2/25/19
    Cycle: 20190605

    Any thoughts on date $ will
    Hit accounts?

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    Finally.. I ended up email my Congress lady.. I don’t know if that help..
    I’m starting to think the cycle date is the day they plan on completing your refund by.
    But it took five months.. well it’s hasn’t hit my account yet.. but Happy it finally say approved..
    Now let’s see if they send the interest like they supposed to.. if they take longer than 60 days the owe you interest..

    Well I hope this helps

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    Well I contacted United States Congress.. maybe if I bug they enough. The will do a investigation into IRS stealing people refund

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    Keisha C.

    @stephanie Lattimore – Wow this is so sad, as I too am just still here waiting to receive my refund. Never have I ever filed in January and not received my refund by now… it is May 15, 2019 and the only thing updating for me is my transcript processing dates. My “as of” date gets pushed out further and further every 2 weeks on my weekly update, which is on Thursdays. How are we supposed to just give up on receiving our refunds when it is rightfully our money? SMH this is so sad this year… seriously!

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    Stephanie Lattimore

    As of yesterday I gave up. Accepted 2/27 got the 60 day review letter 3/22. Can’t get a tax advocate. Called the tax advocate hotline and I asked what could be the hold up on my refund. I still have the same everything. Filed the same way same dependents same job only difference is I moved. I was told by someone on the TA hotline that it could be wages. She said that a lot of people wages aren’t showing up. I asked her what could I do to help fix the situation she said she didn’t know wait till the 60 days is up and they’ll let me know. Now ain’t that a bunch of Bull Shit! So I just gave up on it. It’s really heart breaking but what can I do? 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    Well my review is over with.. and still nothing.. I got a cp05 to verify my my w-2.. it’s been sent and verify.. still nothing..
    It’s agent said nothing wrong with my taxes.. and they just holding my taxes because I’m poor and can’t afford a lawyer.. so they just gonna take my money.. wow..
    According to the rep I’m not the only one..
    So if you got cp05 letter irs just stolen your money

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    Marty B

    I can remember when this post was made. Day 95 for me and still nothing. Bastards at the irs just love this mindfuck game they play. I’ve actually had one agent laugh their ass off at my frustrations.

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    I filed 1/24.. still no DDD.. a table supposed to get back with me in 5days.. they didn’t see nothing wrong.. I think the IRS stole my taxes

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    still waiting on my end smh

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    Congratulations… I checked mines still nothing.. I think it’s time for me to give up.. lol

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    Check y’all accounts cuz my wmr still says still being processed

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    @Diana I got my refund today in In my review ain’t up till May 20th

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    Well I filed on 1/24/19…
    Processing date 02/25/19 cycle 20190605
    Cp05 no action needed
    Review complete by 04/25/19
    Still no change no new codes and no DDD..
    Anyone got they money before review complete?????

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    today is my 45th day under review and still “processing” transcripts are stuck on april 1st. i filed in january :(

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    I still haven’t heard anything. My TA is suppose to call me tomorrow, hopefully it is good news. It has been 38 days, since I was under review.

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    Adam P

    I have not gotten a TA but wondered whether I should try. I see alot of people who have gotten one and still nothing so I am not sure it does any good. I guess I will wait out my 45 day review, which ends 4/18, and if still nothing I will call IRS again and maybe try a TA then. I have never had this happen before in filing taxes.

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    @adamp I match you exactly and i am still waiting. i got ta 3/15 and still heard nothing

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    Processing date: 4/8/19

    Told by agent will receive CP05 4/15

    Already ID verified 5071c on 2/26

    What a glorious tax season.

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    Adam P

    I wonder what your situation was. You may have posted previously, but I wonder if yours is similar to mine. I filed in January, got the 1541 message then went to received and processing. I got a cp05 45 day review letter dated 3/4 and the 60 day dated 3/7. I don;t have a TA but called the IRS the other day and they did not see any issues.

