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    I noticed a lot of people’s bars went missing with a topic 152 . I was wondering how many people had their refund amount disappear to?

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    Chris G

    Hi, this IS just to help some people who had the disappering bars. I filed on 3/17/2015 was accepted the same day. The next day i checked wmr showed one bar, 4 days later the bar disappered. After 4 weeks I called the IRS and was told my return was on hold because i needed to verify my identity. Once i done that i was told it would take about 6 weeks.
    Good news IS after 2 weeks checked wmr AND the message had changed to ( WE have received your tax return AND it IS being processed ) I then checked my transcripts finally my return transcript was available i got my account transcript on line and finally it showed a cycle code and a great 846 code ( refund issuded ). Checked wmr the next morning finally had the bars back with refund approved and a ddd of 4/28. My bank is already showing the pending deposit and will be available on 4/28/2015.
    So if anyone else is going with missing bars it doesnt mean your being audited or at least for me it didnt just a simple id verification. So there IS hope folks.



    Hi all, I am new here, my husband sent in his tax return on 02/02/15 they recieved it in Texas 02/03/15 ( had to send to texas cause of ITIN aplication process ), 03/02/15 we checked WMR and there was one bar saying they received it, then since 03/06/2015 all bars are missing, amount is missing, but tax topic 152 remains, I was finally able to get into transcripts and this is what it says

    PROCESSING DATE Mar. 23, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150905 03-23-2015

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015

    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015

    971 Notice issued 03-23-2015 $0.00

    570 Additional account action pending 03-23-2015

    Can someone please explain this to me?

    Thanks Cathy



    I noticed today mine has still no bars but says processing and the topic 152 stating the way I want my refund. but the amount is gone. I think that just means that the site is having issues yet again . mine were accepted jan 24, and two weeks ago sent a fax on that obamcare. So I am thinking they are finally working on mine



    Turbo Tax says my taxes were accepted: 01/22

    Accepted according to IRS: 01/26

    Lost Bars: 01/31
    Could not (and still can’t) view transcripts.

    Called IRS: 02/18
    I was advised that my file had been flagged for ID theft. I was told to call back in 2-3 weeks.

    Called IRS: 02/24
    I spoke to a woman named Maria who was a totally failure. She said the flag was still “pending” for ID theft. She also said that I needed to “allow for mailing time” despite this being a direct deposit. When I asked why I needed to allow for mailing time, she said “How should I know what method you used?” I was shocked. She ended up hanging up on me when I asked for a tax advocate.

    As of this morning, 02/28, the bars are back! I have a DD of 03/04.

    I hope this helps others.


    rahman madison

    Does anyone know where you can go too obtain your address etc to receive a transcript? In keep getting the “Computer doesn’t reconize your info.I guess I need to reset..IRS will lock you out for 24 hrs if you don’t input the correct address etc.

    my bars dissapeared earlier and was left with a generic message refund still processing expect to receive in 21 days, checked a hr later and got this message….
    We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information Does anyone know what this means, I filed02/19 and was accepted the same day!!




    Jan 30 Filed

    Jan 30 Accepted

    Feb 6 Husband lost bars

    Feb 16 I lost bars

    Feb 18 Tax advocate sent notification to IRS to process refund.

    Feb 20 Able to order account transcript by mail only. Return says N/A.

    Feb 23 called IPSU rep asked identity questions, confirmed ID theft said return was accepted 2/2 and got put in IPSU on 2/5.

    Feb 26 WMR changed from “still processing and date will be provided when available” to we have received your tax return and it is being processed”.

    Feb 27 All transcripts available to view

    Feb 28 Got DDD for March 4

    Hope this helps someone.



    @rahman madison If it does not recognize your current address, they have not updated it in their system yet. You can do a change of address online I believe, or call.


    rahman madison

    Does anyone know where you can go too obtain your address etc to receive a transcript? In keep getting the “Computer doesn’t reconize your info.I guess I need to reset..IRS will lock you out for 24 hrs if you don’t input the correct address etc.



    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/6
    WMR bars diappeared 2/24 with still processing message
    Refund amount still showing
    Tax topic 152 still showing
    Transcripts still blank
    …I will post an update if anything changes!




    Filed: 2/4

    WMR Shows One Bar: 2/5

    Indiana Refund Deposited: 2/19

    WMR Lost Bars: 2/20

    Transcripts Available: 2/21 Shows an 846 Deposit Date of 3-16 which would actually be 2/23 if I read everything right.

