Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    Update: My WMR finally updated on Saturday August 18 stating that my refund would be mailed on August 24th instead of deposited into my account. Problem is, I moved and didn’t bother to tell them I moved cause I thought it was going to just deposit into my account. Luckily, I may have access to my old place. I literally almost lost hope in ever receiving my refund. I’ll keep you guys posted if im able to access my old mailbox!

    Basically my story is they said my income didnt “Match up” after waiting 4-5 months for an answer why i haven’t gotten my refund. I they sent me a letter asking for proof of income. after about 6-8 weeks my refund was released and they took off a few hundred from what i claimed.

    anyway good luck everyone…..

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    Marty B

    I called this morning again, was told to call back on 9/15 if not heard anything as this form of referral I have doesn’t take the full 60 days and it actually speeds up the process.

    I’m sure I too, will have to amend. I may as well go ahead and do it honestly. But idk if I can or not without them telling me to??

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    Whoa, beyond baffled! :(

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    @Nope & Marty: My former & now defunct employer sent in my W2 with a 6K car allowance as income, which it’s not. I use my own vehicle and can’t claim the mileage. Welp…. once I caught the mistake it was too late as there’s no one to contact to fix it. So the IRS thinks I made another 6K which I didn’t. So I’m amending to count the 6K and loose about 3K of our refund, just to push this damn thing through as my wife’s small business desperately needs the influx of cash. Bye the way… the TA’s are also IRS Agents, that departmental was congresses way of having them self-police themselves. Thru this whole mess, the IRS told me not to amend, just wait, which in fact was wrong the whole time! Six months wasted for nothing!

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    I too was finally told to do an amendment 6 months later I just hope I get paid interest on top of my refund and hoping it doesn’t take 8 more weeks . Beyond me why they couldn’t had made the adjustment months ago

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    Marty B

    I’m calling them this morning again myself. This is horse shit!

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    Wow, Spooky, that’s wild! I’ve been following your saga and I’m so sorry you’ve been given the runaround for so long. I didn’t file until April, so while the past few months have been frustrating, at least I haven’t been waiting ALL DAMN YEAR like a lot of you on here.

    I called in yesterday morning after my second 60 day wait (referral) was up with no refund/update. The representative at the call center said I qualified for a TA even though I don’t have a hardship. (Although I’m in my early 20s and live paycheck to paycheck, so this refund would certainly help me feel more secure! A flat tire could ruin me at this point.) Like a few have said previously, apparently once the IRS “breaks their promise” to contact you after so many times, you qualify. Anyway, the representative said they forwarded my info to a TA that would call me within 5 business days. Nothing yet, but it’s only been a day and a half (and the first half day probably doesn’t count as part of the 5 days).

    Do you think the representative really forwarded my info, or will I have to hunt down a TA myself? I’m paranoid I won’t be getting a call within the 5-day window, since I’ve been told the IRS would contact me within X days twice now, but haven’t heard anything back within the timeframe. In fact, I haven’t received any communication from the IRS since the initial 4464C letter. I’ve had to track them down to learn anything.

    \When will the madness end? (Spring 2019, apparently?)

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    Marty B

    I mean are they telling you what to amend exactly??

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    Marty B

    Wow Spooky!!!! Crazy shit!!!!! Why do they want you to amend it for???? And do they scan amended returns and not scan what they have so far?!!?

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    Update: Soooo after all of this, I now qualify for a TA due to our small business loss last year, and now they want us to amend our return. If we don’t, I’ve been told by the TA that we are looking at our refund probably next spring, at best. If we amend, it could be another 8 weeks, but could be only 3-4 once the idiots scan in the amended return. I asked why they didn’t want us to do this back in March, Answer: So they could continue to stall and not process the refund. Unreal!

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    @Marty B I think the next excuse is that it wasn’t sent the first time, or now it’s held in accounting and that they may request more info. It’s honestly too damn funny now that there getting away with this.

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    Marty B

    Someone refresh my memory, what excuse follows the 60 day referral???

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    Marty B

    I had to call them for them to send the referral. And I heard all about how that department is way behind. What a crock of shit!

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    Marty B

    Well guys an UPDATE! And much like we all knew, they sent a referral for my refund to be released and will take up to another 60 days!!!!!!!

    Jesus Christ!

    I totally saw this happening!!!

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    @ Marty It’s very apparent that they “false positive” more pulled returns just to appease the Fedaral reserve, whom they answer to, then to have the people in place to handle this. Corrupt would be the first thing I can think of. Beyond illegal would be the second. I’m going to post tomorrow the complaint guides to go to the Federal Reserve and hope everyone still stuck here uses there voices to let them know what complete BS the IRS is doing.

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    Marty B

    Update for me : nothing! Not a letter! And I haven’t even bothered to make time to call them yet! Same bullshit.
    I’ll try to call them in the morning and post whatever lie I’ll get here. Best of luck to all of us!