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    How would I fax my w2 yo irs that’s is my hold

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    I was able get tax advocate. When she looked into it she saw it was processes & the amount I was getting. She said April 12th was release date but could be earlier.

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    does anyone know what To do when your employer failed to report your income? This is the reason my refund is on hold because my last job failed to report my income. I want to get it resolved instead of the irs waiting for my employer to respond

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    Your cycle date is the date your return posted to the master file. Any other year you would see your refund in about 10 to 20 days but this year is f’d up so who the heck knows when to expect your refund.

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    Kim Marie Chamberlain

    on my transcript it says 20191105 what does this mean when should i receive my refund but it also says received date is 20191504 someone please help

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    Finally my transcripts update on Friday with my refund code and WMR updated on Saturday with a ddd of 4/3. Guess getting a TA does help. I am receiving my money 3 weeks from when I faxed get employers wages that were missing. Been a very long road considering I filed on 1/21 and it is now April. I will never be filing early again.

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    My cycle date say 20191306 what do this means im confused help me it say i should had my money on march 28

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    If the last of code is 05 it only updates Saturday morning

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    On IRS transcript where it has processing date is that when they just started processing it?

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    Still waiting as well.. Same cycle and processing date

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    @ladyleo. Im same cycle and date and still waiting too

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    Amy mason

    Faceb9ok group keeps saying that the offset number info always changes when your injured spouse is done and you have a ddd but in the 10 years I’ve been doing this, it’s never changed. Anyone know the correct answer to this? I always electronically file with my IS

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    WMR says being processed since 2/25. received a 4464c letter same date. transcript has had a 570 code since same date. no other codes as to what the issue could be. no other letters in the mail. should i call or do anything. its been 30 days and nothing has happened.

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    How long does it take to recieve transcript by mail?

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    Good morning! Does anyone know what the as if date on the tax transcripts are? However mine are constantly changing. At first it was March 18th then April 1st then April 8th now it’s back to April first. Does anyone know what these date are? I had a CP05 notice with a review date of 3/18/19 being 45 days of reviewing and I have heard that it’s more like two weeks instead of 45 days.

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    Yah! I have updated to your refund will be deposited on March 27😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😄😄😄😍😄😍😄😍😍😍

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    my WMR updated overnight for 3/27, relief…..

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    WMR sucks!! no update yet and I want to cry

    filed 2/9
    bars disappeared 2/23
    under review starting 3/18-5/2

    TT 152
    code 570 on my transcripts

    i’m hoping I wake up on the 27th to a deposit :( because for me to order transcripts again it takes centuries lol

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    I’m status updated to received your return and it is being reviewed. Check my transcript and there is a846 code

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    @worriedmomma let’s pray that’s a good thing

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    @peace : I can’t access my transcript online

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    @ peace: I believe I have an update to..can you keep me posted WMR say in the morning for you.. thanks

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    Finally got the 846 code with a dad 3/27/19 but no update on wmr.

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    I checked my transcript and it shows 846 code with a date of 3/27/19. And 20191205 date 4/08/19

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    Transcript updated to refund issued 3/27

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    Called the IRS this morning and rep said my refund was released and my ddd was 3/26 but I don’t see that my transcripts have updated to reflect that info.

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    I’m going to try and give you all the information I have 100% accurately so you can also follow up with the IRS and get real information.

    MY SSA still shows 0 wages reported. My employer DIED. The IRS doesn’t know that because they don’t have that information and can’t get it from anyone because there is nobody alive remaining at the company, so they did not verify ANYTHING.

    I filed with Turbotax FREE, transmitted 1/22 accepted 1/28.

    I got the 1541, the being processed message. Still have that.

    I requested transcripts 2x by mail, both times saying:

    150 4/15
    766 4/15 $2—
    768 4/15 $5—
    570 2/25
    971 3/4

    Received cp05 45 day 3/6
    received 4464c few days later 60 day review

    Got referred to tax advocate. They called 5 days later, i missed the call, received a follow up letter saying they are missing employers w2s, faxed in 2 random pay stubs I had from July 2018 and the final one I received directly from my employer before he passed 2 weeks later from a legal opioid prescription.

