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Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    Second time

    I called irs yesterday the lady was nice but after looking into my account said notting it’s just processed give it time so today I called my local tax advocate he told there was hold code that pending release so should have my money soon I hope but it u are over 21 days called your local tax advocate they will help u more then irs c r s


    Same here @SMB18


    Me :(


    got my transcript it says received date april 15 2018
    cycle 20180705

    No codes listed? HELP! :(


    WWR its says its still processing no topic just my refund amount on the side. I received a letter from the ICO rejects team on 2-6 asking for a 8962 and 1095-a I faxed that info on 2-14 then called on 2-21 to see if they received my faxed. No One would give me any info just kept telling me that its still being process and it takes 6-8 week. Have anyone experiencing this in the past if so how long was the process and when did you finally get your return?


    update got a ddd of 2/26/18 from wmr site at 336 this morning!


    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4 (minutes later)

    No Path
    Still on the first bar since then…

    Tax Topic 152
    On the left side
    Filing status
    Refund amount
    Hoping for an update soon..


    ‭(800) 829-0922‬ This is the number I dialed.

    Hey There

    I’m on the same boat. Anyone knows a quick way to get a live IRS agent? I would appreciate it. I tried 5 times, and 5 times was a failure. Got disconnected by the dang robot.



    I called today, rep only asked if I was the one who filed the return I told her yes and she said that’s all they needed to finish processing it. So, I’m hoping to have a DDD very soon. I also had the 4464c letter. Good luck everyone!


    Mine reads the “your return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available with tax topic 152, filed 2/1/818. The refund amount was just listed in the left column of mine as well but no DDD yet…Wondering if it means anything that the expected refund amount is listed in that left column.


    Filed 1/26 and Accepted 1/29. “Still Processing” since 2/3 and my transcripts say N/A.

    So I broke down today and called. I guess the guy was okay he didn’t have much to say. He put me on hold to come back and tell me that my refund was on hold pending a response from a letter that should be received by 2/27. He couldn’t tell me much else after.

    I haven’t gotten any letter yet of course. This has never happened before. The only thing that changed for me was the my address. This is beyond frustrating and I’m tired of this waiting game.

    Home » Topics » General Discussion » 2018 Tax Season » Anybody else told their refund is on hold due to income verification?

    Anybody else told their refund is on hold due to income verification?
    February 20, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    Filed and accepted 1/24
    Never updated to path
    Ive had still processing message for 2 weeks now
    Had transcripts faxed and seen code 570
    Called irs today and she said should see refund by 27th, if not then call back
    I ended up calling tax advocate and was told its on hold for income verification, the intake lady said its typically 7 weeks to resolve but will see if they can speed up process, ill get a call from my advocate by friday.
    I have 2 w2’s, one is the same employer from past 2 years then a new one
    I just realized I had a 1099r for $352 so nothing outrageous but maybe that caused the issue

    *update I just spoke with my tax advocate who said the irs was waiting on my w2’s, they have them now and she is submitting a release request today, could take 2-4 weeks but without them wouldve been 8 weeks. If uou have tc 570 I suggest you call a ta so maybe you can get a start on whatever is going on. I never got a letter or anything.

    Jenny Youngs

    Ugggg I just got off the phone with the IRS. I called yesterday and was told I should have a DD by the 27 I had no reviews or anything. Today when I call I am told I am under review, and could take up to 45 days from the 15 and should be released by April 1st if not befor but to just keep a watch. If it is not released by April 1st to call back. She said no letters had been sent it was just under review. WTF. Has anyone else been told this? I filed and was accepted 1/29, have had the we are processing message since the 30th.

    Home » Topics » General Discussion » 2018 Tax Season » Is EVERYONE BEING REVIEWED?!??
    February 20, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    Filed-accepted 1/32. No credits. No bars and TT 152 since Sunday. I dont Want to call! ☹️
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    February 21, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Filed 1- 18, accepted 1-19 bars disappeared around the 25th. Replaced with your tax return is being processed a refund date will be provided when available. Waited the mandatory 21 days and called yesterday. First person I spoke to…after 45 minutes on hold said that there were no flags on my account but that it was under review and to give it 45 more days before I called again. Hung up and called a tax advocate with the IRS, she checked into my account and told me that I had been flagged for identity verification. Call the IRS back waited on hold an hour and a half, spoke with another agent who informed me I had indeed been flagged for identity verification and a letter had been sent out on 1- 23….. to the address I used for my taxes last year. So obviously I never received it. Since it had been 14 days since the first letter had been sent out they were able to send out another letter this time to the correct address, hopefully I will get it! Will keep everyone updated once I get it and verify on how long it takes to actually get my money. Do not trust the first person you talk to, and I would highly recommend anyone who who’s been told their account is under review, call the tax advocate line and get assistance. If nothing else you’ll be able to get peace of mind hopefully


