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      Hello everyone! I efiled with TaxAct late night 1/28/2015 and was accepted in 33 seconds, I was very excited! Last year it took a few days. However, I have been stuck on my first bar with no progress or updates. No transcripts available except wages, but it says no return filed when I view it. I see quite a few people stating this and have been reading about the dead cycles, my submission code has 201502 in the middle which is one the dead cycles. Apparently, we should be seeing some updates tomorrow since today is the last day of 201504 cycle and that is when 201501, 201502, 201503, and 201504 cycle codes should be processed. Does anyone have any news or updates that had a dead cycle in their submission code?

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        MS A

          Anyone recieve any information? I still only have one bar and says no tax filed on transcripts.

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            I am still confused my this dead cycle stuff. I filed @ 6:00 PM on 2/4/15, I received a text @ 6:45 PM stating that my return had been accepted. My submission code has a dead code of 201503. I read the links that were supplied by ya’ll and I just am more confuesed. Can someone please tell me if this is correct: My return will not actually be processed until 2/13/15? I have looked at my transactions and there is nothing for 2014.
            Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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              I’m sort of assuming I’m a dead cycler considering I filed 1/29, only one bar on WMR and as of 2/6 it was only 0.00s on my account transcripts with no cycle codes since that day.

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                It should hopefully be sometime this week. Can you access your transcripts yet? If so look on the account transcript at the bottom for the cycle code (example: 20150505)

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                  I too filed with Tax Act. I filed late night on 1/31 and given a dead cycle 201503. I’m still a little confused after looking at the charts as to when I should expect an update though. Hoping for sometime this week…

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                    I’m very sorry for that late responses, I have been away this weekend….


                    Have you contacted them about it?


                    Until they update that information it will still say all zeros, but once it’s updated you will see numbers and hopefully the refund sent code :-)

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                      Too bad they are taking it out on you for trying to help.
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                      it will be ok.

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                        i got the same thing. Many are getting flagged with identity issues regarding using the tools. I sent my e-file twice a couple years ago, so my online account was “locked” by the IRS. I talked to rep and they are going to help resolve the issues, after 30days if no letter, then I have to call back. I will be on it until they unlock me so I can use the tool. For us, no transcript but just wait. Most will be getting within the 21 days, it took close to that for mine last year. The new system is slower, now why would they go and do that?

                        Hang in there, hope this helps.

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                        Packie from Barstow

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                          Gene Taxpayer

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                              Filed sunday late 1/25 both federal and state were accepted within mins… only had one bar since 1/26…on 2/3 I received a letter from the state saying I needed to prove my identity so that funds won’t sent to the wrong person I took the quiz and passed the same day…I was able to view my transcripts but only for account it states n/a in the return slot…but in my account transcripts its all zeros no codes no amount just say ” as of 2/16/2015″ what does this mean an why? Getting really bent out of shape seeing ppl who filed after me only wait 8days for their refund…I WANT MY MONEY AN I WANT IT NOW lol…I think we all do..any reply would help.

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                                I’m unable to view my tax transcripts for some reason, it says my address doesn’t match which is strange.

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                                  Yes we have been talking on another post. Most of us 201502 dead cyclers have gotten our transcripts with DDD Feb. 11th (code 20150505 on RETURN transcript) and our refund sent codes on the ACCOUNT transcripts. Check out the 20150505 posts for more details if you want Jill.

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                                    has anyone with the dead cycle found anything out? I applied on Jan 29th my code was 201502

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                                      You’re welcome, I like to get some answers because it helps ease the mind.


                                      I do not have a blank transcript at all. I have n/a on all my transcripts except wages, which only states that no return has been filed. If you have a blank transcript with an “as of date” Feb, 16, 2015 then most likely you will see a refund Monday the 9th according to others who have had the same thing. Good luck!


                                      You are very welcome, I am hopeful we will see some updates tomorrow or over the weekend!

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                                        @mstorilivsand Thank you so much. I also filed on 1/28 with Taxact and got a deadcycle number. Hopefully we will see an update Monday!