    Never heard back from advocate. Left 2 messages. Today I said fuckit and called the IRS letting them know I had been waiting patiently but didn’t hear back from the advocate and was just wondering if they could help in any way.

    The lady was very nice, checked my account and said it was released 3/20 for a DDD on 3/27 for $8—-.

    So, please be patient, get an advocate and fax whatever you have!

    There is ZERO chance they were able to verify anything, but again, i’m 100% legit so I have nothing to worry about in the future.

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    Hi all

    I filed on 1/28/19
    I have a processing date as 4/1/19
    But code 570. Hopefully that they ID verification. Should I get a TA now?

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    I have the same cycle code and received date.
    My transcript updated and now the processing date moved to 4/1/2019 don’t know if that when the hold date ends or what. I called yesterday. The agent told me i was cleared after Id verify. I just had to wait for processing.

    Who knows?

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    Sorry my cycle is 20190605 have had 570 code since mid feb

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    570 is a hold code and could mean different things.. I have the same cycle and my 570 hold was for wage verification I ended up having to get a tax advocate

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    Anyone have the answer to this riddle???

    Transcripts updated last week finally
    Cycle code 20191105
    Sitting on a 570 code now

    Is the code my ID VERIFY HOLD?
    Also when do transcripts typically update?

    Still no update or bars on WMR

    #4318304 Reply


    @sara. I am wondering the same
    finally last week got transcripts updated
    Cycle date 20191105
    And at a 570 now

    So is that 570 code the ID VERIFY??? And just have to wait a bit longer?
    Also when do transcripts update?

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    @j Johnson same cycle and accepted date here. Still no refund or ddd. Hoping I update this week since from what I have gathered the 45 day review is more like 2 weeks. My review started 3/4.

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    j johnson

    Filed 1/18/2019 was accepted 1/22/2019
    A few weeks later changed to code 1541
    03/01/2019 changed to received and processing
    had to order transcripts through mail
    cycle code 20190605 with the following codes
    processing date 03/25
    Received 4464C letter dated 02/28
    have called several times first was told delay for eic/ctc then was told random review then it was 45 day review then 60 day review. Have never gotten true answer from irs. Still no DDD.

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    Frustrating. Legally I HAVE to get it, eventually. Everything is correct. Horrible service though. I remember during the shutdown everyone was complaining that their pay was delayed, now they are screwing us and it’s okay. ABOLISH THE IRS!

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    @Steve D you have the exact dates as me and cycle code. I’ve seen others with same update to a DDD of 3/20 and im still waiting. Thought getting a TA was suppose to help move things faster.

    #4316303 Reply


    Oh and i’m 06052019

    #4316302 Reply


    Accepted 1/22, transmitted 1/28 according to TurboTax Free.

    1541 and being processed BS like everyone else.

    EITC and ACTC for $8123

    Ordered transcripts 2x via mail. Most recent on 3/8. Still the same on both.

    150 2/25
    766 4/15
    768 4/15
    570 2/25
    971 3/4

    Got a CP05 and 4464c both telling me to do nothing.

    TA voicemail message and letter said wage verification. I faxed over paystubs and everything else I could imagine but didn’t follow up yet. I will on Monday.

    Still waiting.

    2017 transcripts say 150 2/12, 766/768 4/15, 846 2/22.

    What a shitty year.

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    @Shae I have the same cycle code and accepted date and I’m still waiting on refund. I have code 570 and 971 found out earlier this week I was under wage review and had to fax over w2. I have a TA so hoping I see progress soon. My wmr updated on 2/28 to received and processing but no other change its been 3 weeks since its being processed

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    @shay shay, about 3 weeks or less

    #4316147 Reply

    Shay shay


    How long did you have 570 code before you got the 846 code?….. my transcripts updated Friday but still no ddd

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    Cycle 20190605
    I Filed 01/17
    Accepted 01/22
    Bars disappeared and Received Code 1541
    Ordered Transcript and wmr changed to Being Processed 02/25
    Received One Letter
    Return Transcript Showed Processed As Of Yesterday When It Came In The Mail .
    Anyone Dealing With The Same Aussie Received Their DDD ?

