Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    Where’s MY money…
    They kill me with wit 45 days.. we don’t tell them to wait 45 days for they taxes out of our checks! If we did it would hell.
    Feb 15 bars went away.. I was like let me be cool.. so I wait until today I call and get told I’m under review.. It will be 45 days from Feb 15…. So it’s looking like April 2..
    Then she tells me to keep checking WMR..

    Well I was still pissed called back to see if I was getting a letter or anything this woman tells me it’s going to be 45 days from March 5.. HOLD THE HECK IP.. why?! I asked she gets smart and tells me that I just need to wait.. I wanted to say I’m pretty sure you didn’t wait! Why they so rude.

    Well I guess 3rd time is a charm.. this woman tells me it’s in review 45 days from Feb 15 just check daily.. could get refund any day .. it could just take up to 45 days.. I told her about the other lady she said she made a mistake that it shows 2 different dates. Makes me wonder if I will get it on March 5..
    I hope we all get our money we all have worked very hard for…



    And the (*&$%_*(@#&%_(*#$( system hung up on me after 2 hours and nearly 15 minutes waiting. 6 freaking hours on the (*&%#(*&#$(*&#$)(*@#)($*# phone with ZERO resolution. In the meantime my rent is due in a few days, my car is broken down and I can’t work because I am an Uber driver and no car means no work. I need the refund to work. Almost 30 days with no income now. Can’t make my car payment, can’t pay my phone, utilities and these idiots can’t even tell me why my refund has been sitting in limbo. WMR better update for me tonight…I’m FURIOUS. Give me my damn money! Ugghhhh



    Still sitting on that second long hold… 1 hour and 59 minutes later. This is complete and utter BS…



    so i filled on 2/1, accepted same day, and about two weeks ago my bars disappeared and i got the refund is still being processed notice. i just called the irs, they said that theres nothing wrong with my refund, but because of the eic it is just taking longer and hopefully should be deposited by march 5th.. fingers crossed? sound like anybody elses situation?



    I filed with TurboTax on February 2nd, and my refund was received the same day. However, it’s still processing and it does not have a code of any sort. I did claim the EIC and Child Tax Credit. Any idea on an update of any sort? Running out of patience here.



    I used Turbo Tax self-employed since I do Uber and got to use it for free. I filed on 2/1 and was accepted on 2/1. Initially I had one bar and tax topic 152 with my info on the side. Then on the 17th or 18th my bars and tax topic 152 went away and I got the still processing a refund date will be provided when available message. I’ve been there ever since with no updates.

    I called IRS yesterday and first the person said she couldn’t see anything wrong and said EICs are being processed the next day (today) and that I “might” get a letter or something but she wasn’t sure and to call back tomorrow if I didn’t update.

    Still no updates or DD 26 days later so I called the Tax Advocate line because I have an emergency situation where I really need the refund ASAP. They are referring me but I have to be transferred while I sit on hold. I was literally on hold for two and a half hours when the system booted me and cycled me to the wrong place. Another 30 minutes to be told I had to call the advocate line again. Did that and was put on a 15 minute hold only to be told they are transferring again. That was 30 minutes ago. Between talking and being on hold it has been over FOUR hours and I still don’t know a damn thing more than I did when I started other than they don’t see any reason why my return is stuck in limbo. Great…



    Files 1/30/18 accepted 1/31/18 have EIC CTC etc. called IRS today. They told me nothing wrong on my end. Just Folks that claimed extra credits are getting reviews. She said I should wait another 21 days.



    I am in the same boat. I guess the upshot is, when it comes to the IRS do NOT count on getting your money at a certain time. This has never happened to me and I assumed I would get my refund early this month. Now I’m reading stories about people not getting it until summer time. They can do whatever they damn well please I suppose!



    I agree this is crazy I just posted about this!!



    I have filed and was accepted on the 9th of February and have been sitting limbo ever since. IRS is unable and declines to tell me anything. This is going on with numerous people. Many, who have filed EIC and many who has not. The best exciyse the IRS has is this Path Act that has been put into place. This Path Act that doesn’t appear to be exclusive to everyone that has EARN INCOME CREDIT/ADDITIONAL. I say this because plenty of people who has this EIC has received their tax refunds, so this just seems random.

    And now we’re hearing of IRS telling those they have 45 more days to receive their income. Or letters sent out that could arrive in 9 week, for some, 30 days…..BASICALLY, WHENEVER THEY GET TO IT!

    This is negligence on their part, disregard for money we’ve earned as tax paying citizens, and they are treating us like second class citizens that are granted some sort of charity, which is not the case.

