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People with 1/29/18 DDD – Did your deposit hit today?

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    Anyone who had a DDD of 1/29/18 – Can you confirm when your deposit was received?

    Please include filed/accepted/approval dates as reference to others.

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    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 1/27
    DDD 1/29

    No deposit yet. I wonder how much of the issue is actually with my husband’s bank.


    Just noticed that refund was sent to sbtpg finally should have it in the morning.


    @roz most tax software starts letting u do ur taxes in early jan. Soon as i get my w2 i do them. I think i got the test batch as i have a ddd


    Yes they did Roz.
    However, they accepted quite a few through early. Test batch, etc.
    Always good to send them in as soon as possible, for the quickest refund.


    they start accepting them today


    When did you file? when they just started accepting them today


    When did you file? when they just started accepting them today


    Congrats to all who got their refund today!


    i received mine about 430 central tim


    Nope not yet, mine isnt even showing in Sbtpg :/
    DDD for today supposedly


    I bank with a credit union in California and they ALWAYS release our direct deposits as soon as they get the posting file, in my case from the State of California where I retired. The times mine has hit has been anywhere from 8am to 3(ish)pm. Almost invariably, it comes in 2 days before the actual pay date.

    From my credit union website FAQ:

    “What time does my direct deposit post on payday?

    Direct deposits will be available on the day and time the posting file is received by the Credit Union from your employer.”


    @Leah is correct, so much of this depends upon your personal bank. I am scheduled to receive my DD tomorrow, but my bank is one of those that will hold it over to the next day. So I probably won’t see it until 1/31 morning.

    If you are unsure, just call your bank, and ask about how the DDs to your account work.

    It can also make a difference with bigger deposits (deposits over $500, or $1000, every bank has their own criteria for this.)


    Anyone who had a DDD of today but no deposit yet…you might be able to call your bank and see where it’s at. I used to work in a bank and we only pulled the deposits in once a day in the early morning. Any direct deposits that came after that time were held until the next day. We could also look in the “warehouse” to see if there was a pending deposit and what day it would actually show in the account.

    I really miss working at the bank during tax time because sometimes I could see my pending deposit before WWR ever updated.

    Giovanni Petruzziello

    I had a date of 1/29 as well. so far there is nothing in my bank and the WMR page still has the same…accepted will be deposited 1/29 no 3 bars yet.


    What time does the IRS deposit? I’m in Cali and I see people 3 hours away got their refund wondering if mine will hit at 10am Cali time.


    Filed 1/19, accepted 1/19, approved 1/27 with 1/29 DDD.

    Head of household and CTC

    And it’s in the bank!! Another early refund for me.


    Mine had a DDD of 1/29, and it deposited this morning. Are the proud recipients of a tax refund on opening day.

Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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