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      What was your response?

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          Kind of why I dont want to call and be disrespected. Most of us usually call with a nice tone to get them to say anything then they turn around and be mean lol

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            I spoke to them today in regards to me having to fax 1095A and form 8962. Sent the faxes in Monday and just wanted to call to see if it had been received. The very rude rep asked no info and just said it would take 6-8 weeks and not to call back until the middle of March. I already knew that it would take that time period if mailed in for return to be finished I just wanted to know if the fax was received.

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              Well I was told to call for identity verification on transcript page

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                @Belinda. I havent had time to call. I am a victim of Identity theft in 2010 so because of that I now cant see my transcripts online. When i request them through mail, it is not available. I filed 1/27 and accepted same day. What gives?? Im going to call tomorrow to see what they say.

                @Pagels. Im suprised that they looked up your account, usually they give that 21 day mess.

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                  I spoke with them yesterday because I got a message when trying to read my transcripts. I got the “call our fraud protection line” thing and of course freaked out. The woman I spoke with said the message came up because I answered a question wrong during the process and it flagged me. I was also told it would take 14 days for a transcript and 21 days for my refund to post to my account. Honestly I’m not sure what’s going on with the IRS. Unless I am a fraud suspect or victim do not give me a message to call you about fraud. Couldn’t you simply says “Your answers do not match what is on file” ?
                  Anyway I don’t mind the wait. My refund was accepted on 1/22, my bar has been gone for about 4 days and my husbands bar hasn’t moved from the start. I doubt I’ll be seeing it this week. Good luck everyone :)

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                    That my acceptance date changed from the 29th to the 2nd.. :/

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