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    Wheres My Refund Pennsylvania – Share your experience with filing your Pennsylvania Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Pennsylvania Wheres My Refund? go to Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue

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    @Jarrod that’s a strange how they say that and they don’t really adjust it smh stressing people out for nothing.

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    My refund status said there is an adjustment made to my refund and to allow 4-6 weeks for refund. It also said I’d receive a letter in the mail explaining the adjustment. I called them and they said they weren’t showing an adjustment but it could be too early to tell. It’s just another waiting game at this point.

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    I’ve gotten that same adjustment message last 3 years and there has never been an adjustment

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    I called the number it says an adjustment has been made to my refund allow 4-6 weeks to receive it and a letter was sent out to me.

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    I woke up to the same message too:
    our return was received and information is currently being updated to your account. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks from today to receive your refund. If you need additional information, please call 717-787-8201 and a representative will help you.
    Hopefully we see some further movement soon since Federal is taking so long.

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    I just checked. Same message since the update for me. According to rep it was received by them on the 24th of Jan. I wonder why Pa is so far behind this year. I am at least glad there is some movement. for you guys. Good gravy. I didn’t hear about any shortages or layoffs for the state. Geeze.

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    I woke up to an update. info received and is currently being updated to your account. refund date in still n/a. I have no idea what this means. Never seen this before. Last year the refund went to my bank before it gave me a date so I will just keep checking.

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    well my state information finally updated this morning, ”
    Your return was received and information is currently being updated to your account. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks from today to receive your refund. If you need additional information, please call 717-787-8201 and a representative will help you.” Yet, when I call I get the same message I have for the last 3 years through the automated system, our refund amount has changed and a notice has been mailed, yet for the last 3 years it never changed…..At least we have movement now.

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    I’m getting irritated with Pa state taxes I’m not understanding what the fuck the hold up is

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    kimberly A Riccitelli

    i electronically filed on 1/30/2018 and you accepted it on 1/31/2018. It’s been over 4 weeks and no updates whatsoever. When i call the PA revenue line the wait time has been 30+ minutes each time I’ve called. WHERE IS MY REFUND?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Social Security Number ***-**-1882
    Return Filed Date 01/30/19
    Requested Refund Amount $ 1,409.00
    Offset Amount $0.00
    Refund Amount $ 0.00
    Refund Mailed/Deposited Date N/A

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    No PA update here. Still processing. Filed 1/28. I expect it around the 1st of March.

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    Definitely no movement and I got accepted 1/23 got my ddd for federal today but not state so no one can say we wasn’t accepted before 1/28 because I was and got my fed today the state though OMG somethings gotta be wrong cause it’s been almost a month sat.

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    Any luck??

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    No one said anyone lied.(djzluck) It is not that deep. Based on this forum 99% of us has had no movement. All things are possible. Enjoy your day

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    Anyone saying your PA return was accepted before 1/28 must have used an outside tax preparer or online software. PA’s tax season did not start until 1/28. The PA E-File site wouldn’t even allow any new activity until that date. So if you’re counting weeks since you were accepted, that’s the date to go by.

    MOMO, I’ve repeatedly posted that my PA refund was deposited yesterday. I come on this forum every year and have no reason to lie.

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    My guess for pa will be like March 1

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    Pa return accepted 1/23 still no update or deposit to my account. I qualified for relief/forgiveness so I’m getting back everything PA took out. I got this last year for the first time ever too. I also got a notice around this time last year that I had to submit social security card, birth certificates and a current medical or school record for all 3 of my kids. I did and got my refund a few weeks later. I told my tax lady about that what I filed this year and she said PA made that a requirement for 2018 if you had dependents, once you are asked to send it you won’t be required again unless you add a dependent or something changes. I check on the PA website for any notices from 2018 there are none, of I flip to 2017 it shows the ones from last year. I don’t get what’s taking them so long this year.

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    I read that PA didnt start processing until 1/28 and it takes 4-6 weeks to complete. So hopefully we start updating friday cause that would be 4 weeks from 1/28

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    Well it looks what the rep told me was accurate last week. The good news is that it looks like none from Pa got theirs yet so we really need alert the forum when they start rolling in. At least we all in same boat.

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    Filed 1/28 on PA direct status on site says no information available. Called and spoke to a rep who basically gave me the same info as automated system. I’m under routine review since 1/30 and the reviewers are 2 weeks behind. So I was told to check back in 2 weeks.

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    I called the Pa revenue number since all I was getting is “refund information is currently unavailable “ it pretty much said the same thing my return was received on 1/26 and as of 1/29 it was under routine review🤦‍♀️

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    Stll no information available. Accepted on the 15th of Jan…

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    Accepted 1/15
    No information available at this time.
    It is now over a month and I have had no update.. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a PA refund. Even back when it use to get mailed out. SMH.

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    Mine showed as pending yesterday and sure enough it was in my bank account this morning. Still no update on PA’s WMR

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    @jen nope still nothing. Got my DDD for federal

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    Nope nothing at all not even processed PA sucks

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    Anyone receive their refund from Pa? I still havent🤦‍♀️

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    Oh, I also wouldn’t put too much faith into what Eli said below about the limit for tax forgiveness. I earned more than that and still got a refund.