    Finally got thru to an agent had to call several times. She stated she saw nothing wrong with my return and no letters have been sent out and I should have a DD by the 27. Hopefully that’s true! Hope she isn’t just telling me something. Accept 1/23 been on processing message since 1/28 was able to c transcripts on 2/17 and have a code 570 no 846


    I got the letter I am under review too..I’m pretty sure there are tons of people delayed this year so if your still Processing it’s not a good thing!!


    So I called the IRS because I’m in the same exact boat as everyone else. Filed 1/29 and accepted same day. One bar and TT 152 until 2/15 it updated to no bars and the generic still being processed message. EIC/CTC never got a PATH message

    Lady told me that I’m under a review and it could take an additional 45 days to process. FML. Please call and check on your returns.


    I heard there’s supposed to be an update tonight. Did anyone receive a 4464c letter?


    Filed with Turbotax: 1/29 8:00 pm *California
    Accepted 1/29
    Had 1 bar after been accepted 2 days later, 1 day later
    No bars, No PATH, No TT152.
    Cannot register online to see transcripts.
    All it shows is
    SS, Type of filing status, amount on left.
    “Your refund is still been processed”…

    Any update anyone? or have any info if a big update is coming soon?
    Good luck! thanks!!


    As of now central time 12:02am no updates. I filed 2/4 accepted within minutes I have been on the first bar with tax topic 152. No letters No nothing


    Yup same


    I’m wondering the same.


    I filed and was accepted 01/31 via H & R Block. I always had 1 bar with Tax Topic 152 with amount on the side from 24 hrs after acceptance date, I never updated to the patch message, even though i quailfy for both. I filed the same as I always do, no changes to report. I finally recevied a review letter in the mail this past friday dated 2/12 and said to do nothing at this time. Oddly this morning my WMR updated to the “still being processed” message and I lost my bars, however tax topic 152 and amount still show. No other tax topics or take actions/ codes. This is the first year Ive experienced this. Good luck to all…..


    Yes!!! My WMR state: We have received your return and it is still being processed. There is no code. To the left you can see my last 4 of SS, Filing status, and my refund amount. IDK what this means. I filed 1/26/18, accepted the same date, but have had that message since like 2/7/18.


    Yes mine updated with the amount but no ddd


    Filed through TT 1/26 Accepted 1/29. 2/3 updated to “Your tax return is still be processed” No Tax topic but amount is still there. My return transcripts say N/A. I also have ACTC but I never updated to path. Went from 1 bar to the message. I have received no letters and I’ve checked the offset line nothing there. I just can’t figure out what’s going on. I hope to see some movement this week at least something on my transcripts. Right now it’s like I haven’t even filed yet. My info is just sitting there.


    exact same as @Bibi. Only other thing to note is my state refund (New York) has been approved and is scheduled for DD on 2/22. Usually federal is quicker in refund by a week or so. Very strange. No notes, no transcripts available, no codes, no info. So frustrating.


    Same here, filed and accepted on the 29th bars gone since late Friday night and says still processing, no letters nothing. Can’t check transcripts. I’m so over this process.


    Received a 4464C letter on the 12th. Letter was dated 7th. This morning my WMR changed from the one bar status to “still being processed.” Has anyone heard of someone receiving a 4464C letter and then getting a DDD date?


    Same thing, filed and accepted 1/19. NO changes for weeks. Day 21 bars disappear and 2 days later I get a letter requesting a 1095a form relating to marketplace insurance.


    Same here NO changes at all

    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/4
    always showed refund amount and tax topic 152
    NO EIC
    no changes 21 days will be up Sunday


    Me. I’ve been on that status for 3 weeks so I called and got pulled for ID verify. They mailed my letter out on 2/12 and I’m still waiting on it to come in.


