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Pending CTC

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    Has anyone else looked to see if they are actually getting their child tax credit payment? I qualify and have always qualified and it shows pending qualification and I won’t get payments at this time… I’m not the least bit surprised they have messed up pretty much everything else this year related to my taxes 🙄

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    And I can’t check where’s my amended refund because the info on there says my amended refund was issued in July. So there isn’t even anywhere to check to get updates about my account. It’s so frustrating! I keep checking my transcripts hoping for a new update

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    Velvetzea I have the exact same situation! I filed an amdmnt May 26th. Didn’t get July ACTC. Rcvd notice amdmt was completed end of July. Rcvd Aug & Sept ACTC. Now back to eligibility pending. I pulled transcripts & see another amdmnt filed 9/14. I was told the one in July was IRS auto did for unemployment income and now they are reviewing the amendment I filed. I won’t get ACTC until amendment is complete, which is taking over 20 weeks

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    Same issue. I wasn’t eligible for the July payment because of an amended return. I received a refund in august when the amended return was completed and got the actc for August and Sept but it switched back to pending for Oct. When I checked my transcripts, it shows that my taxes have been amended again on Sept 14th and I have no idea why. When I called they said I had to wait 20 weeks and would get a letter. So far no letter and no one can tell me why my taxes were amended a second time.

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    I’m going through the same thing . I did not get July but I got august and September and now it says pending again . Very frustrating.

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    Has anyone else had the CTC portal suddenly change your eligibility status from eligible to “pending?” I got the first 3 payments, now suddenly the IRS is “reviewing whether or not I am eligible.” It’s BS! nothing has changed at all….I’ve been depending on these payments, now this! Called on my lunch hour and all they would tell me is that they can review my account anytime they want, SMH. frustrated.

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    Fed tf up wit the IRS

    @ Aliceinwonderland im going through the exact same thing this whole year has been a huge mess!!! I received a letter stating they would be done reviewing my return by 9/21/21 and that date came and went with no update so I called on 9/24/21 and was told someone is reveiwing my return and to basically give them more time cause that date wasnt a “hard” date smh wtf im so over this b.s!!! Also no ctc payments either.

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    Finally got someone at the IRS. I was told since I have a pending amended return I have to wait till it’s done processing b4 they can release my CTC. I received my stimulus an tax refund all in March. My amended return was accepted on May19 looks like my 16 weeks will be up in September just waiting now. I think the IRS lied because I know several people waiting for their tax refund an have gotten the CTC

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    Fed tf up wit the IRS

    Same here so frustrated with the IRS SMH

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    My status on the child tax credit shows “Eligibility- Pending. You will not receive advanced payments at this time”. I filed my 2020 tax return, married separate with two dependents, return was processed and I received my refund in March. I have not amended, received all stimulus checks so I have no idea why mine is pending.

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    Pending…not eligible. I am eligible. No deposit today, so far. Tax return processing since 2/12. I heard my ACTC would be held since they haven’t gotten to my 1040 yet. Defeats the purpose.

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    Was expecting a check but was switched to DD this morning. My CTC is pending at my bank.

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    Mine says pending and nothing in my bank. Still waiting on my refund and unemployment refund. Accepted 2/11. Sucks.

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    I received the CTC in my account today but still no unemployment refund.

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    I checked the IRS portal today and in the process payment box show my amount and deposited date for July 15th. I have chime and usually I get it a day or two before but I will have to wait and see.

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    It seems that they are only using 2019 returns if someone hasn’t filed for 2020. Our 2020 isn’t finished processing yet (we are being audited for EIC & CTC) but it looks like anyone who has their refunds in hold for 2020 for ANY reason will not be receiving the ACTC until their return is finished processing – we will most likely be the ones who have to claim the CTC on our 2021 taxes. We filed in Feb with the same as always – 3 minor children and self employment.

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    . I qualified for the CTC for my 2019 return and my original 2020 return. The IRS says if your 2020 return hasn’t processed yet they will determine by your 2019 return. But if that was true then I don’t understand why everyone that has a pending amended return also is pending for the CTC

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    I filed an amended return because the deduction of the unemployment income qualified me for the EIC, I didn’t qualify for on my original return. My amended return is pending. My CTC also says pending and that I will not receive a payment

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    Mine hasn’t been amended or anything though, I’m still waiting for the taxes I paid on unemployment my taxes were filed and turned in the day they started accepting returns…

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    Mine also says pending. I’m HoH with 1 dependent and have for 15 years. Amended return on 4/30 with still no movement on that. Thinking pending returns that the IRS is behind on is why many aren’t getting them. Not 100% sure but the theory has proven true so far.

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