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    @brap, i didn’t get any letters from irs,no id verify either but i was on code 570 for a good few weeks

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    I finally got an update on my transcripts. Wmr still shows nothing. I verified on 2/20. What does the return received date on the transcript mean? I also have a 570. Wpuld that be my verification? The verification went through because I called and asked. So my transcript is showing the dates 04/01 and 04/15 (whichever is later). Does anyone know what this stuff means?

    #4315224 Reply


    Anyone getting 846 codes also received letters or no?

    #4315220 Reply


    I have this same cycle code per my transcripts I ordered, I ordered to wrong transcripts btw, but they weren’t blank so I’m praying I see a ddd for 3/20 tomorrow. I cannot see my transcripts online unfortunately. I ordered the actual return transcripts and they seemed processed. Fingers crossed though bc I really need the money this year.

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    Filed and Accepted 2/13 iD Verified 3/8 Ddd is for 3/20!!!

    #4314624 Reply


    Yay me got the amazing 846 code on the transcript DDD finally 3/20 !!! Taxpayer Advocate push thru!! Wmr hasn’t update though🤔… We got this – hang in there everyone🤞🏽

    #4314598 Reply


    Finally got my 846 code! DDD 3/20..don’t give up hope! It’s coming ya’ll!!

    #4313993 Reply


    Accepted on 2/25. I have eic. Still only 1 bar. Anyone else with 2/25 acceptance got anything?

    #4313219 Reply


    Same cycle and processing date accepted 1/22..and still waiting

    #4312975 Reply


    No update. No bsrs, No ddd. OMG 🙏 that i see something soon. Filed 1/30 accepted that day or the next no bars 3 different stories from IRS.

    #4312922 Reply


    @finally. Lord I hope I get the same great news as you because I have the same dates you do. Even my as of date is the same but I’m a weekly update. Congratulations and this gives me just a little hope.

    #4312919 Reply


    Filed and accepted 1/31
    2/22 called (claimed EITC and CITC) about 152 code and also saw on transcript 570 and 971 with a date of 3/4/19
    They said I was selected for the 45 day review and a letter was mailed out on 2/14. Nothing I needed to do but wait and I’d receive my refund before 3/31. She also mentioned that 10% more people were selected for reviews this year compared to previous years. Weird I didn’t get it and my transcript said otherwise. 3/5 receive the 45 day notice. Dated for 3/4. Figures I got the generic script dates from the IRS.

    I checked every other day on my transcript for a change and I noticed that at the top the As of date was 3/11. Well yesterday I check and I finally got the 846 code with a date of 3/15! I seriously almost cried tears of joy because like many I really need this money. I didn’t qualify for a TA. I was also selected for reviews for both state refunds (I moved mid year). WMR just update today with 2 bar and DDD 3/15.

    So stay strong. And just keep checking the transcript. Look at the As of date because I think that’s when you will see progress.

    #4312899 Reply

    Crystal M Prosise

    Hi I got my tax transcripts and it says cycle date 20190805 3-11-19 code 150 then it says code 806 w2 or 1099 withholding 05-15-19 -259.00 then it says code 570 additional account action pending date 3-11-19 0.00 then it has code 768 earned income credit -3461.00 cycle date again 4-15-19 what’s this all mean no refund date yet and bars are gone on the where’s my refund app..

    #4312891 Reply


    No changes for me but since I’m weekly maybe I will update tomorrow. Got my dreaded 60 day letter 2 days ago. Faxed info to my TA to hopefully see movement soon. This has been the worst tax season I have ever experienced. I can not wait until it’s over. My cycle code 20190605 2/25 processing date. 570 2/25 and 971 3/4. I just need my money.

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