    If this follows the common trend WMR will update tomorrow although in previous years it did not do so until I had my deposit.



    i filled on 1/8/15 accepted on 1/12/15 on Jan 31 lost bars refund amount and everything , on feb 10 /15 was my 21 day i called and they said to me i have to wait for 8-6 weeks then i called again past tuesday and they said i have to call id theft i called wednesday answer all questions and stuff , i was loosing all my hope , today i check wheres my refund and my return was approved with dd for next week , this is a relieve but i will not rise victory until see the amount on my bank account ,this been a complete nightmare next year i will wait untill season beging and no early filling , i wish you the best for all of you guys this been horrible..



    I filed 1/29 accepted same day.. bars went missing 2/14 along with tax topic 152.. says still being processed and refund date will be provided….. my transcripts say n/a on 3 and 2014 wages says no return filed…




    Filed 1/20, had one bar and 152 code till 2/7 and bars disappeared and 152 and refund amt stayed. I called on 2/10 and was told allow 2 weeks. My WMR updated this morning and dd is 2/23/15.
    By the way I was never able to see transcripts online “could not verify my identity at this time”, but I did order by mail on 2/5/14 and received on 2/17/15 and said n/a on all with a AS OF date of 2/23/2015 which just happens to be my deposit date I received this a.m.

    I had Obamacare all year and did not owe on that but I did owe a state tax offset which is less than my refund so that will be coming out.

    Good Luck



    So like most of us, I panicked when my bars disappeared. Here is my timeline.

    Filed: 2/11
    Accepted: 2/12
    Bar disappeared: 2/18
    Able to view transcripts: 2/20
    Refund approved: 2/21

    Each case is different. But I just wanted to give people a timeline of how things worked out for me.



    Filed/accepted 1-23. Bars missing for awhile now. called on day 21 was told to wait for day 22 (actually day 25 with holiday weekend) called day 26 and was told to wait for letter arriving within 2 weeks, do what it says, no further info available.

    Still no bars, but shows refund amount (so thats not under resolution) and tax topic 152 (so nothing flagged) Checked today to see if I got proper 1095-a, no problem there. Not likely ID Verify or they would have told me. So it’s something that doesnt affect the 1040 numbers, likely a collateral form with no bearing on actual refund.

    Checked over my supporting forms and 1040.com doubled my gross income whe nit generated the business write-off form. I didnt scour all the generated stuff because it didnt affect my scratch pad numbers or bottom line)

    As luck would have it I didn’t do a single write-off this year except the forced deduction for half self-employment tax – no business expenses, no use of home for business, etc. (bigger AGI makes for bigger FHA home loan)

    My guess is I’ll need to correct that mistakenly generated number, dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

    I guess the moral of the story is that bars can disappear for any number of reasons and as long as the tax topic stays 152 and the refund amount shows and hasn’t changed, it’s most likely just an exercise in patience and jumping through the hoops. Plenty of people had had the magical transcripts update to be followed by WMR updating by doing nothing while an issue was resolved internally – some not so fortunate, and some like me, oh well. I counted my chickens before they hatched like an idiot and will never do that again!



    I have now joined the no bars club. Filed 2/4. Had one bar as of 2/6. Stayed there until today 2/20. Now bars and refund amount are missing and I have the still processing with topic 152. N/A on three of four transcripts with the forth showing no return. Wonderful. Have to love our inept executive branch. It has gotten worse every year for the last several.



    File on 1/29 accept that day and bars disappear on 2/14. I can see my account transcript but is blank except for the top where there is a date which today change from 2/23 to now 3/9 does that mean that is when I will receive my refund.



    Hello 2 all I hope I can help ease some frustration I to was in the same boat, filed 1/28 accepted 1/30 had 1 bar on wmr showing accepted with 152 code. about 3weeks later checked wmr and showed no bar refund amount of refund disappeared with no 152 code and showed your tax return is still processing, a refund date will update when available. I checked my trans as well and was also showing, n/a for one available but said no return. I checked again yesterday and my transcripts were updated with codes as well as a cycle code. Received an update on wmr today with a ddd of 2/24. Please just be patient as long as it shows still processing you should be fine once your tans become available you will have more info as to whats going on. Alson any questions about codes or cycle codes check here. http://auditdetective.com/Transaction_Code_Definitions…/ and for cycle codes http://blog.tavorro.com/2014-irs-refund-cycle-code-chart/



    I filed on 1/29 and bars were gone on 2/14. The tax 152 message is gone. It shows refund is being processed will provide refund date when available. Has anyone else lost the tax 152 message?



    We got our deposit yesterday! Much faster than last year. We filed and were accepted on 2/1, got our money 2/18 (even though WMR had a DD of 2/19). Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. See you all next year!



