People who filed when I did and after are getting their refunds, why aren't I?

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      I filed and was accepted 1/23. My transcripts still say N/A for 2014. WMR is at 1 bar. People who filed after me and the same day as me are getting their refunds why haven’t I? Is it because the last 2 years I did not have to file a return because I did not work?

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          I’m so aggravated!!! It seems like the last 3 years no matter when I file my return I get stuck in a group of people that have to wait the full 21 days or longer. 2 yrs ago I did contact a tax advocate and she did help. Guess I’m going to have to do it again this year. If I COULD wait I wouldn’t mind it so much but, I have an 8 yr old with Autism and Bipolar disorder, a 6 yr old with ADHD and anxiety and I’m physically disabled. So I depend on income tax to help pay for all of our various medical necessities. Also, I developed a pretty severe heal spur on my “good” foot and I need to have surgery. I just wish there was some quick easy way to KNOW when my money will be in the bank or know if there was an error or just KNOW SOMETHING!!

          Still n/a for my return transcript and my account transcript has all 0s and “no return filed”. The last 3 yrs cycle codes have ended in 03, 02, 01 in that order chronologically. So if anyone can maybe decipher that info I’d be eternally grateful. Or if you can point me in the right direction to figure it out myself I’ll do the research myself.

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            Just wanted to chime in that I filed and was accepted on 1/23 through HR block. I have gotten no updates just “being processed” no transcripts.

            When I look at the confirmation code on HR Block looks like I may be in the dead cycle everyone else is talking about but not sure.
            Conf. 21049020150236692959

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              Still no update for me either. Just a reminder filed accepted and received by irs on January 21. I have transcripts codes 150 and 806 plus 20150405 but no 846 code, no bars on wmr.

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                @ CARRIE

                Same here. Filed early to avoid waiting. Turns out to be the longest wait I’ve ever had.

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                  Just updating: WMR still at 1 bar, Transcripts say n/a. Am I ever getting my $?

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                    I have had several people using TT say there is no submission id with them. I am not sure why, and I wish I had some answers. I’m sorry it is frustrating for everyone, we are all on here because we either want to find out what’s going on or desperately need our funds. Just hang in there and hopefully some light will show through soon!

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                      Your submission code has 201502 which is a dead cycle code. Also, your prior transcript cycle codes ending in 05 indicates that you are on the weekly update list. I am in the exact same boat and am hoping for good news tomorrow morning.

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                        I apologize I did not see your thank you response and question about where I got my information on the dead cycles. You can find it on the IRS website under cycle definitions. I am also hoping to see updates tomorrow morning, but some say it may take a few days to see updates after the cycle ends (tonight). Good luck to everyone!

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                        tiffany Tucker

                          Hello I am just frustrated to say the least filed the 6th accepted the 13th had one bar tax topic 152 until this Friday just past and now no bars just says it’s processing and refund date will be available or something. I can’t order transcripts cause it says wrong info. I can’t even call and talk to a rep cause my zip code is wrong supposedly. Anyways my return is the same as last years so I’m stressing. My acceptance code has a 201501 on it. So confused about what’s going on. Anyone in the same boat?

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                            It is so crazy, Turbotax has no submission or confirmation ID. I’ve read where other ppl have called them requesting this info but Turbotax has no idea what it is?!

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                              On my acceptance email from tax act , this is getting frustrating

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                                Where did you find your submission number? Who did you file with?

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                                  @ Carrie and others with the same question. Refer to this thread:

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                                    That’s my submission ID so does that mean I’m in the dead cycle ? And my old transcripts ends in 05 so does that mean I’m just double screwed?
                                    Seriously this is annoying seeing everyone file after me and getting movement

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                                      I talked to the irs this morning I was told that the aca is holding up accounts they send it from one system to another and it can take up to 4 days for the system to catch up so if you had to pay that from your return that is why some of us are still waiting I was also told in my case that the hold should end today and update over night so for those of us that are in day 15 or longer that could change over night. I do not know how correct he was but instead of putting me on hold he stayed on the line while he researched so I do think he was telling me accurate information

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                                        Yep apparently Turbotax has no codes?!
                                        So odd, I’ve searched everywhere. It just tells me “accepted” and when I pull my efile details it just tells me the time and date of when I filed and when I was accepted (which was 8:03pm on 1/29)

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                                          My transcript says NO record of 2014 tax return.. why is that? I filed on the 21st of January & was excepted in mins. But I have not been approved. Only have one bar on wmr. What does this mean? What do I do?

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                                            Thanks for the link!

                                            Sadly though, it just says accepted, no code…

                                            Am I missing something or am I just out of luck (I seem to have none this tax season lol).

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                                              Nope no code

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                                                  Try checking the status page on TT. I believe they have one, although I haven’t used them for many many years. It should be in the details of your status on their site.

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                                                    Yup, can’t find a code from Turbo Tax either. Waiting on them to return my phone call (because of high volume calls at this time) to see if I can get it. :/

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                                                      Guys, it has nothing to do with the amount or with any credits or anything like that. Like one of the posters here said, some of us got caught in the swirling vortex of IRS hell. That’s not a joke. That’s what happened. I filed on the 20th and just got my DDD today, for a date of 2/6. I had blank transcripts for a week and was getting pissed that no progress was being made.

                                                      Give it until the end of this week. I suspect you will see something by then,

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                                                        How do I check that code with TT?

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                                                          I used TurboTax and can’t find the confirmation number you mentioned ANYWHERE.