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                                          I talked to HRblock this morning we were having a conversation about the dead cycle and blank transcripts. The customer service rep told me whatever date you have on your blank transcript is the maximum you have to wait for your refund. Take mine for example. My blank transcript says Feb, 16, 2015. If it was telling me the truth I should receive my DD before that date. I hope she is right. I can wait til the 16th with bells on. Last year I didn’t get my refund until april 28 2014

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                                            Checked this morning, still no update on WMR (bars and amount missing since 2/3) and still no transcripts.

                                            @mstorilivsand, thank you for your continued sleuth work and information! :-)

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                                              Okay everyone, after nearly an hour on hold (love how they quote you 15-20 minutes), I am actually grateful because I spoke with someone who was fairly pleasant and informative. However, since everyone seems to get different responses and often say the reps have no idea what they are talking about I am not going to go 100% off of this until I see more evidence that it is true. That being said…

                                              She told me that when you submit your return on a non-processing day for the weekly cycle your are on (referring to us 04s which are and 05s) you are given a dead cycle code and re-sequenced to be accepted/processed on the day when they usually update your cycle. I submitted mine and received acceptance from Tax Act on 1/28, however the IRS actually received and accepted it on 1/30 and put me into re-sequencing because Thursday Night-Saturday morning is when the 05ers are updated. She said she is not sure why some companies issue submission ids with the dead cycle codes in it because it causes panic and there is often no reason for alarm and while they have been trying to veer away from the weekly updates, some people still fall into that system. She stated that at this time I am under normal processing and should see an update soon, but no later than 2/20. She did say that system updates on Saturdays and Sundays can delay WMR updating (I noticed this all day last Sunday) so to check Monday prior to calling if there are no updates on the weekend.

                                              I hope this information is true and no just a heap of mumbo jumbo to hush me up and get me off the phone, but it sounds reasonable.

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                                                Yes please update with what you find out!

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                                                  Yes I agree. I am on hold now hoping to get someone decent to shed some light on the dead cycle subject. Will let you know if I find anything out.

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                                                    I did not update on the IRS website last night. I guess perhaps the biggest concern is…why the dead cycle doesnt have a more regulated process. Everyone just kind of hangs in limbo. I am thinking this will be my last year with TaxAct…seems they have the most people having issues. 1/28..Taxact..accepted..nothing.

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                                                      Yeah I saw it was outdated and actually had tried to call to see if a newer publication was posted yet as I could not find one on their site. I kind of feel like we are going round and round trying to make our points, but yes you are correct about the transcript cycle codes (8 digits), we just haven’t made it to that discussion yet. Not everyone received a submission ID, from what I am gathering it just people who were basically given what almost seems like an automatic or generic acceptance message and were not sent to the master file right away. That’s why we ended up on a dead cycle (for whatever reason being a system error, time of day it was file, etc.) I think it would be impossible to get a dead cycle code on a transcript since the cycle codes on there are updated once it is processed and the dead cycle code is given prior to final processing. Anyway, once my transcript is posted I will let everyone know my code and the information you posted will help them determine their deposit date as well. Thank you for all your information and insight, I hope you have a great night!

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                                                        On page 16 and 17 it does in fact show the cycle codes for the weeks of the year. That’s exactly what I had already said lol. The cycle number is missing the last 2 digits as it’s not being associated with a specific day in it’s reference.

                                                        In addition to that, that publication is old and outdated. For example, that still references a cycle week starting on Wednesday. That is not accurate as of 1-1-15.

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                                                          Here it is! The end of page 15 and all of page 16 show the chart for the processing cycle dates. Then the previous link explains about how the dead cycles are pushed forward to cycle 201504.


                                                          This page also has the cycle dates for the posted transaction on the chart, which some people use to determine their deposit date if their transcript is empty but has the “AS OF” date.

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                                                            Do understand I’m not trying to argue, I’m just trying to make sure we’re all on the same page. I’ve reviewed that page quite a bit and I don’t see anything about dead submission cycles. The posting cycle as referenced in the section “Dead Cycles” section is referring to the cycle code displaying on transcripts for example.