    Finally got deposit today. Here is my story:
    Filed 1/29
    Accepted an hour later after filing
    Bars disappeared on 2/3
    Was able to order a blank account transcript on 2/9
    Was able to order a tax transcript 2/13
    System updated and bars returned with a DD date on 2/14
    Dd date was 2/19 recieved on that day at 2:30am

    Good luck to everyone still waiting. I’m still waiting for my state which seems to be taking its sweet time too.



    I efiled with turbotax on January 30th accepted January 31st. I had the bar saying accepted until yesterday. Today the bars disappeared as well–this is making me nervous. I had to do the form for marketplace insurance–I wonder if many of us getting this had that and it is holding things up or something–would love to know if anyone with missing bars gets a direct deposit!



    Clues that might make sense: If the message “you should receive your refund within 21 days of acceptance” disappears, then you may not get it by day 21. You may have just been resequenced or ‘put back a cycle’ is possible.
    If the refund amount disappears, you may not get that amount, and sure you might be under review.
    If only tax topic 152 appears rather than some code that shows someone had jerked your file, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about, yet.
    If you can only see N/A for the top 2 transcripts for 2014, it’s not processed yet and may or may not be under review.
    You can wait x amount of time to get a letter, or on day 22 you can call them and talk to a real person (800) 829-0582 Ext. 652 and they may or may not tell you anything useful.
    Many people are reporting that they can finally see transcripts and the next day or so bars return, so we can deduce that transcripts update before WMR. These people may have been re-cycled or may have been under a simple review.
    You have “The Right to Quality Service” and the right to talk to a supervisor, but they have 21 full days to do as they please for the most part.
    Every state has at least one Taxpayer Advocate. If any action other than limbo has occurred, or 21 days have passed and you still know nothing, you can find out if you qualify 1-877-777-4778

    If you are not aware of the thread Bart’s Thoughts, it is a must read and he will answer any question briefly and concisely



    I had a slice of orange today with my oatmeal, I couldn’t find my car keys and was late for work. It happened to someone else too and they made a youtube video about it and the oatmeal company said so in their faq. So anyone who had oatmeal and oranges this morning will lose their car keys.

    We know the FAQ is not correct based on empirical evidence presented here by people who have no reason to lie. Missing bars MAY mean you are under review, it also may NOT mean that. The very next section of the faq “can I determine a refund date by reading transcripts” emphatically states that you can NOT, when indeed you can, and they ramble on about codes rather than cycle – because the person who wrote that section of the IRS FAQ has NO CLUE!

    A closer look a the preceding “missing bars” in faq reveals the answer is vague and leaves a lot to be desired when taken with all we have read here.

    When in doubt ask BartD.

    Urban myths suck, so does oatmeal and oranges.

    Good luck all!



    My bars dissapeared last year and it meant I was under review. My bars just dissapeared again this morning. I’m assuming its the same as last year. I file AOTC (1098t) for both my son and I. We moved etc etc… Here is a link to informative video regarding missing bars. http://youtu.be/5nuQOmLB3lw



    Well on 2/13 I was able to view transcripts…showed 846 Refund Amount was correct. Today my Bars came back and refund approved DD date of no later then 2/19. Filed on 2/2 bars went missing 2/9 and now have come back on 2/14. What a messed up system :( Hope everyone else gets there refund info updated quickly. Seems like everyone is running into this situation this year!



    Yippee I finally got my dd date for 2/19. So for those of you worried this was my process. I fiiled on 1/29 accepted a hour later. On 2/3 bars were gone was able to order a account transcript on 2/9 and was able to order my tax transcript on 2/13 and bars came back on 2/14 with approved. It looks like I went the full 21 days to get my refund. Good look to those still waiting I’m with you in solidarity.



    My bars went missing with tax topic 152 and no amount showing. Now it shows processing with the amount on the left. I guess that’s good



    YES!!!!! We finally got our DD! WMR just updated and says our refund will be deposited on Thursday, 2/19! We filed and were accepted on 2/1 and our transcripts filled in yesterday. Good luck to everyone still waiting! There is light at the end of the tunnel!



    Congrats Dawn!

    Still no update for me. Friday will be 21 days for me. I’ll wait until then to cry.LOL



    Finally got my check today. I’m so excited! Today was 22 days. Good luck to everyone, this tax season is hell but it all pays off. EVENTUALLY!!!! Lol.



    For you folks who are now able to see your transcripts. WMR updated the day after I was able to see my transcripts. Hope this helps.


    the yetty

    i got accepted on 2/3 ,had 1 bar for a week,then for the past 4 days ive had 0 bars ,the tax topic 152 is still there,the refund amount is gone,and it says still processing and will give date when available. If i use my wifes ss number ,it shows 1 bar. I tried getting into my transcripts but couldnt remember my info,so reset it and used the wrong address and had to call the identity protection unit. But,i called the transcript line to see if i could order a 2014 that way,but every option says no information. Ugh ,im at a loss here,the people on the phone wont tell me anything,this is torture.



