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      I Just wanted to share with everybody my experience with PayPower and TaxAct.

      I filed early with TaxAct on JAN 8th and was accepted on JAN 14th
      I had a cycle code 20150402 code 846 monday morning
      Today Wednsday 28th WMR updated and confirmed my DDD for Friday JAN 30th as cycle number said it would be.
      I signed into my paypower online account to see if there was anything pending and to my surprise my FED TAX return was there posted today JAN 28th and ready for me to spend. I tested it out by making a donation to IGMR because “I GOT MY REFUND YAY” and kept my sanity thanks to the brilliant minds of the Mods/Admin at IGMR.

      Thanks so much for all the help.


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