ppl with bars missing..

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    I noticed a lot of people’s bars went missing with a topic 152 . I was wondering how many people had their refund amount disappear to?

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    My bars went missing. I had the topic 152. A few days later they were back and I received my refund yesterday. I filed around the 24th I think.



    @ looloo – This happened to us last year and it appears to be happening again this year. When we lost our bars last year, they were gone for at least a couple of weeks. It didn’t take months, but it did take at least 6 weeks to finally get our refund. This year, we filed and were accepted on 2/1 and our bars and refund amount went missing on Monday morning and we just get the generic “still processing” message with topic 152, exactly like last year. I just hope we don’t have to wait as long as we did last year!



    My bars went missing today (2-12-2015) I filed on the 2nd, and accepted on the 3rd.
    I have been reading horror stories that it will take months to get resolved. Say it isn’t so! Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? Is it a system glitch by chance? And anyone who had this happen get thier bars back? How soon after they disappeared? Unfortunately I can’t get any answers because it hasn’t been 21 days since acceptance. What is this I hear about transcripts letting people know if thier refund has been approved? How do I look at that? Thanks everyone!



    We should be able to start charging the IRS interest on our returns…



    Well I finally caved and called the IRS. The gentleman that assisted me was very nice and pretty thorough. He told me they didn’t receive my return until 1/22, Not 1/20 like I had been informed. He also told me that due to the identity flag on my account that they needed to verify all of the info. He said the verification did not begin until 2/2 and that the process takes 4-6 weeks but I should see the refund before then. He said the verification looks to be running smoothly. He could be blowing smoke up my rump but at least he was nice about it.



    filed/accepted 1/22
    bars went missing the week after that
    transcripts N/A

    I called yesterday, and the rep was extremely nice and helpful and told me that there was a math error and that it would take 4-8 weeks from when the error was found (he told me it was found on 2/2).



    Filed 2/3, accepted an hour later.

    Bars went missing 2/11 with transcripts N/A
    Today the bars are still missing with the message your refund is still being processed…. Tax topic 152 still. Checked transcripts which are now avalable. Shows refund issued and cycle 20150604. Hoping WMR updates tonight.



    No update for me either. Transcript still says N/A. I’m starting to think I wouldn’t be able to see them even if they were available because I can’t view the older ones. I get an error 122 code.

    I wonder why some people have the amount missing and some don’t. Or why some still have topic 152 and others don’t.

    I think I’m a weekly so I prolly wont get any type of update until Friday maybe Saturday morning if I will get one.

    Someone on TurboTax forum who’s bars went missing just got a ddd today for 2/17. So I’m a little hopeful. :-/……just q little LOL



    Still no update. Bars are still missing, refund amount still missing, and still have topic 152. Transcripts still say N/A. We filed and were accepted on 2/1 and bars went missing Sunday night/Monday morning. So frustrating. :(



    Filed and was accepted on the 2/2. On 2/9 my bars went away. Along with my refund amount. I had the topic 152. I see I am not alone here! First time its ever happened to me. The one Bar did stay up there for 6 days them BAM gonzo.



    Hey guys my status finally updated from approved to sent last note. I am so unbelievably happy, now me my husband and 2 kids can move out of my mother in laws house. I’m just waiting by the mailbox for the next few days. Good luck to everyone, it does get better.



    Filed and was accepted on the 23rd. On feb 1 my bars went away. Along with my refund amount. I had the topic 152. On 2/7 I checked that morning bars were back and I had a deposit date of 2/11. Got my full refund today. I hope everything works out for everyone. This tax season has been a nightmare.



    How long after you called the advocate did you receive your DDD? Did you have to wait for a call back and were you given a case #? I filed and was accepted the 28th. Bar went missing the 4th. No info on transcript. I called Advocate yesterday. She said no errors on my part. Said I was resequenced. Gave me a case #, said she sent my case to my local office and that I would hear from them by Friday. Also gave me a local number in case they do not call. So I am wondering how long it took for you to get your DDD after first speaking with advocate. Thanks for all the info.



    @ Pikkin I agree with Jo, that does not even make sense. Why would a breach with a credit card affect your tax return? Furthermore what the hell could they be reviewing for up to 8 weeks that would satisfy them that it isn’t ID theft? It sounds like you are the only one who used your social security number to file this year, if not she would have said something (I would hope). Even if they thought someone else submitted your return wouldn’t you just have to send in your information to verify your identity?

    I’m sorry but that sounds like a BS answer. You probably are not even under review…..why the hell was she looking at 2012? You were asking about this year. Another thing, if you WERE under review I would think the tax advocate would have let you know considering they can see what’s going on with your taxes.



