Pattern for previous tax years.. NO EIC OR ACTC

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    For the last 3 tax years I’ve had a pattern the acceptance on the 13th messed it up.
    For the last 3 years I have gotten an acceptance on 1/17 and I’ve also gotten my refund before the end of January (I don’t have EIC or ACTC) I only ever file 1 W-2.
    I guess my point is do you think that the early acceptance is a good sign? Cause all 3 years I’ve had my DDD date a week after my taxes are accepted.
    I don’t see how that’s possible because they don’t open till the 27th.
    But last year I had my 3rd bar before they even maybe it’s possible I would like to hear from people who DONT have EIC or ACTC.

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    No panicking here just thought it was interesting there was a pattern. Just like to share with the class and start a conversation! 😁 Daalyah I’ll be sure to keep you updated on it! I don’t find very many people without credits!


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    I know why people ask that kind of info, that’s why I’m letting them know it’s a mistake



    They are simply asking for opinions, ya know, conversation, common situations, etc.?

    I don’t believe anybody was panicking about their original post but you. The more people that share similar experiences the merrier. That’s how folks gauge their refunds typically.


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    How could ANYBODY know? Relax lol. Someone could have the same dates the last 10 years in your exact situation and they would NOT know how it will turn out for you this year. Keep hitting that refresh button though lol


    DaaIyah Saahir

    I was accepted as well with no EIC or ACTC. I’m wondering the same. I’m seeing different answers through research. I’m heading it could be deposited as early as the 25th. Let’s hope. If you hear anything, please let me know.



    Yes the last three years I have been in the “test batch”
    And have had my refund by end of January I just didn’t know that there was a pattern like that until I went through my previous years.



    You may be in part of what’s called “A Test Batch” that the IRS uses just to make sure everything is working properly, before they open up completely. They have an agreement with TurboTax and I’m sure a few others.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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