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      Hello. I filed and was accepted on the 23rd. Still only at 1 bar. Any one else file and have any updates? I know the early people started seeing progress…. But I’m curious about the 23rd or 24th peeps. Thanks

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          My co-work filed on Monday and has already gotten a DDD of Feb 3 and I filed on the 23rd and still has not seen anything. I have no offset because i’ve checked. I can not log in to view my transcripts and i can not order them to be mail. Its saying information don’t match. I did moved since last tax season but I put in both addresses and nothing. Patiently waitingggg!!

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            This morning I got transcripts and date of this coming wed!!!! Filed and accepted on the 23rd!

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              @deaux how does one knows if they Are on a weekly cycle. .. what does that even mean?

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                Filed 1/23 hr block efile
                Accepted 1/23 one bar and no return transcript and account transcript is blank.. I am a weekly cycle…if u can view past account transcript weekly processed ends in 05…if not recycled we weeklies should receive a ddd of 2/4 to 2/5 and view transcripts after a nightly update tonight or tomorrow with wmr updating sometime this weekend…hope this helps

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                  Filed 1/23. Accepted 10 minutes after. ! bar on WMR, can’t access 2014 Transcripts, although my past years show up. I just don’t get the IRS order of processing returns. Nothing complicated about my return either. If anything changes, I’ll let you guys know…………..and please do the same! :)

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                    Accepted the 23rd… Nothing…no transcripts either

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                      Filed 23rd, and accepted in a few minutes, (with HR Block e file) have had one bar on wmr since, cant view transcripts STILL and all i get from everyone is give it 21 days….

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                        I Filed and was accepted on the 23rd with a DDD of 1/30.

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                          Filed on 1/23 accepted 1/23.. nothing..

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                            I agree, il this site will be the death of me. Hopefully I can access my transcripts tomorrow.

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                              I agree, i have 20150403 and if thats the case then were looking at this upcoming monday or deposits today depending. ive asked it 5 times in other topics relating to it and got no answers.

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                                It seems like some of us 1/23 people are getting cycle dates of 20150402 and 20150403, I just want to see some progress now. I love this site but it definitely starts getting me stressed out when I see people same date as me and I am sitting with no progress.

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                                  I filed in afternoon on 1/23 and got accepted a couple hours later on 1/23. One bar on WMR and not able to see return or account transcripts.

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                                    Also waiting on my Netspend card.

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                                      I filed on the 23rd and was accepted the same day. I have one bar, still processing.

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                                        nope nothing on the wmr site just its being processed

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                                          no my wmr only shows one bar, but i was able to see my acct and return transcripts on 1/27. i do not use netspend, so i am hoping for a fri ddd

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                                            So does your WMR show the ddd? Just curious. I wasn’t able to view my transcripts because I locked my self out :(

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                                              I filed and was accepted on the 23rd also and have no updates, but I seen a couple posts of people filing and being accepted on the 23rd using the netspend card have gotten their refunds tonight with no updates or transcripts..So there is hope we could see ours perhaps Friday or Monday…Netspend deposits the money apx 2 days sooner tan a normal bank does

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                                                i filed on 1/23. within 10 minutes i was accepted by irs, and had one bar. as of yesterday morning 1/27, i could view myw acct and return transcripts with a cycle date of 20150402. hope this helps

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                                                  Yea, I filed through TT as well and was accepted minutes later but all this talk about the WMR not updating and people already getting their refunds is a little stressful. Lol

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                                                    I filed mines, my fiancé and neighbors all on the 24 no progress filed TT. all got accepted on the same day the 24th. still waiting.

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                                                      I was accepted on 1/25 and nothing yet…

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