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    I filed my own taxes with PA E-File on 1/28. Due to a couple raises this past year my refund went down by about half but getting something back is always better than nothing…or having to pay in extra!

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    Yay @Djzluck hopefully this is a good sign for all of the rest of our impatient selves lol

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    Wonderful DJ some movement
    When did you file?

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    As of 1:45pm on 2/18/19, my state refund is showing as pending in my bank account.

    PA WMR still just shows “Your refund in the amount of *** was processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received.”

    Hope you all get yours soon, too!

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    The Department received your tax return on 1/26/2019. Refund information is not available at this time.
    ^^^Ive had this message for a while I don’t know what the status of it is though cause the information is “not available “

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    What site are y’all using to get all that information?

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    My states updated to it being done but no refund sent yet! Its moving!

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    Now saying it’s under routine review before said no info available submitted accepted 28th

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    Seems like the sites down. I cant log in. Possible update

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    Now mine is coming up no ino for my s.’s number

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    Jodi Eller

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/24
    ID verified 2/04
    Processed 2/06
    Received DD 2/15

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    Still nothing yet. And @elli the ppl that are looking for their refunds are us that already filed weeks ago and know that we are due a refund. And my sis grossed 25k and she broke even with state so she is not getting a refund so may be lower than the 28k u stated

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    I don’t know how many people will get a PA refund because the deductions for children in PA, called Tax Forgiveness, is limited to people with an income under 28,000. This is new.

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    Still no update on State. I wish they would come through since Federal is backed up so long. Has anyone received theirs yet?

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    @josh i agree

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    Blame wolf

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    * finishing up from 2018- not 2017. PA Isnt that bad..lololol

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    She might have been telling truth. Nobody on here has gotten theirs yet except cold in pa. I’m thinking maybe he got his federal and was confused.

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    I was confused as well. She said they were just finishing up the ones from 2017. She said nobody’s would be processed completely for about 2 weeks. I then asked why was I told to call back and that they had my taxes. She said we do, it just wont be processed. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. She said that she would put me on a list for callback as none one available. a 72 hour call back. smh.

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    Behind from 2018? What on earth is that about? Sounds like that second rep is the one confused MOMO

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    from experience from the last 2 years you want it to say under review. This means it is processing. last year this was the message i got and the money went into the bank before a ddd was given. as for this year i am still stuck on the no information available. i filed on 02/01

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    I don’t think pa let any out yet. Whoever said they got it is more likely lying

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    Still says refund info not available at this time. Recieved 1/16/2019 but i didnt get the acceptance notification until 1/28. When i call the automated line says ive been under routine review as of 1/28. I cant even get a rep on the line, had to leave a call back number due to extremely high call volume

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    I saw others claiming they got deposits today

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    Ok, Not sure whats going on. I called last week. I was told they had it. It was still under review, but no flags or cause for concern. JUST CALLED A FEW MINS AGO. REP STATED THEY ARE STILL BEHIND FROM LAST YEAR. SHE SEEMED SHOCKED THAT THE PREVIOUS REP GAVE ME THAT INFO AND TOLD ME NO ones has even been touched for 2018. She seemed very shocked that the previous rep had given me any info. I’m in Southeastern PA. Someone else should call. I had high hopes from Coldinpa.

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    I’m also still seeing information not available at this time.

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    DOR website
    Return received 1/22
    No information available at this time

    Called and said under routine review as of 1/25. Does this mean my refund will be delayed?

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    Congrats to cold in PA!!!! woop woop. Hopefully it updates today or at least is in our banks! My screen still has same message from 01/12/2019

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    Received 1/28, still says refund info not available at this time……

    #4269172 Reply


    Anyone else? Still nothing here

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    Congrats coldinpa

    #4268476 Reply


    Thanks, Me too! Hoping to see something soon!

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    Filed 1/28

    #4268417 Reply


    When did you file @coldinpa?

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    Yay @coldinpa!!!! Finally seeing some movement for Pa filers!!

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    Pa refund is pending in my account!

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    Wolf will hold it back as long as possible he needs out

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    Unfortunately for us in Pa it definitely seems that way

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    Still nothing… Says refund information is currently not available at this time. Filed 1/16… Seems like PA is the only state that hasnt released any refunds yet

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    Still nothing 😞

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    Jen mine was accepted on 02/01 but on top it just say’s refund information is currently unavailable. last year i received my deposit before it gave me a dd date so i will just check with the bank once it is approved.

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    Has anyone had an update on their state refund? Still nothing for me the site still says refund Information is currently unavailable. Looks like many of the other states have already released their funds.

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    If anybody gets it be sure to post and give us hope lol

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    Nothing yet. I checked last years bank statement and received it 2/12/18 so I’m hoping it will be any day. One thing I know for sure is I received the refund long before they posted a DDD. Pa sucks with refunds..

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    Has anybody received their refund or atlesdt have a date??

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    I’m so over this “Refund information is not available at this time” bs…
    Seriously is there no updates??
    And why does PA take so long. When I lived in MD I got state back a few days after filing! Ugh

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