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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Pennsylvania – Share your experience with filing your Pennsylvania Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Pennsylvania Wheres My Refund? go to Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue

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    Jarrod Anderson

    So i emailed asking about deposit times and got this back….

    Refunds are processed throughout the week.  You will actually receive the deposit before the Department will be given the date it was deposited. It can be deposited at any point within 3-4 weeks from 02/08/2018. 

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    I filed on 1/29 and was accepted on 1/30. I just checked the online system and it just says the received my refund request. So I called them a little bit ago and spoke to a woman and she says that it is still being processed and something about an “adjustment on line 1”, I asked what that means and she didn’t know. She said to call back next week if nothing changes on their website. It’s always when you really need the money that this kinda of stuff happens.

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    Mine updated today as well to the same msg. I’m glad I called when did about it. Hopefully the refunds will be here’s soon

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    My online updated showing my adjustment and new refund amount but no deposit date. So I called and was told my refund is approved and may take another 3-4 weeks to be deposited. She did also mention it could be sooner, but that is the time frame they provide people.

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Does it have a deposit date?

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    i just checked pa and this am was the generic message and i checked just now said it will be deposited so they are doing something and i just filed on 2/6

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    Mine said 8 to 10 weeks for 2 days, then updated last Thursday to 4 to 6 weeks for a deposit. I called just for giggles and it was approved she explained it could take up to 3 weeks to receive the refund

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    @mark yes mine updated to the same to the same message today. I had to call earlier this week about my refund and it was lost in the que. they didn’t show any notices or anything on my account so hopefully it’ll update again soon

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    Marky mark

    Why does my state pa refund say 8 to 10 weeks to update account and have refund by then. No way it should take another 8weeks to go thru. Anyone else get the 8 to 10 weeks on pa state??

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    My PA return was accepted on Jan. 23rd…I’m still on the 4-6 week message also.

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    Jarrod Anderson

    I was april last year due to id verification and w2 verifications…..ive been approved for over a week now and have been sitting at 4 to 6 weeks for deposit for approx 6 days…seems everyone else from tbat timeline has gotten theirs

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    They’re taking their good ole time this year. Hopefully it’ll still be this week I think I got mine the 15 or 16 last year

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Still nada

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Mine updated to 4 to 6 week deposit message last thursday… hoping it happens this week

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    I filed 1/24…went under a routine review a few days later..last Tuesday it updated to processing my return…Wednesday it updated to I owe a $10.00 offset but my refund was approved minus the offset…it went on to say 4 to 6 weeks…but my refund was in my account this morning. So yes it updated more than once a week and once you get that 4-6 week message it’s coming very soon after that!

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    Melissa a

    What is the number to call to get an actual person?

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    @jarrod well your response scared me enough to call lol luckily no bad news she’s said it some how got missed in the que so she put a ticket in so it can be reviewed this week. I’m thankful of no I’d verification or anything at least yet so hopefully I’ll at least update online. She did say they were working on returns received the 29th if that helps anyone else out

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    @liv last year they did not mail a letter until 2/23 and I was accepted at the end of Jan and placed in a review at the same time. I called their 717 number and spoke to an agent who informed me what I was going to need to mail back and I did so before receiving the notice

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    Mine was accepted 1/22 and still on awaiting routine review so who knows? And I still can’t see anything online only when I call. I would think if I was under review I would’ve got something from them by now

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    Jarrod Anderson

    The review takes a while. Last year i was accepted jan.24th got hit with a review and did not recieve my refund until april 23rd

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    Someone just posted from PA (on IGMR FB) that their state (PA) tax was deposited, they filed 1/26. Anyone else? I was accepted 1/26 also but still nothing from state yet. When I call I get the “…awaiting review…” generic message.

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    I think last year mine took about a week or so after I updated to that. Fingers crossed for you!

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Hoping this week

    Your refund in the amount of $xxxxwas processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received.
    Social Security Number ***-**-****Return Filed Date 01/25/18Requested Refund Amount $ xxxxffset Amount $0.00Refund Amount $xxxxRefund Mailed/Deposited Date 

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    Jarrod Anderson

    @Djzluck did you recieve a deposit yet? I few have that updated on the 8th with us

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    Jarrod Anderson

    I updated twice this week

    #4210437 Reply

    Yea it seems to be extra slow this year it says I was accepted 1/16 yet still being reviewed. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and get a deposit without the site updating. I looked back to last year and the site updated on a Sunday but it seems like Thursday’s this year?

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    Today the PA WMR switched to read “Your refund in the amount of ***** was processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received.” Progress!

    #4210057 Reply

    Filed on Jan 22nd still nothing so I called was told my refund was accepted on Jan 24th and they are behind on doing routine reviews mine would be looked at in a few days and to call back next week if nothing updates on website. Guess I’ll continue to wait 😒😒😒 Last year it only took 10 days after I filed smh

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Belinda mine had that displayed for 4 days before changing to the allow 4 to 6 weeks for a deposit

    #4209687 Reply

    When the status changes to return has been processed but not yet mailed or deposited anyone know how long it takes till it does deposit?

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Yes my status shows online and when i call

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    Does your status show online? Online mine shows it was received but says there’s no info available on my return (refund amount shows though) but when I call the automated line it says it was received and going through routine review? The website looks a little diff this year as well.

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Your refund in the amount of $xx.xx was processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received.

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    Jarrod Anderson

    I went through the review last year, its quicker to call and see what they need. Otherwise they will snail mail the request once you get what they need back to them it takes about a month to see a ddd…..this year i got lucky

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    Does anyone know what happens if you don’t file the “PA SCHEDULE UE
    Allowable Employee Business Expenses” form? Do they just hold your tax return?