    Checked WMR… This is now my message…

    We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS

    Refund amount there and tax topic 152…

    Still no bars.. What is this about?



    Ok, this is strange. When I logged in under my husband’s info, his transcripts have all filled in, but if I log in under my info, they still say N/A. We filed jointly. Why would mine not be filled in yet if his are?



    FIled and accepted 01/16, lost bars and had standard processing message a week after filing. Saw all my transcripts pretty early on and never had any offsets or bad codes, everything ending with credits. Finally today I saw something different on my transcript, looks like they took a small portion of my refund and applied it to an old 1040 tax year, and also states a 971, notice to be issued March 2,2015, but also shows credit getting applied to 1040 tax on 02/23/2015. I do not have any 846 for refund issue however. DOes this mean its coming and the notice is going to be regarding the reduction. I would think I would be looking at the 02/23/2015 date for the credit to apply to that year, because the refund has to be approved and payed for them to do that fully correct? Any thoughts would be great. WMR still no bars, just processing…..also looks like im a 5’er



    Woohoo! Our transcripts no longer say N/A and have finally filled in! However, WMR still has not updated and our bars are still missing. Maybe we’ll get an update tonight????



    All I was able to order my transcript this morning. I hope my bars come back tomorrow. This was one of the most awful experiences I’m starting to hate the entire tax process. I filed on the 29th and lost my bars on 2/3 now in the 13th I was able to order my tax transcript. So I hope I will get a dd date for next Friday.



    Thanks for the info! I called Advocate on Tuesday. They gave me a case # and sent it to my local office. Said I would hear from someone by Friday (today). Said no errors on my part and nothing wrong. I was just resequenced. Yesterday morning, transcripts updated with cycle code 20150604. This morning WMR updated with DDD of 2/18. Advocate called a bit ago and seemed surprised that I had a DDD lol. Not sure if it just processed or if Advocate helped, but I finally got my DDD!!!! Curious though, according to cycle code. DD is 2/17, but WMR DDD is 2/18. Will see what happens.



    Funds were in bank this morning! Good luck to everyone! Don’t forget if you are worried call a Tax Advocate (this is not an IRS rep) and tell them you are being evicted (white lie) they will look into it and let you know exactly what is going on. Don’t wait around wondering if there is something wrong. I posted the number somewhere in this thread.



    filed 3rd irs said they accepted on the 5th bars went missing on the 7th called and they said it was not going to process b/c of identity theft. so i answered all ?’s and verified and they put me bk in processing but still have no bars but have amount with no 152 topic code



    I just don’t understand… No where else would you go get in line and be moved to the back. Yet while your on your way to the back the line keeps growing!..

    This drives me crazy and I just hope it’s that! So we stand the chance of getting refunds this month!



    My bars have gone missing for the past few years this is not a computer glitch; it’s that I always File during one of the busiest filing windows and I’ve been resequenced again. This happens because the irs can’t handle all the tax returns In the system so they process them in a sequence order. Some years I’ve gotten my taxes in two week some years it been close to the 21 days. The irs won’t tell you the truth about the re-sequencing because the tax payers will be pissed and rightly so. Think about it, if we were all under review like all of these urban tells are suggesting then why in a year of Hugh budget cuts would they review so many people. You can’t order transcripts because its not processed; most of us can order a account transcript and you can get that right after your bar dissappear . So the bottom line is we will get our refund when our turn comes up and no amount of calling and wasting your time on hold is going to change that. So for a peace of mind I’m focusing on getting my state back after the fraud fiascial( ga decided to make everyone verify their refund) I’ve decided to let the chips fall where they may with my federal. I’m just sick of it all and if I keep this up I will be ready to pull my hair out.



    @memphismom Thanks! Hang in there you will get yours.



    Congrats Rasten!!! I’m happy you finally got your DDD.




    This is how I felt every morning checking for updates. Hang in there guys and gals. If you fear that you are being reviewed (highly unlikely) just call a tax advocate they can see everything.



    @muggie I called Monday morning. My transcripts updated Monday night/Tuesday Morning. WMR updated with DDD yesterday morning.



    I still have no bars, no tax topic… Still have refund amount shown! Generic still processing date will be available when available.




    Topic 152 disappeared when my bars did. I still have the refund amount showing though. Not sure about the logic behind it all.



    Does anyone know what it means if you no longer have topic 152? I’m asking because most of you are saying you still have it, but I don’t.

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