    I’d like to make this public, via CNN or HLN. But we must do this together. Flood them with our stories and our complaints, and put IRS on the STAND to expedite their process for the sake of government and American decency to its citizens.



    I was accepted on January 29th, I applied for my refund on the 27th. When I called I was told I was under review, that starts on February 15th and it could take up to 45 days smh



    Still being processed. I don’t know what to do…


    Abby G

    Does anyone know the number to contact a tax advocate?


    Abby G

    Just received that horrible IRS letter – 4464C – The bar disappeared on the 22nd and the date of the letter is the 22nd. No idea when we will get our refund now. Does anyone know if they count the weekends as days as well or is just business days. Our letter says 60 days. OMG.



    A 4464c letter is a letter stating that you’re under review.



    What is a 4464c letter



    Mine was accepted Jan 19th, called it’s today. Said I’ll be getting a 4464c letter but said they have no clue why. Of course they know why. But I don’t. Anyone know what that means?



    I filed January 29th – EIC. Been “still processing” for weeks now. Under 45 day review I was told. Was hoping I would see some kind of change today as I heard the 27th was the day they would start processing EIC refunds, although I know people who got theirs last week.. Still processing. This feels hopeless.



    I thought I was all along in my situation… Blessings be to all. Because we need our money



    I filed January 29th, had the same one red bar saying that it had been received. Since the 15th, there are no more bars, and I have the “still processing” message of death. I am a grad student with EITC, other than that there’s nothing funky about my form. I called last week on the 21st, and finally got through to someone who said that since the 15th its being held for review. The lady was nice, but told me that it could be another 45 days, even though she didn’t see anything suspicious about my return.She also said it could show up on the 27th (today). Negatory. I was hoping this would help cover my rent for March, but I guess I’m screwed.



    I filed on 2/5 my refund was accepted same day. I had one bar showing refund was accepted. But I checked this weekend and now the bar is gone and it is showing that it is still being processed. Plus I got locked out for “exceeding the daily attempts” WTH…. :( just my luck. I tried calling IRS yesterday but was on hold for a long time and I could not keep holding. I will try calling today and see what the status is.



    i filed Jan. 30 2018. i was accepted Feb.1 it is now the 27th i havent recieved my income tax yet. i claimed my fiance and his kids. i dont know what is going on. i need answers. waiting on the phone to talk to someone from irs. this is insane it has never taken this long.


    Stuck on 1 now none

    I filed on 2/2 accepted same day Free tax USA
    stayed on 1bar til 2/19
    woke up to still being processed with all my info on side and tt152 haven’t moved since I do have eic I file the same way every year for the past 5 years never had to wait so long I dont want to call because that seems to be rocking the boat but I’m past my 21 days and this year my refund is needed.. so over it😠



    And what’s kind of funny, is I received my state refund on 01/31 already. But Federal is going nowhere. State won’t release refunds unless the Federal return is processed and approved. So what is the hold up? Also, I feel horrible because I have to now tell my 7 year old daughter that we are not going to the indoor water park/hotel this weekend. She has been waiting patiently for 6 weeks. She has only been to a hotel once, but she was too young to remember it. We don’t go many places, usually it’s just camping if we do, but that’s been years too. So this was a big deal to all of us. We all really needed it, it’s been very stressful and difficult. I can wait till tomorrow, but it nothing, I will have to cancel the reservations. I also will cancel my vacation at work and just go to work. What’s the point of wasting my vacation if we aren’t going. I can’t believe the govt is doing this to it’s people. Most people that work very hard, every day, but still depend on their refunds to get caught up on bills, buy necessities that they go with out all year because everything goes to bills and other expenses. And get to maybe do that one little fun thing as a family that one time for the year.



    I filed on 1/11
    IRS accepted on 1/22
    But when I look on HR block site my tax documents show file date of 2/20. I had the first bar for the first week after it was accepted but now just the “your return is being processed and refund date will be updated” it shows my filing status and refund amount of the side of WMR. Driving me crazy waiting for this DDD. I know last year I had all the same credits and exemptions and only a little more income this year and I got my refund at end of February last year. Hoping for WMR to update with my DDD soon!!!



    @frustratedinWI I am dealing with a very similar situation. Filed and accepted on 1/24, WMR had one bar for the first week then it just disappeared but on the right side my SS and Refund Amount is still there. The same processing message every day but I haven’t called IRS yet.

    I will be sure to update if anything changes, please do the same.