    @Johnathan I was goin to do the same thing, but my 21 days are up today. I’m goin to call tomorrow morning to see what’s goin on or if I need to ID verify. I’m hoping that’s all it is! Never received one of these before. Thanks!


    @BreYana, My friend received a 4464c letter, and he said he’s not going to do anything about it. Meaning he’s not going to call in and verify nothing. His WMR still says the same thing with no code, no tax topic, and his transcripts say N/A and no tax return filed. I told him to go ahead and call in to verify his identity. He said “no”, he’s just going to wait to see what happens.

    Jenny Youngs

    Filled and accepted 1/29 ACTC, EIC, adoption credit went from accepted to we need more tile Tt152. 1/17 the only update I got was my amount is showing up on the side. :-( No letters received in the mail. Unable to get transcripts as I have a jew phone and it won’t recognize my card/auto or home mortgage loan numbers so I’m hanging in limbo with the rest.


    I have the same message above too! I filed 01/23 and accepted the same day. Only have EIC. I had one bar until 01/27 then it moved to the processing message with no amount. On 02/10 the same message but the amount came back. On 02/17 same message but now I’m able to c both transcripts. My transcript has all the correct codes but no 846. I have code 570 additional account action pending with a date of 03/05/18. My cycle date is 20180705. I think mine is being reviewed. I file with my last check stubs. One of the companies I work for was token over by a new company and thier tax I’d number changed and name but I filed it with the tax I’d I had from last year. Haven’t received a letter yet.


    Anyone here received a 4464c letter ?


    Same exact thing here. Updated this am from 1 bar to no bars and “still processing” blah blah blah and TT152. I Filed and accepted 1/31 and not claiming EIC or CTC. I truly do not believe we are all under review especially if yo have the TT153 code. I think early filers were just resequenced.


    Was in the same position as you. Saturday morning I finally updated with the amount on the side but says I’m still being processed. I have TT 152. Claimed my kids and the EIC.

    I have not received a letter yet and it appears I only update on Saturdays which is making this process so much more grueling. Just so damn fed up with this year as it’s never taken this long including last year.

    What’s the review process? No idea why I would need to be under review. They just need to give me my damn money.

    Me Postman

    I have the same thing. I filed 1/23 accepted moves to Path on 2/10 and then being processed on 2/16 with amount on the side and I’m still on that. There’s a lot saying that we will update next and some saying they got a letter. I can’t order my transcript so I can’t see anything and I haven’t gotten a letter. So it’s up in the air. I believe since I didn’t switch to the Path until 2/10 that I am behind even though I filed on 1/23 and some how I got recycled because the majority of people said received being processed with the amount is good. But I’m going to call IRS on Tuesday just to be sure.


    I had that and I received a review letter yesterday sorry but I think whomever has that was pulled for general review


    Filed 1/26 w TT and fees to be taken out
    1/29 was accepted
    2/3 changed to PATH
    2/16 PATH dropped to: “We have received your return and it is being processed.”
    No update the 17/18.
    No letters in the mail pertaining to the 2017 tax year. No odd codes. 😩

    Carmon Eglet

    I filed and was accepted 1/29. I had a bar 2 days later until Friday. Now there’s a message saying ‘still being processed’ and code 152.


    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 30 min later
    Updated to path 2/7
    Path disappeared 2/17

    Hoping for an update this coming week.


    I filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Changed Path 2/10
    We recieved your refund and is being processed 2/16
    No update on 2/17 and 2/18 hoping for a update this week


    Same here filed feb 1. Acct. Feb 1. Never updated to path. Been on being processed. 21 day message. Tax topic 152. Ss. Amount and filing still on the side. I hope we update tonight!! Never been this long to get approved


    Accepted 1/24
    Bars 2/1
    Path 2/8
    2/16 we have received your return and it’s still being processed

    2/17-2/18 no update

    I’m hoping it was just resequenced. I will be calling Tuesday

    Igor Amburg

    Accepted 1/29. Changed to still processing yesterday. N/A transcripts.


    Me as well, 21 days are up on Monday will be on the phone bright and early Tuesday if no change..mine has been like this for 18 days now but my amount never went away

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