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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Pennsylvania – Share your experience with filing your Pennsylvania Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Pennsylvania Wheres My Refund? go to Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue

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    Your refund in the amount of $$ was processed but not yet mailed/deposited. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be received. So when will it be in my account?

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    Marcus A Void

    Mine was accepted the 28th if January still waiting for a due date or pending deposit pa usually deposits before the wmr updates

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    Accepted 2/1. Website still says no refund information is available

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    Filed 1/28. Recieved my DD on 2/7. Quickest I ever got mine from PA!

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    In my experience, I ALWAYS get my state refund before any update on their website. Last year I had my refund in the bank and checked my status and it still said no refund info available. PA sucks a lot at returns.

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    Sorry for late response. I filed 1/25 accepted 1/27

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    @Latasha Do you know if PA updates on certain days of the week? I’ve seen a few people who got their refund today.

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    @pagirl I filed 1/18 accepted 1/21 and mine still says the same thing 😩

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    @Littlesdpa I filed on 1/24 accepted on 1/30. Last year I got my refund on 2/11 (Monday). Was hoping for an early date this year too, but no movement as of yet.

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    pagirl mine says the same i filed and accepted 1/29

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    Does anyone know if there are certain days that PA updates WMR like federal does? Mine is still showing that they received my e-file but that no other info is available and my refund amount is showing 0

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    My state refund deposited today

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    Mine still hasn’t changed.

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    @anaka when did u file?

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    My state refund deposited today

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    Filed 1/29. Today it updated that they have processed my state return and the return amount is accurate. Now juat waiting on a DDD. Anyone know how long it uaually takes from when its thru processing to when they DD it?

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    Kylie mine is showing my refund has been processed and has my offset showing $0 abd its shows my refund amount

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    Kylie J Collins

    I think that’s the normal screen, mine is the same. If i remember right it fills in all the 0.00s when it’s done.

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    Kylie J Collins

    @coldinpa Are you showing any info on PA WMR? Mine is showing received but has my refund amount as $0 and says No info available. I know if takes awhile, but I don’t remember ever seeing this in past years.

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    I’m hoping to get my state back this year as fast as last year, but not counting on it. Last year i filed 1/28 and got pa back 2/13. Usually i get it in march.

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    @Daniel if you reread what I wrote it says accepted NOT approved.

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    Refund in my account this morning!

    Filed 3/14
    approved 3/18 (“n/a” disappeared 3/19)
    refund received 4/4
    website did not update

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    Bebe Bucks

    Still waiting for PA return. Accepted 1/28/19. Last week updated to processed but not yet mailed or deposited. As of today still no deposit. PA just takes their time. Smh

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    @overit who said you were approved 1/24? As I understood it, PA wasn’t even looking until 1/28.

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    Still no DDD.

    Mine was approved right away (filed 3/14, approved 3/18). The “n/a” disappeared 3/19 but still no deposit. I dont understand why it takes so long for them to deposit once everything is cleared.

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    I filed 1/14, accepted 1/24. No information available the whole time, last week updated to processed but not yet mailed/deposited wait 4-6 weeks to receive. It was deposited it my account last night 3/27 at 11:28 pm. Website did not update.

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    The “n/a” disappeared from the website about a week ago, but still no DDD. Amount was approved and no holds or verification issues. Hopefully, I’ll get it later this week. Fingers crossed,

    Any updates ?

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    Second year in a row for me. State is asking for supporting documentation for my unreimbursed employee expenses. I will send it in once. If they reject it, like they did originally last year, I will be going to see my representative. You would think that since we did this last year, and my employer hasn’t changed, they wouldn’t ask for the same information two years in a row. Oh well.

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    Genuine question– in what ways is getting angry helping you with this situation?

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    Mike D

    So my refund was accepted on 1/30. I called on 3/18 and the representative told me they just started 2018 returns. Lol on 3/19 my refund was approved so now I’m just waiting on a deposit date in which they say 4-6 weeks. I’m pretty sure when you call the reps have no idea what they’re looking at or what they’re saying.

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    Just checked bank account; NO TAX REFUND yet, 7 weeks. The anger is mounting !

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    TraceyMac75 . I filed pa.state tax on Feb.3rd. I didn’t get to an ATM yet today , but I hope it’s in today. This coming Monday will be 8 weeks since I E-Filed . This is ridiculous!

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    Has anyone gotten DD from pa that filed 2/18/19?? Or around that date? Mine been approved for almost 3 weeks? Maybe more? Just no ddd. Sigh and my federal being reviewed…i give up this year.

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    I filed 2/5/19 . Called Pa. Dept. Of Revenue this past Monday (3 days ago) . Lady told me my return was sent that day to Pa. Dept. Of Treasury for payment (Direct Deposit) . No updates to website. Still days 4-6 weeks for payment. Maybe someone could tell me how long of a wait it is until I receive my refund. Pa. says 4 weeks if filed E-file , but this makes 7 weeks and nothing yet.

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    Filed 2/15, was told by tax professional to expect by 3/15. Shouldn’t have said that! 3/21, and it looks likes approved, but pending deposit? Says to wait 4-6 weeks… Wondering if thats 4-6 from filing, or approval? Hmmm.

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    Still no refund as of 1 pm today. Previous posts showed a few people stating they got their direct deposit on March 7 and March 14/15th. Was hopeful for today since its a Thursday like the previous deposit dates. I guess I’m just not that lucky. Maybe tomorrow!

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    Filed 2/8. No movement yet.