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                                                            Well I don’t have a cycle for this year as of yet but my 3 previous years are as followed, 20131304, 20120703, and 20120703 I checked my tax papers I did not see a form 8962 But it looks like that form is for people who had to pay for their premiums. We did not have to pay any premiums for our Health insurance I could not find my confirmation code from HR block

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                                                              Thanks for that info..I checked my acceptance email and sure enough, my confirmation code has “201502” in there. (Accepted 1/20, WMR stuck on one bar until yesterday when they disappeared, still cannot order transcripts). Hoping for something to happen tonight/tomorrow!

                                                              Just out of curiosity, where did you get the info about the dead cycles?

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                                                                Before you panic about reviews, etc. Check your submission/confirmation code on the website you filed with, or paperwork from you tax rep. In the middle it should have 2015 and another number after it. If it is 201501, 201502, 201503 then you are on a dead cycle. This means you will be re-sequenced and processed during 201504 (today is the last day of this cycle) so you SHOULD see updates sometime between tomorrow and Sunday. If you don’t see something by Sunday then you should call and ask about it. Also, if you look back at your old transcripts and see 05 at the end of your cycle date (example: 20140705) that is an indication that you are on a weekly update. This is what is happening to me and several others as well. Try not to panic just yet and give it a few days. Hope this helps :-)

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                                                                  Filed 1/29 and accepted that evening. Only TT 152, WMR showing one bar as ‘accepted’. 2014 Transcripts not yet available. Tax refund slightly over $10k due to my first year as a student.

                                                                  What can I expect? Should I call? Am I being reviewed? What does review even mean — manual check?

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                                                                    Anyone with a refund over 13k get theirs yet? Or get accepted??

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                                                                      @jonny Call 866-682-7451 ext 568 and make sure. I thought TT did the same for me and I ended up having to send the forms in yesterday myself

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                                                                        I had HRBlock do my taxes She asked me questions about health care and stuff. Hopefully she sent that form.

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                                                                          Be sure to send in Form 8962 for the healthcare. I was accepted on 1/12 and I know I’ve been waiting since the 20th. Bars on WMR disappeared 1/26 and transcripts N/A. Finally spoke with someone yesterday that helped me and they informed me that they didn’t receive my initial form and that’s why I was stuck processing.

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                                                                            If you are under review you will have a letter sent to your house saying that you return is under review and the time frame is 45days. I haven’t got one of those in the mail and hopefully I wont. Hopefully my taxes just got reshuffled. Hopefully it did not fall in between the computer and desk. =)

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                                                                              Can’t remember who it was that posted it but the number they gave was 18008290586 #632 go through the prompts and it will ask for an extension. Type the extension and wait. I almost called it but was afraid to harass them, and they put me on an audit or something lol.

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                                                                                Hi do anyone now the number to call to check if you under review cuz I file the same time to and no dd wmr still at one bar and transcript showing but it blank with a dd as of Feb 23 2015

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                                                                                  We all will just have to stick together till the end then! I was told that most likely I was reshuffled and will have to wait the full 21 days.

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                                                                                    Filed and accepted 1/30, got ddd for Friday today. 9200 refund in fed, 800 on state.

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                                                                                    Sad face:(

                                                                                      @jonny, your wife may be on to something. Mine is 10k+ because my hubby files single 0. You can bet I will be changing that though. Waiting this long for such a large amount of money is not cool. I was accepted on the 6th according to taxact but, the 21st according to its. One bar, no transcripts, getting cranky!!

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                                                                                        My wife thinks it has something to do with the amount of taxes. This year we ended up getting a large amount. We paid in more fed taxes and it boosted our taxes. I wonder how many got their taxes back with a refund around 10k? If no one has gotten their huge amount back that could mean they want to actually manually check these returns. We didn’t do anything special the basic 1040 with W2s and Standard deductions.

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                                                                                          My 21 days will be on the 13th I am hoping that is indeed what happens. I have never had my taxes take this long. But I did not filed in 2012 and 2013 because I did not work at all. I am hoping that has not caused a problem. I even called the IRS to make sure I did not have to file and it would not be a problem and they said since I had no income those years I thus had nothing to file with. Taxes should not be this crazy. jeez.

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                                                                                            Unfortunately some who filed earlier were caught in the swirling vortex of irs hell. You return was essentially reshuffled and you will have to wait the full 21 days.
                                                                                            I’m sorry for your inconvenience.

                                                                                            I was told this was because of ACA and EIC glitches that were only sorted out once the new irs software went online.

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                                                                                              I am in the same boat Jules. Filed 1/26 accepted within minutes. My account transcripts updated i think 1/29 but with only the Feb. 16, 2015 date, and No tax return filed.
                                                                                              I read all these horror stories about people getting thrown in review and that scares me. Can’t decide if I should call and end up getting thrown into the back of the line or just wait it out. I see people saying check previous years to find your cycle date and it should be the same. All my cycle dates are different. Last two times I filed the first of February and did not get my refund until mid and end of April. Other times I filed in January and didn’t get my refund until end of February. I guess I am one of those people who can’t go by Cycle dates LOL. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind waiting until the end if April. It was kinda nice having money after everyone blew their taxes. I find that people blow their taxes then sell stuff dirt cheap to get some of their money back. You can run up on some good deals. I just wish I had a date. The not knowing is killing me. Just give me a date so I can move on until that date =)

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                                                                                                1/26 Carrie, me either. No bar, no transcripts, no nuthin! I can’t take it anymore.

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