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    Here’s the update on mine. I heard from my TA and he said that the person that is working on my has been on vacation. So I’m guessing they have a limited number of people working now. The IRS has proven to me that they are really worthless and that they can do whatever they feel with our money. It’s sad that they can take a vacay but not process our returns so that we can get our money

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    @Jeannine Sorry for your loss. That makes perfect sense now, they pulled too many returns by picking on early Turbo TA users just to make the Federal Reserve happy while lacking the employees to handle them. So now there using every stall tactic just to give themselves more time. So in trying to look good and save there own pathetic jobs, we pay the price by lack of our own money. I continue to write anyone in government that I can over this and the Ferdal Attory is going to be next. None of this getting lied to is right.

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    Well I filed in Jan with turbo tax , called a few times was told do nothing but wait , got the under review letter wait … so I finally got a letter saying send in some stuff but I lost it , my daughter in law passed away , in the mean time I tried to call a few times .. finally got thro was then connected to the examantion dept she checked out a few things told me I had to verify my income and that my son lived with me he’s 23 .. I’ve filed the same way for yrs my income don’t change .. but I did as she said ….. BUT she told me they are so far behind that AFTER they get it that it’s be ATLEAST 6 months before someone would even look at it .. smh

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    @Nope At times they will claim its only business days that they count. (What a joke!). I called again just to make sure my referral went to the IV dept. last Friday and that someone didn’t “forget” yet again. So now I have another 59 Days to wait. They said if bye then, we still don’t have it, then they can forward me to a TA. As if a TA that answers to the IRS would change things! Only department that self polices itself!

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    In fact it’s been 61 days!

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    Thanks, Spooky, that did the trick! They told me my 60 days weren’t up yet, but it’s been 60 days!!! I feel like I’m going crazy…

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    @ Nope Nope Nope Call: 800-829-0582, Then pick #1 for English, then when asked, put in extension 652. Behold: you will still wait but get a live person. Be ready with all your info as they will ask the usual questions. My referral was sent last Friday to the IVO department, They have until October 10 now. Might also send a complaint into the Treasury Inspector General as that’s who the IRS answers too. Good luck!

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    Hey everyone. I’m in the same boat as a lot of you. Tax return accepted early April, received a letter to wait 60 days, heard/received nothing back so I called the IRS and was told to allow another 60 days, and lo and behold the second 60 days has come and gone with no refund and no communication from the IRS. I tried calling the IRS (~7:30am local time) using the same phone # I used a few months ago, but it seems like their menu has changed. I tried following the procedure given at this link (which totally worked for me before),

    but there are now only two options: one for refunds and one for ordering a transcript, both of which send you to automated phone lines.

    Is there even a way to talk to a live human at the IRS anymore???

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    Marty B

    Spooky, get the lube ready! We both gonna be needing it!

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    Marty B

    Myself, like all of you, I’m being bent over and jabbed in the a$$!

    After everything I been through, my deadline once again was August 11th. Here we are, waiting to see if WMR updates as it’s stayed the same since march! If not then I call on Monday for all the same old shit. This time they were put in a whatever to release the funds. That takes ANOTHER 60 days to process! A huge bunch of shit!

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    @Shay…. I honestly feel the same way! I’m thinking it won’t be until next year I see my refund. After doing my second ID verify, I’m now told they didn’t send the referral to realease the funds! Duh! Now it’s sitting at the IV dept. Yet another stupid mistake and onto another 60 day hold. The IRS should be broken up completely. These folks could honestly care less if we ever get our refunds!

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    I am beginning to wonder who are the TA’s really working for. Is it the tax payers or the irs. Every time I receive a letter mine is telling me that he was unable to reach me by phone. The problem is I answer all of my calls. I give up at this point. I am starting to realize that I may never receive a refund this year.

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    I filed in february. By mid March I heard nothing so I called, she said I received a letter, I said no I did not, which is why I’m calling mam, her response was oh well within the next 8-10 I would receive a letter requesting to verify. I did. I complied. By 6/20 I was verified. Here is August and I have not heard a word yet again and my wmr says “still being processed”. Turbo tax is wanting their payment. I’m in serious need of a car because my son starts school this week and I have no transportation to comply with our school on required documentation/immunizations/ etc…etc…I mean why these folks playing with a single moms money.

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    @ All: Waiting since January, 45 day wait, then magically 60. Another 60 then ID verify in person, that didn’t count. ID over the phone, then another 9 weeks. Told if by then no refund, grab a TA then fight it. At this point I could honestly care less. Biggest unethical bunch of J-Asses I’ve ever spoken to. Something about all of this has to be against our laws but who to complain to?!? I’ll File in five months yet again, and still no damn answers or refund. I honestly quit at this point.

