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      I have a paychek plus card, issued by Metabank. I have gotten so many different answers , and it’s driving me nuts. I filed a married filing jointly, and was wondering if anyone has ever had a joint refund successfully deposited onto that card. Every time I call the number on the back of my card I get different answers. My name is on the account, my husband is an authorized user. My name is also first on our return.

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        Christopher Klasen

          Have been wanting for direct deposit for 5 days. Nothing uet ,Tomorrow Monday and was send last Wednesday night
          Feb 26th. Is it lost?

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          Destiny Whitfield

            Went to subway last night it took the whole 29.73 off my card when I gave 21.00 in cash. Also With both lyfts I was not the one in them idk who had my card but at this moment I just want the money refunded on my card .

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            Greg Owen

              What this article failed to tell you is that if you get a tax refund by direct deposit over $10,000, these companies will reject it and the IRS will automatically issue a paper check for the entire amount. I found this out the hard way! I was wondering why my money did not appear on my card so I called the paycheck plus card people and I was told that an attempt was made to deposit the refund but did not post to my account. They said call the IRS. I called the IRS and they told me it was the banks fault. Needless to say I was extremely pissed at this point. The IRS said a paper check had already been issued because of the rejection by paycheck plus. I was told it would an additional 4 weeks to get it. So I called paycheck plus and got another run around from them so I asked for a supervisor. Finally they told me there was a limit on how much can be put on the card, $10,000. If I had known that I NEVER would have used them. I cussed out the supervisor needless to say and then hung up on him. But that’s not the only time I got screwed by them. I had used my card to pay for a car rental as well as a flight from Omaha to New York with my 5 year old son. Upon arriving at Laquardia Airport in Long Island, I went to go pick up the car from Alamo. Keep in mind the money was already removed from the card from Orbitz. They wanted to see my card for verification. That’s when everything went to shit. I was told Alamo would not accept my card because it was “PREPAID”. Here I am at midnight with my 5 year old son and stuck in New York with no way to get to my destination an hour away. Called paycheck plus and cussed them out again. I did find out that I would have to take a series of buses, subways and trains to get to my destination 4 hours later that included literally going through Harlem in NYC, an extremely dangerous area at this time of the night with my son no less, my laptop and luggage. I was beyond pissed with paycheck plus at this point. Never again will I deal with this shithole company ever. You have been warned everyone. Beware!

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                anyone with ddd 2/23 get there money using paychekplus?
                did your money come early or did you wait it out?

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                Jean bartisiene

                  When is refund ready?

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                  Jean bartisiene

                    Should like to Know when I will get my refund

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                      Did your refund go to your card ok last year?

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                        Thank you, I got the runaround from so many different people. I appreciate the answer!

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                          hi, i completely understand where you are coming from. this is my first year of getting my income tax refund direct deposit to my paychek plus card. I called the number for the paychek plus customer service and spoke directly to a supervisor and he assured me that even though it is a joint return that as long as the refund amount is under $10,000 then it will be deposited to the paychek plus card. i made sure to mention that it is a joint return. i hope this helps!!!

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                            they also said they could not provide me with a number to metabank

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