                                                            The three dead cycles each year are the first 3 weeks of January. They started processing returns on a dead cycle which is why everyone’s returns were processed a week later than anticipated. That in addition with other issues.

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                                                              No problem they are under the cycle definitions, dead cycles.


                                                              It talks about the cycles from the time it is sent to the campus until it is processed. There is more information if you look around. I found another bit of information posted by the IRS that was 16 pages, and there was info on the last page, but I cannot seem to find that one again. I stumbled upon it the first time when I was looking for the above page.

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                                                                The cycle code people are seeing on their transcripts are actually processing dates. Can you point me to the information you found on Submission codes?

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                                                                  I had a few people ask about TurboTax and some said they could not locate a submission id or confirmation code. But I suggest going to the TT status page, you enter some of your info and it gives you details. On TaxAct it gives you your original submission id with the 6 digit code. I am not 100% sure that TT does that, nobody has responded as to whether or not there is a code on there. I am beginning to think only the sites that are immediately accepting returns are giving the submission id codes because they are all coming up at dead cycle codes. But again, not enough information yet to back that theory up.

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                                                                    Yes the 8 digits (example 20150402) are the refund cycle dates. I was not trying to offend or discredit you, we are just discussing our processing cycles and how we ended up stuck in the dead cycle (6 codes in the submission/confirmation code when you efile). Thank you for all the information, it will be helpful for those that are figuring out their deposit dates when the transcripts show up. :-)

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                                                                      You will see an update the same day this week as you got your blank transcripts last week. Probably going to be thursday night.

                                                                      What happened was your return was set to be processed and for one reason or another failed. When this happens your return is then delayed to be processed the next cycle (Which is the next week). It happens on the same day as the previous cycle.

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                                                                        I apologize if I misunderstood your post but I’m referring to cycle codes people are seeing on their transcripts. There is no “refund cycle” date or any of the sort. Also the IRS has done away with the “refund chart”.

                                                                        IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

                                                                        01 = Friday

                                                                        02 = Monday

                                                                        03 = Tuesday

                                                                        04 = Wednesday

                                                                        05 = Thursday

                                                                        IMF computes your refund date as the posted cycle date PLUS four business days for Direct Deposit refunds; posted cycle date PLUS six business days for Paper Check refunds.

                                                                        For example: 20150502 should get a DDD of 2/6 (four days later). 20150503 will get a WMR update tonight with a DDD for Monday 2/9.

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                                                                          How can I find my submission id, (it has a cycle code in the middle with 6 digits which tells you what cycle your return will be processed on)

                                                                          Filed 1/22 with Turbo Tax and black account script with Feb 1th listed
                                                                          My prior two year transcript codes end on 05

                                                                          Please help..

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                                                                            Thank you for the information. There are two types of cycle dates. There are acceptance cycle dates, and approval/deposit cycle dates. When you file you are given a submission id, it has a cycle code in the middle with 6 digits which tells you what cycle your return will be processed on. There is a chart for this information on the irs website. The approval/deposit cycle date is the one you are referring to that is given on the transcript once the return has been processed.

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                                                                              It seems many of you misunderstand cycle codes. Cycle codes consist of 8 digits. NOT 6. 20150503 for example would mean cycle 05 and day 03 (tuesday). No one should be seeing a cycle code of 201501 or 201502 or 201503 as they are the dead cycles. Again, It’s the MIDDLE number that references cycle, NOT the last 2.

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                                                                                Most of use on this forum used TaxAct. They give you a submission id when you file and when you check the status on their page. The cycle code is in the middle of that number. Mine was 201502, the other dead cycle codes are 201501, 201503.

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                                                                                  Yes I am thinking at some point in the day they switch over to the automatic acceptance, or maybe it is just certain tax companies who use this method. It is funny because years ago I had problems with TurboTax so for the past 3-4 years I have used TaxAct, last year and this year it seems to be giving me problems so maybe I will go back to TurboTax. I debated it the day before I filed and even set up my account again with TT, but I decided to go with TA. lol figures

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                                                                                    How do you know what cycle you’re in?

