Pissed Off Early 2014 Filers

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    Filed 2-24
    Accepted 2-28
    Transcript unavailable.
    Still Processing As of 2-6
    Read about people getting their money even tho wmr didn’t update.
    Also read of many other early filers like myself in the same boat as me.
    People who filed after 2-2 even got a ddd of 2-10.
    First Come First Serve my ass!

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    Any thing new TT filers I’m still at accepted since 1/24/14.pls tell me something


    Matt Arnold

    I was able to order by mail, but it seems to be futile to try online; I keep getting timed out :(



    I really wish I could get my transcripts so I could have some update :*(



    I can now view account transcript. Steph 336 was right we were on a weekly account it says I will feb 13 in the cycle number. I was accepted the 25 in turbotax I hope all of you get some good news I can finally stop worrying.



    Actually it does count if you were accepted before 1/31. I was told by an IRS agent today that many early filers have been told they were accepted on a date they weren’t. TT said I was(an many others were if you check their forums)accepted 1/24 BUT in reality I’m a 1/28 due to whatever reasons. She said the 21 days starts from that date-your ACTUAL accepted date which ONLY the IRS can give you! So a lot of people THINK they are 1/24ers and really aren’t. Trust me-I filed super early & am not a 1/24er.



    Your acceptance date doesn’t really mean anything in the sceme of things if you were accepted before 1/31. The IRS did nothing with those that were accepted early. They only started processing them on 1/31. There is never been a first file/first process line. Some people just got lucky over others, or there is an issue with your taxes. Patience is the key to tax refunds. You can give yourself an aneurysm trying to figure out how it works.



    I was told by an IRS agent that anyone who was accepted on 1/24 can call soon because its 21 days from when you are ACCEPTED. so its already been 15 days.



    Filed (like a dumbass) on 1/3/14, received TT notice on 1/24/14 saying I was accepted and got excited (again, like a dumbass), no DDD, no activity of SbSbank site, cant pull transcripts, cant get a human to answer me straight, going to literally be homeless tomorrow because I also lost my job of two years this week and I live on site so we lose that and have to be out tomorrow. Kill me.




    Filed through HR Block on 1/8 and got an acceptance email on 2/1. No DDD date yet!!

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The topic ‘Pissed Off Early 2014 Filers’ is closed to new replies.