    I am in the same boat. I filed on 01/18, was accepted the same day. Since 02/17, sitting at a “still being processed” message. No tax topic, no codes. Refund amount on the side. I haven’t yet tried calling the IRS, I have been trying to just give it some time. But let me tell you, I have never had a delay such as this. I have been filing my own taxes for almost 20 years, and it’s always has been a very quick process, no delays, no issues. I have had no changes in the way I file or my information I use for filing, that could possibly send up any “red flags” in their system. Even my employment is the same, bank, everything. I personally believe there is a lot going on over there that they are not being honest with, and all of this is just a stall tactic, most of it is BS I believe, giving them more time for whatever reason. I think they are making people jump through hoops and probably for nothing more than more than giving them more time. I refuse to play into that at this point. I will give it the remainder of the week before I call. This is absolutely ridiculous though!



    Filed 2/6
    Education credits and ACTC – no EIC

    I had the same issue – all bars disappeared and no amount on the left for a long while. Then the amount updated but still said processing.

    Then TODAY (2/27) my transcripts updated. They were blank yesterday.

    I can see everything as well as code 846 Refund issued.

    The date by the 846 says 03-02-2018
    The cycle is 20180902 – Makes sense I am a weekly. That means the refund should have been issued yesterday Monday the 26th. I have USAA, had no funds taken out, and should have seen my deposit a day early. Nope, nothing in there this morning.


    Renaye B

    File early 1/29 no codes still saying still processing.
    What is going on don’t want to call because I’m not trying to get red 🚩


    where that money

    @ericka this proves my point they hire people to work in a call center to answer the phone – no one knows anything so the facts should be posted on our status (wheres my refund) so each person knows exactly what is going on, no guessing.



    My wife and I filed joint on Feb 2nd. We have two dependents and have filed every year without incident. I have an older daughter (19) who filed taxes for the first time this year and a (22) year older daughter who filed for the 3rd time. Here’s my issue: My 19 year old has been received, approved and taxes received last week. My 22 year old and my wife and I still no WMR bars and are getting the still processing message. The unique thing is my 22 year old got a letter already from the irs where we had to amend her tax return due to some health insurance concerns but we have not received a letter, no nothing! I called the IRS and they said they do not see any issues and it is still being processed. Thought money would be here in time for rent, boy was I sadly mistaken! WTH Uncle Sam.


    where that money

    27th good morning empty bank account. I just dont understand if there is going to be a hold or what ever the issue why not put that on our status update. Why make us sit here checking the site or call the 800# and get different answers. Just give the facts. SO ANNOYED!!!!


    Shannon M Skeffington

    We filed with Turbotax on Feb 1st 2018. Said it was accepted by the IRS on Feb 2nd. Return date was Feb 22nd. After the 22nd I called the IRS,, spoke to a lady and she stated the return was accepted on the 5th and it will hit our account on the 26th. It is now the 27th of Feb, no deposit or pending amount. I have checked the “where’s my refund” and it just says “still being processed and we will give a date when available”

    This is insanity to me because we have never had any issues with filing or receiving our return fairly fast and on the date provided. The entire thing is a joke. Literally a joke. They can always f&ck us around but you better believe if you mess something up, they will come take all you’ve worked for, and be quick about it.


    Sarah Conner

    My refund says it’s being processed


    Still waiting

    Filed on 2/15
    Accepted on the same day

    I was told the my return redistributed and was actually being processed on 2/20. My son and I filed at the same time and he is getting his 2/28. I do have EIC but I was able to order my transcript with no problem… Geez this is crazy



    I received the letter 4464c on Feb 7 so I went back and reviewed my taxes on Turbo Tax and seen where I made the mistake of putting an xtra 1 in my fed tax withholding so I know where I made the mistake. I contacted a tax law person who told me that the IRS is used to math errors and will correct the issue and send out the right refund amount. He also said that because I claim my kids that it could very well be that they randomly selected my return and tgat they did not detect the error. Still very frustrating. He told me to wait until after the 28th to call the IRS. Any one else make a math mistake and get thier refund yet?



    Also have not been able to order transcripts



    Filed 1/19 Accepted 1/23 had the still processing message with refund amount no tax topic since end of January just got ID verify letter today



    What did your letter say



    Still processing tc152
    Filed 1/30
    Acceted 1/ 30
    Spoke to irs additional review wait 45 days from 2/14
    Transcript came today with cycle 20180705 3/5/2018
    150 tax return filed
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding
    766 credit to your acct
    768 earned income credit
    570 additiinal acct action needed
    TODAY-spoke to irs again and was told there are no letters, no one reviewing my return, and to allow 45 Days from 2/21….. get home and I have LTR 4464C in the mail dated 2/23 stating my return was selected for review.