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                                                                                      I did file pretty late about 10 Ish (w/taxact) and I was instantly accepted. Like clicked on it chexk my email and it was already in my in box.

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                                                                                        OK I used TaxAct (accepted 1/20) and I have 201502. My WMR bars/amount disappeared yesterday. My fiancé filed/accepted also on 1/20 with TT and he has paper check mail date. I am thinking I’m not going to use TaxAct anymore…

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                                                                                          I was also just thinking, perhaps you get a dead cycle code when you submit later in the day. I know I saw some people saying that if you file at 11AM it goes towards the next day’s batch, but I filed really late at night. So maybe if you file after the end of the business day? Anybody else file after 11AM or later in the evening?

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                                                                                            Yes that is the same information I read from the IRS site when I was looking for a definition for the dead cycle. It really doesn’t give you much of one. The idea that I gathered from it is that basically a dead cycle is either when you file too early or it is given when they know you didn’t make any errors (otherwise it would alert you) and they are sure it will get accepted. So it’s like automatic acceptance. I see people using TurboTax have to wait a few hours-days to get acceptance alerts. Therefore, I can conclude they are no using automatic acceptance. It is pretty silly, I guess it is just a tactic TaxAct uses to make people think they are getting their money faster.

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                                                                                              @denise – I am beginning to see that trend. It happened to me last year as well.

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                                                                                                Crap I’m in the same boat and I filed with tax act on 1/29 …. Ok seems tax act is giving out lots of dead cycles

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                                                                                                  Dead Cycles – A Week Counter

                                                                                                  Definition- ECC-MTB Posting Cycles during which MASTER FILE postings do not occur.

                                                                                                  No data is lost. The delay in posting is solely related to start-up for the yearly changes to the Master Files.

                                                                                                  For BMF, there are two dead cycles each year. For 2015, they are ECC-MTB Posting Cycles 201501 and 201502. BMF transactions that are sent from the campus locations during GMF Campus Production Cycles 201501, 201502, and 201503 will attempt to post to the BMF during ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201503.

                                                                                                  For IMF, there are three dead cycles each year. For 2015, they are ECC-MTB Posting Cycles 201501, 201502, and 201503. IMF transactions that are sent from the campus locations during GMF Campus Production Cycles 201501, 201502, 201503, and 201504 will attempt to post to the IMF during ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504.

                                                                                                  Most campus processing can continue during the dead cycles. Just as with Accelerated Cycles, the majority of the impact is on Master File processing at ECC-MTB.

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                                                                                                    I also have the dead cycle code and used TaxAct filing on 1/28. What exactly does all that mean.

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                                                                                                      I can’t make head nor tails of those charts

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                                                                                                        Try the status page…


                                                                                                        I used TaxAct and when I check that it shows my submission ID, you might have to click on details (if TT has that option)

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                                                                                                          Same here filed and accepted 01/29 nothing but wage transcript and it says nothing. I logged back into TT and could not find a code…

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                                                                                                            I hope we see updates tonight/tomorrow morning. It is very frustrating, especially with new forms that are required. It makes you wonder if you missed something. I have already read about people who are delayed, but don’t know until they call, but I don’t want to call and say “I can’t see anything at all” because I’m afraid I will jinx myself lol

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                                                                                                              Ok… I will check it and let u kniw what mine says.

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                                                                                                                My submission code is on TaxAct when I check the status. Everyone has some type of submission/confirmation code when they complete their filing no matter what you use. If you went to someone to do it they should have given you some confirmation paperwork. If you did it online just log back in and look at the confirmation or status and you should see it. It’s a pretty long number.

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                                                                                                                  I’m right there with u. Accepted on 1/25… All transcripts say N/A besides wage… But nothing is on wage :(

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                                                                                                                    How do u find that submission code?

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