    Last year I filed on same date. Late March I received a notice that they wanted documentation for my employee expenses. Sent everything in. Later received a notice that it wasn’t good enough. Resent everything. Another notice that it wasn’t good enough. Paid a visit to my state representative. Miraculously had refund within 5 days after that visit and his phone call to someone in the Department of Revenue. That was late May. Have a sneaky feeling I will be making another visit to my representative.

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    Still no refund. I guess a deposit could go in anytime of the day . I don’t know. Oh well, just keep checking I guess. Good luck everyone, this makes 7 weeks and nothing yet !

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    Mike D

    Accepted on 1/30. Just got off the phone and the rep told me they just started 2018 returns but I see on here some people received desposits so who’s lying ????

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    Called the bank ; they said Sorry, don’t see anything in your account as far as a tax refund goes. The state took the time to review , process and approve a return but couldn’t take a few more minutes to tap a few keys and send a direct deposit! I bet when they get to their own personal tax return the policy changes then !

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    Now it states 4-6 weeks ; down from 8-10 weeks yesterday. Deposit amount and all information except Direct Deposit date does not show. Hopefully soon ! Congratulations to the folks who got their Pa. Tax Refund , thousands of people envy you . Lol.

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    Finally dd this morning

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    It is no joke, mine was approved and it’s been two weeks and no direct deposit. Mine says 4 to 6 weeks for deposit. I asked them why it is if we owe them money they want it yesterday, but when they owe us money, they collect the interest off it for a while and send it when ever they feel like it. This is a joke! I am tired off waiting

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    Finally after 6 weeks I’m updated to Return has been processed. Please allow 8-10 weeks for payment. YOUR KIDDING RIGHT ! I’ll have to check my bank account later and hope this message was just something they post for a joke. Anybody know how long it takes pa. To d/d after an update like this ? The Lady at the Pa.Department of Revenue couldn’t even tell me what days they deposit refunds or what day of the week their website updates ! Glad you got your S..t together Pa.

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    Barbara Taylor

    I filed 2/6. I received my refund to my RushCard yesterday morning. They’d do deposit a few days early. Website hadn’t updated yet with my deposit date. Boyfriend filed 1/31 and still doesn’t have his yet. I would imagineer will this week.

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    Mines been for a week and no other updates so not sure it has deposit date n.a

    #4312009 Reply

    So once updated to processed, how long has it taken anyone to get their direct deposit?

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    So accepted 1/28, been processed as of march 1. So I called yesterday she said it was approved as of march 4. But she couldn’t see a direct deposit date yet. Of course she said it used to be 2 to 4 weeks for direct deposit, but since the backlog now we are waiting 4 to 6 weeks for deposit.

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    Accepted by PA 1/28, under standard review since 3/1. Every year it goes under standard review, then DD end of April. Why a review every year??

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    I filed 1/14 it was accepted 1/24, maybe I’ll get it in June.

    #4310338 Reply

    @clarab i filed 1/16 but PA didnt accept until 1/28

    #4310261 Reply

    Jan 26

    #4310260 Reply

    I filed 26th

    #4310166 Reply

    Clara, i filed on 02/01

    #4310153 Reply

    Mines still says:
    “The Department received your tax return on 1/30/2019. Refund information is not available at this time.”

    When did everyone file?

    #4310102 Reply

    Mine has been deposited at 1:30am

    #4310067 Reply

    Checked bank nothing probably possibly tomorrow

    #4310060 Reply

    Mine just hit my bank at 8am. I checked the pa website and it still is not updated. I am still on the been processed message. Good luck to everyone

    #4310045 Reply

    The website still says mine has been processed but not yet mailed or deposited. But it is definitely in my bank account since 2:30am

    #4310043 Reply

    @josh im about to check website now. I havent checked it once it said i was processed. I will come back and let u know what website says

    #4310041 Reply

    Anybody get state

    #4310003 Reply

    Did whoever got it ever receive a dd on website

    #4309995 Reply

    My refund was deposited

    #4309993 Reply

    PA Refund was in my bank account around 1am!

    #4309786 Reply

    I am happy to hear there is movement for some people. I was starting to think we were not going to see it till June or something. LOL

    #4309727 Reply
    Enemy if the state

    Yeah i filed with Jackson Hewitt and received the same email. So tomorrow a lot of ya should be seeing our state taxes

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    Hello! I went through Jacskon Hewitt. I got a email this morning stating funds have been deposited to allow 42-72 hrs. I also got a text from Republic that they released to the bank. So the last time i got these messages i got my federal that night. So if u have Netspend and went through Jackson we should see our deposits tonight!!! Finally!!!!

    #4309522 Reply

    Same here..2 weeks at processed but not yet sent out/deposited…im calling local tax office tommorow and hear they can give an exact date? I’ll update soon

    #4309510 Reply

    This is crazy… PA you suck. Thank goodness I won’t need to file with them next year. Hopefully we see deposits soon. I will be sure to come back and update you guys once it hits.

    I show that it is processed but not yet sent out. Its been at that status for almost two weeks.

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    By this time I feel like giving up. It’s been 7 wks. PA what’s going on???

    #4308645 Reply

    this year is definitely the longest I ever waited for this refund. I checked the bank and it is still not there. I am hoping for this week but I don’t know what to think at this point. Thy are apparently having issues.

    #4308039 Reply

    Finally awaiting a routine review and not completed yet

    #4307377 Reply

    For a week now i havent had the no info message anymore, rather it says my return has been processed, yet its still hasnt been deposited. This is ridiculous

    #4307117 Reply

    Last year when I got my state refund, I checked the website and it still didn’t have any info. Even after they already have me my money. I would take their website with a grain of salt.

    #4307056 Reply

    Pa is ridiculous still no infood like really

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