    The Target credit/debit card breach will not in any way, shape, or form have any effect on your tax return whatsoever. It has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Target breach only involved credit and debit card information that was compromised, not your identity. That’s just another perfect example of the people answering the phones for the IRS having absolutely no clue what they are talking about and will tell you anything just to get you off the phone.



    So I filed on the 15th through TT…got accepted on the 16th according to TT. I was on 1 bar on WMR until 2/5 when I lost the bars as well as topic 152

    In the meanwhile, I tried order my transcripts on line (got the contact IPSU). I did 2X…2 weeks ago as well as last week. They this would not affect my return ( I had to verify my filing status etc etc)

    Call the Tax advocate this week, she stated that I was actually accepted on the 23rd by the IRS. and to give it till Friday.

    I called the IRS today…finally spoke to a nice woman who looked through my account. Asked me question about my 2012 (weird since I got that on time with no issues)..I verified the information for that.
    She continued to look…the outcome…………….I am under manual review due to concerns about identity theft. (I never filed this….or complained about it). Then I remembered in 2013 about the Target credit card and customer account breach. I asked her if action on the part of Target reporting to credit bureaus about that breach( I I have a target credit card) would affect it. She said most likely.
    The best..I have to wait up to 8 weeks (April 10th ) to see if I receive a letter, notice or refund. If nothing, call them again. While I am happy that I got an answer, I am so sad that I am in this position.



    I’m hoping to see some type of progress on Friday or Saturday. Monday is a holiday, so I guess no one will be getting any on that day.

    I’ve never been resequenced either. It’s lil they haven’t put us in another queue yet because February filers ate seeing updates everyday, yet we are seldom seeing any.



    I finally on Saturday night went from bars missing since Jan 17th and finally came back sometime Saturday night with my refund date. I have heard the are overwhelmed with returns right night and a lot of people including me got new cycle numbers. So for a lot of that have been waiting so long I am hoping we all got good news over the weekend. I have never had mine get recycled before so I know next year not to file early it didn’t help any of us. I hope this helps some of you that have just filled and your bars went missing. It took the whole 21 days for me from Jan 20th when the actually started processing returns.



    I wonder why some have the refund amount gone and some don’t. Anyone know what it means to have the refund amount still there, and gone?


    Mrs. B

    Filed 2/1, accepted 2/1, was at one var until this morning. Now I have no bars, no refund amount and it states it is being processed and they will provide a date once they have one. Why are so many being filed for review?!



    My one bar disappeared overnight also. 2/10/15. Had a cycle date of 20150505. Now my wmr say my return is processing. How did it go from a cycle date to nothing at all. Confused really need the money like everyone else.



    Know I analyze the whole conversation with the irs represent she find my file or pretending to find my file with my old address and I move this year if she find my new file she would it find it with the new address not the old one what she found was my old transcripts and with that she look at my new one and she could not find an income because is not processing yet , that’s why !!! And I try to check my transcript but they locked my account when y try to put my new info and when y put my old address take me toward to the questions to identify my self and the an error on the system blocked me for 24 hours , this is B/S.



    @Spikevironata how can u tell if u fall under weekly or dailey cycle..



    @Rasten yes I don’t have one yet



    I spoke with a Advocate today who confirmed I was not in any reviews, was a 05 (weekly), and she confirmed they had over a million early efiles that got pushed back because the system couldn’t handle it all. She said we were all being re sequenced and to not feel alone, we are mostly all in the same boat.

    They aren’t supposed to be this concise, but I think she felt bad for us. All morning, all she was getting were people with ID flags and no bars in this same position. Weeklys would update by Thursday night, dailies probably sooner. She said they also were trying to eliminate the weekly updaters, so possibly sooner for 05s.



    Just out of curiosity have any of you checked your Transcripts?



    I’m pretty sure that all of us who lost our bars are just being re-sequenced. There’s NO WAY in hell we are all in review. This same exact thing happened last year. My husband and I filed last year on January 30th or 31st and we didn’t get our refund until early March. It was crazy. Even if we do go over the 21 days, I’m not going to bother calling the IRS because I don’t believe a single word they say!



    Spikevironata Thank you for clarifying. I don’t understand why they just wont just tell us we are resequenced. That would make people more understanding of the situation. I guess the government just loves to make people panic.

    Why don’t they just halt return submissions until they process the ones they already have? I guess that’s just too logical though.


    Amber Brittaney Orr

    Excuse me for not proof reading lol my bars have been gone for like 2 weeks



    I like how all these different answers all end with the same timeline. I wish they would just say, tax returns are delayed for this group 6-8 weeks! But they know, they know we will flip out and they know no one will early file again and probably not use the method they used. Turbo Tax is going to have to make some serious amends if they want to stay in business this year.



    @memphismom the 6-8 week timeframe people keep getting from agents is a direct scripting from the IRS manual. We are not all in review, that is the scripting they want given when an account is being re-sequenced.