    Ok, I got some clarity in my conversation with the IRS and HRBlock today…so if you filed with HRB early… here’s a snipped of the note I got:

    “Your return includes Schedule A: Itemized Deductions and included medical expenses.”


    “Your return is in “pending” status and hasn’t been rejected by the IRS. Congress recently lowered the threshold for the medical expense deduction from 10% of your AGI to 7.5%, which means you might be able to get a bigger refund (or owe less tax) this year. So, we’re holding your return until the IRS updates its system.

    Once the IRS updates its system to reflect the lower threshold, we’ll email you again with instructions on how to file again to take advantage of these changes. Please wait until you hear from us — you won’t be able to e-file again until IRS system changes have been made. ”

    So per the IRS rep I got today, my return was manually entered despite filing on 1/25 and being accepted on 1/25, my filing date with HRB is 2/19/2018.

    I was told to allow 6 weeks from the 1/25 date which would be 3/12 and I should have my refund by then.

    I believe as the email states some early filers whose forms didn’t update to the new calculations are having to be manually processed. Hence, filers that filed and were accepted after us early filers have already gotten their refunds.

    So in a week I should know something, hopefully. Probably most of us will…



    @Rosebud the second time you called …when told that you’re getting your refund …did he mention If you’re being reviewed by them ?

    Seems like me and you getting the run around



    So same “still being processed a date will be given bla bla

    Called today was told 45 days from the 15th

    Had to basically press her about why she said don’t worry it’s random and was flagged because …it was random lol

    I find this so funny

    Then she sounded so sure that it was a letter sent out but then when I asked a letter about what …the reason ..she goes oh I don’t know but if you do get the letter .

    These are all tactics to stall

    She then goes not 45 days but could be sooner doesn’t mean nothing is wrong .

    And If it does take 45 days April 1 …April 2nd is when my refund is given..or if not call

    Lmaooooo I can’t with these reps they really don’t know wtf to say


    Chrystal Jackson

    Hello, im in the same boat. I jave the same message and i also had it last year as well. Last year inwas put under review, i had to prove my daughter my employment and my head of house hold status. I kept gettinh the run around so i finally got a tax advocate to help me around the end of June. I finally got my taxes Aug 26th of last year.

    So i called today to ses what the problem is this year and i was told that wmr should update tomorrow and if i see no change to call back on Wednesday. Then i can find out what is going on or if im under review.



    I filed 1/30 accepted same day. One bar went missing 2/18 with processing message. Still no changes . Called irs today and lady said anyone who claimed eitc or actc refunds were being held until tomorrow 2/27 which was a lie. I know a lot of people who claimed those credits already got their money last week and filed way after I did. I’m not under review , no letters were sent out. So I’m just waiting it out. I’ll post if anything updates tomorrow or this week.



    Filed and accepted on 2/4 had one bar until 2/18 now it’s saying still processing a refund date will be provided when available… then it has my last four of social and my filing status.



    Oh, and I’d also like to add that they’ve selected random people to hold for review. I’d think it’d make sense to review people who are getting over at least $5k back in taxes.

    I have a flight to catch tomorrow, and I filed my taxes early in hopes of having the funds in time for what I need to do. Very frustrating…

    Anyway, I hope our refunds are delivered to us soon!



    I filed 2/3.
    Accepted 2/3.

    I’ve been getting the same message as everyone else.
    Refund is still being processed, date will be provided when available, TT152, blaahh.
    I’ve had that message since the 2/3! Nothing’s changed. Not once. Never had any bars.

    So today I contacted the IRS as it’s been over 21 days. I was told that my refund is under review. Of course it is! (eyeroll). So I was given the 45 day run around as well. The representative I spoke with seemed to stumble on his words. He started to tell me I should receive a letter in the mail and to call back in 45 days if I don’t get it. No further info.

    So I called back today to see if I would get a more info from someone else. I had no idea when the 45 days started or ended! So the next agent I spoke with informed me that I should receive my refund by March 31st, and if not to call back. GEEZ!

    This is the first time this has happened to me and it’s really making my fiscal situation worse…



    I think the IRS is BS. Us
    Called last week cause I was still processing. Rude young girl said they want going to look at my review till 3/5
    Call today a nice guy told me they started reviewing it on Feb 15.
    I was accepted on Jan 29.
    I think there just. Telling us something
    To delay us. I haven’t got any letters. Or. Codes on my war. Wtf. In a waitress and have been seeing alto of people with kids including my sister already get threes. Back



    Filed and accepted Feb 1st… Had one bar… Then updated to still being processed code 152… Hasn’t changed

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