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    Jarrod Anderson

    Mine states….”Your return was received and information is currently being updated to your account. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks from today to receive your refund. If you need additional information, please call 717-787-8201 and a representative will help you.”

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    I filed on Jan 22 and still haven’t updated online but when I call in the automated system says I’m awaiting a routine review😒😒 last year I got my state back in 10 days not sure what’s going on this year.

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    It will update stating “awaiting routine review,” just an fyi the site updates once a week. Everything about a pa state refund is long slow process.

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    How do you know your selected for ID verification?

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    Filed both state and federal 1/26, Pa refund site showed nothing for days! Yesterday it finally showed our information but not processed yet. PA takes forever it seems.

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    Jarrod anderson

    Filed and fed/pa were accepted on 1/25

    #4202944 Reply

    Filed federal and state on 1/19. Federal was accepted 1/20… PA return still hasn’t been accepted. I filed with taxact. This has never happened before. IDK what’s going on. I called taxact, they said my PA return is still awaiting acceptance, it may have been backlogged. Whatever that means smh

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    katie waite

    filed and accepted 01/23….. no update on state or federal!

    #4191396 Reply
    Lisa Kopecki

    My PA return was accepted on 1/20/17 called them twice have been thru not one but 2 reviews and still nothing no notices no letters don’t get it never had a problem is anyone else having any luck?

    #4187955 Reply
    Tracy Draa

    Yea I got the letter 4 weeks after it was accepted. After verifying it changed to approved but not mailed/deposited.

    #4187290 Reply

    Tracy Draa, Did you get a message or a letter about verifying your id? I’ve been waiting 26 days and I’m still on the routine review message that I had on day 1….I’ve always received my pa state tax refund in 17-21 days…nothing new, simple return, not sure what’s up.

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    Tracy Draa

    anyone else have to ID verify for Pa state? I did :(

    #4185986 Reply

    accepted 2/1 and still on the routine review message….usually have my dd by now.

    #4184437 Reply
    Purse Queen

    Just got PA refund DD today in bank :-) I filed 1/25. Online on
    It says it hasn’t been sent yet?

    #4183170 Reply

    Literally just checked PA BC I haven’t received yet. Just got a notification that I got it. Accepted 1/27 Approved 2/10 about damn time!

    #4183155 Reply
    Deb in PA

    My PA state refund deposited this morning along with my federal. I filed the 26th, accepted the 31st, updated to processed but not yet deposited on 2/8. Good luck!

    #4183075 Reply

    Finally got my state refund!

    Filed 1/20
    Processed 2/9
    Received money 2/22

    I hope this helps someone that is still waiting

    #4181330 Reply

    YES!!! My state was finally deposited into my Netspend account this morning! It’s about time! I filed on my 1/17 and accepted the same day. I really hope you all get your refunds as well. Thanks for letting me rant these past few weeks.

    #4180997 Reply

    filed and accepted on feb 5th, just received my return this morning on feb 21st. no fees being taken out and deposit was made on AMEX Bluebird (prepaid).

    figured i would post this, maybe it can help some people figure out when they will get their return.

    #4180929 Reply

    Nothing for me today. Approved 2/9….. crazy smh

    #4180848 Reply

    Still nothing from PA!!! This is ridiculous! Accepted 1/27 Approved 2/10

    #4179806 Reply

    I just checked my netspend account, still nothing.

    #4179783 Reply

    Just to clarify that last post, my PA refund was in the bank today.

    #4179774 Reply

    Took a chance, called my bank, and my DD is in there! Not sure how that worked out on a Federal holiday but I’m not complaining.

    #4178781 Reply

    I just checked my netspend account for the 3rd time today and Nothing was in there.This is starting to get really old.

    #4178632 Reply

    Still don’t have crap from PA! What is the hold up PA?

    #4177951 Reply

    Mine deposited last night, I was processed 2/6. But when I check where’s my pa refund it still shows allow 4-8 weeks.

    #4177736 Reply

    Still nothing from PA, but Federal WMR updated to show a DDD of 2/23!

    #4177685 Reply

    Pa website hasn’t updated for me it still says 4-6 weeks, but just checked my bank and its there!

    #4177260 Reply

    The state of pa website still saying wait 4-6 weeks, its pending in my account for Tuesday

    #4176207 Reply

    My bank doesn’t show pending amounts but I think mines is the 21st also. There are others that got their refunds and I noticed a pattern of 9-11 days after it was processed. I had actually thought the 21st before I read your post. Now you gave me hope!!!!!

    #4175663 Reply

    Littlesdpa, are you saying that PA’s WMR updated for you or that you checked your bank again after you got to work?? Just trying to be clear on where your good news came from! :)

    #4175284 Reply

    Good Morning PA~
    There is hope i checked my account this am at about 630a and nothing got to work something said check and sure nuff it’s there with the 21st to release!!! yayyyy

    #4175152 Reply

    I checked also… nothing…. I havent had a state refund in years but I never knew it took this long. Smh

    #4175063 Reply

    I braved my fears and called the bank…just my paycheck today, no PA refund. Also accepted on the 9th. Our car has been in the shop for a month now, so this check can’t come fast enough!

    #4174935 Reply

    Anyone that was waiting get a deposit today? Im afraid to check lol. Approved 2/9.

    #4174056 Reply

    Nothing here yet and I’ve been processed since last week! :(

    #4173683 Reply

    Still nothing here either! I’m bout done checking for the state or the federal cause pa site still says the 4-6 week message and it’s very annoying lol no direct deposit date yet!

    #4173542 Reply

    I’m still getting the same message that my refund hasn’t been deposited yet, please wait 4-6 weeks. Wtf?!

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