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    Khawla Khalifa

    Still nothing..Been waiting since Feb! Hope they pay interest for the 6 months of waiting for our return. :(

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    I’m supposedly waiting on a TA to call me smh she was scheduled to call me the 26th of July I’ve left several messages still no returned called I think imma jus give up it’s been since February

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    @ Craig, same thing I was thinking, how much this interest is costing! Last time I called, the guy said it was “only” week three out of nine. I reminded him that I’ve been waiting “Only” six damn months for my money! I honestly don’t see us getting anything until December, if at all. None of any of this makes any sense. Either there really short on money, they are trying to make themselves look good to the fed, there that damn stupid or all of the above.

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    I got a letter requesting evidence from a t.a. and says hopefully by the end of October it should be resolved. Then again she does work for the irs so I’ll take her word as far as u can throw it huh?

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    nothing new here either. it will be 6 months since I filed in 2 days.

    I find it funny that the IRS can pay interest on all of the returns that are just sitting somewhere just to appease the FED. Maybe 10% of the flagged returns end up fraudulent and I might be exaggerating it. so imagine the IRS paying $100 on average to say one million returns. That’s $100,000,000…. I think the actual numbers are higher but still. If anyone is defrauding the government, it’s the FED.

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    Marty B

    Nothing new to report. Same shit. Best of luck everyone!

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    @tammy yep’ these guys “working” our returns could care less. We filed in January, 45 day turned magically to 60 day, bad ID verify,another 60 days, then another ID Verify and another 9 weeks. Insanity! Welcome to the IRS, where no one cares that they owe you money, until you owe them. Then it’s days before they take it from you! Unreal!

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    Tammy Jelks

    Sorry wrong date…Its been since 4/17 and the letter I received said they should be done by October 24th….That sucks!!!!!!!!

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    Tammy Jelks

    I filed 1/26 and I was rejected on 1/29 U had to mail in return. They received my forms on 3/16 my bar moved and on 3/20 and said received and being processed…On 3/23/ I checked for update and it said that I was flagged for review..I send forms that they wanted and I have been in review since 2/17 and still no updayes…Sad

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    @Chris…. Congrats man! Enjoy the money! Hopeful none of us repeat this next year.

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    For those still waiting when the end finally comes – I received my return today (overnight on schedule with when my transcripts said it would). WMR didn’t update to show that the refund was sent. Probably won’t until this Saturday I feel.

    Good luck to the rest of you waiting, hope you don’t have much longer!

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    @londybaby @spookyrides

    When I initially called them back in May, the lady who put in a referral for my funds to be released said that the ID department would call me if they needed further verification. But they never did.

    I even asked “well don’t you normally tell people that the IRS doesn’t call – it’s all via mail? Especially with fraud and scams running amock?” She said she knew it sounded weird. I’m kind of glad they never called because I don’t know if I would have felt calm giving that sort of sensitive data over the phone.

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    Marty B

    Not been here in few days. Frustrated. But as I see by all the comments and other posts absolutely nothing has changed for anyone. The folks losing their homes and cars should all file a class action lawsuit against the IRS.

    I’m blessed enough not to have to rely on mine but I know plenty of folks that do. This is a horrible situation for many and I’m absolutely pissed off myself.

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    That’s what the last rep told me that I would receive a call within 7 days😩

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    @LondyBaby I’ve never heard of them calling anyone about anything. Usually it’s just the letters that they sometimes actually send out. Never want to go thru this BS ever again.

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    Anybody waiting on a call after both 60 days are up and whatbwas the outcome I filed and was accepted February 2nd they never sent out the verification letter I was told I was waitin on 2 months ago the rep told me she doesn’t even see it being sent out and now I’m just waitin on this call which hopefully is just a call to say they are releasing my damn money

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    Marty B

    This year just absolutely sucks ass!

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    I filed Feb 16 and was accepted same day. Then got the 60 review letter about 4 weeks after filing.. waited 60 days from the date on the letter which was March 26 called the irs because we haven’t received any info or $… the lady said she would put in a referral to release funds or notify and to give it 60 days… waited about 60 days then my husband called and the lady told him that she would put a note in our account and refer him to a t.a because we had already waited after the 60 day referral which breaks their promise or something so even though we don’t have a hardship we should qualify for a t.a. and to give it 5 days for the t.a. to call… guess who still don’t have our refund, a t.a. or any info… this lady right here… wmr and transcripts haven’t updated with anything either…

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    It’s just after midnight – can confirm that my bars have appeared.

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    @Marty B, yep my brotah’ our 45 day with the phantom notice never received. Guess I’m stupid as I wasted more time today and called. My ID verification has been closed out, no new notices or codes added, dud said I’m in week 3of 9 now (I count it as week 4) but whatever. Much like yourself, I’ll be Christmas shopping bye the time I see anything!

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