    OMG this is crazy! How is this happening to so many people? If they can’t or won’t verify income until May – July then what the hell could they be reviewing?

    If they takes over 45 days do we get interest on our refund?


    Amber Brittaney Orr

    okay so I filed my taxes on the 20th and was accepted on the 21st i talk to three tax advocate. first three told me everything was okay. my 21 days came up today and I talk to someone and she told me that I had been my time has been pushed back because I went under review on the 25th I need some type of information she didn’t tell me what I could do to fix it all she told me was that I had to wait six to eight weeks so I have talked to you….my boss has been gone for 2 weeks now and all I’m getting is processing and date will show when available…



    Thank you guys I was reading about it and all of you are right they will not receive the w2 until may to July when the season is over , and then if they found something that doesn’t match they will put it against your next years return as an offset . I bite what she told me , she said to wait that time I know they are hiding something they did wrong , and know their behind schedule to make it back with not enough staff ..



    bournerko8v – What they told you is totally bogus. The IRS doesn’t even start entering W2s into their system until around July, long after tax returns have already been issued. I have found that most people answering the phone at the IRS have absolutely no clue what they are talking about and they rarely tell the truth. The real truth is that their computer system is so screwed up and it has been for years and it can’t handle all of the returns that are being filed at once. Because of this, many returns are getting kicked back out of the system and re-sequenced. That’s why it’s taking so long. It has nothing to do with being reviewed or anything like that. The IRS has had huge budget cuts, so obviously upgrading their computer system isn’t a priority for them right now.



    My bars disapeared for a few days but then on Saturday I had my bars back with a deposit date of 2/11. We will see if it comes in tomorrow…..



    @bournerko8v I don’t think that is credible information from them. You got a cookie cutter answer based on the IRS manual. Most of us are all in the same boat as you, we aren’t all in review. They aren’t supposed to confirm there was a system error.



    Today was my 21st day and finally got the chance to speak to the irs , I’ve been in hold since January 30th because they are verifying my income and w2s because I have two and they are checking everything with the new system update ,if the system flag something they send it to review mine will take up to 8 weeks since the 30th so I know what its happening now they are no letting nothing pass by that’s why my bars are gone and the refund amount with the topic , when they could prove I’m right with the income they will approve it but could take up to 8 weeks since the day they go away.. So lets welcome a review this year my first review ever.



    @Dawn I think once they mail the check it will actually tell you the exact date that they send it out. I’ve heard that they only mail them on Fridays but can’t say for sure.



    So I guess I’m going through tax advocate! Apparently mine was sent to review. Which could take only 8 weeks! Lol! Someone apparently tried to steal my identity last year, but resolving it effects this year! So pissed! Anyone know how long it takes advocates to work… I need this money, like others! Going through advocate because of hardship..



    @memphismom thanxs. ive checked so many times today ive exceeded the limit. but im not getting dd im getting my check mailed, u think they send them out on tuesdays because ive heard they only send out on fridays.



    my return was accepted on 1/23. today my bars went missing with no information other than “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” what should I expect next?



    My bars went missing today as well I was accepted according to TT on 1/22. None of my information has changed since last year, I guess all I can do is wait.



    Our bars went missing this morning. We filed and were accepted on 2/1 via TaxAct and we had one bar up until this morning. Now, we have no bars and just a message telling us that our return is still being processed and a date will be provided once available. This happened to us last year as well and it took forever to get our money! I think we waited for about 6 weeks last year. This is so frustrating. My brother-in-law filed his taxes the exact same day we did, also using TaxAct, and he got his money on Friday!

    So, from what I am reading on here, if our bars went missing today, our return was resequenced and today is our new “accepted” date?



    @Dawn Don’t worry about seeing the tracker say “sent”. In the past mine never updated to sent until about a week later. Good Luck! Your money will probably post tomorrow morning depending on your bank.



    My check should be sent by today is what wmrsays. But my status has not changed to sent yet. My 21 dayswill be up thurs, should I wait till then to call? I am just so impatient & I need this to get my own place.



    @memphismom I would give it until Friday morning. Don’t worry just yet. I filed on the 26th and just got my transcripts today. You would have probably already gotten a letter by now if there was a problem. Just hang in there and thing will work out!



    @Rasten I filed and was accepted on Jan 30 at around 5:30a.m……. Wow you have me nervous now. She did say they would be able to expedite the refund and get the amount of the eviction to me.

    She asked me how I got their number and stuff too…..Maybe I don’t sound believable. I really hate lying.LOL



    I filed 1/20. Called an spoke with an Advocate today. If there are any Identity issues the IRS has up to 180 days to process your return. The advocate advised me they would try to speed things up



    @memphismom When did you file? Not sure why she would have given you a case# but not given any info on what was going on. Sounds very strange.

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