Pathers with DDD Post here!

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    Filed on the 15th
    Accepted on the 17th
    Turbo Tax
    No direct deposit date yet but would like to know when other Pathers Starr getting them! I know it will be mid Feb.

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    Filed with h&r block
    Files 1/20accepted same day
    I have both eic and ctc
    I was able to order both of my transcripts today 1/31
    Does it mean anything when u can order ur transcripts..??
    I’m still at 1 bar on wmr..
    My sister in law has the path act message..



    Filed on the 21st, accepted overnight that night. Showed one bar until yesterday, it switched over to the PATH message. I claimed both credits.

    Last year, I just had the ACTC, but not EIC, and filed on opening day. But last year, they were being more precise–could not issue refunds before February 15th. IIRC, I got mine on Feb 16th last year.

    I think the reason they’re being vague on the date this year is because Feb 15th falls on a Friday. And the following Monday is a fiscal holiday. So I figure when they come back in on Tuesday, they release the refunds, system updates on Wednesday, and a good majority of us start getting our money on the 21st or 22nd.

    Another reason I think they’re being cautious with their dates is the government shutdown, right now it’s only reopen until that same weekend, the 16th.



    OMG, hostile rude ppl on here, plz 4.20 it and chill, ya gonna give y’all self a heart attack. It’s just info, jeez






    Hey there.
    Filed with HR Block in person on 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    No update on WMR just 1 bar and tax topic 152
    Is that bad I haven’t updated to PATH message yet??? I have EIC so I know it will be a wait. Just want to make sure I’m on the right page lol



    Filed 24th accepted 24th. Updated to path this morning. Transcript shows cycle code 20190503 with my date of 2/18/2019…. last year my date was 2/19 with Dodd of 2/22….I’m guessing I get my DVD 2/21



    That would be awesome. I can’t view transcripts online, as I have Verizon prepaid. Darn me for switching to save money lol.



    I’ve had the Path message for two weeks. My cycle date is 20190405 and processing date is Feb 11th does that mean I could get a DDD before the 21st? Last year my processing date was earlier than most and I got my DD on February 17th. Sooo maybe it will be a little earlier?!



    I just checked last years posts. I filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 updated to PATH 1/26, DDD given 2/17 of DDD 2/22 and received my DD on 2/22
    I’m thinking the same will play out here as well. But of a DDD of 2/21 this year.



    CTC/ACTC/EIC – Filed 1/30 with HRB, accepted 1/30 one bar on WMR same day. Got an email this morning from HRB about IRS holding refund because of PATH, WMR doesn’t reflect that yet, I figure it will be Saturday since I am a weekly.



    Filed and accepted 1/28
    CTC, eitc and actc
    Viewed both transcripts 1/31
    Cycle 20190504
    Transcript cycle date 2/18/2019
    Based on previous years patterns that should put me at a ddd of 2/21 with WMR updating 2/17



    I filed on 1/20, accepted on 1/22, received mine on 1/30. Wow that was the fastest I’ve ever gotten my return.



    My husband filed the usual “Joint” return on the 28th. We are still seeing one bar, however, we both know that we are “Pather’s” so we should be getting the generic Path Act message pretty soon.

    Last year we filed on January 31st, was updated to the path message on February 3rd, updated to 3 bars on February 17th, and got our refund on February 22nd.


    Michele Ramirez

    Mari808 did you get your refund on the 22nd like you said the DDD was


    Michele Ramirez

    I did the same King I got mine on the Feb 22nd last year I am hoping this year will be better. Because last year they didn’t say anything about Mid Feb and this year they did


    Michele Ramirez

    Yeah I know I got the same thing which is stupid if they are our kids and we have always carried the same ones they should let us have our right way along with the rest of the other people. Only if there is changes to the return they should flag it for mid feb.



    The first DDD for Pathers is 2/21



    Updated to a 9001 from one bar. UGH



    I filed 1/19 accepted 1/22. I’ve only had 152 on WMR and didn’t update this morning but I was able to order both transcripts for 2018. Will they be blank? I remember last year that I couldn’t even order them until I had updated to PATH.

    I never can look at them online for some reason.



    My bars went away said to check where’s my refund me feb



    Updated to path today



    I filed 1/19/19 with EIC, through Turbo Tax and was accepted 1/22/19. Hadn’t really looked into it after I filed, scrolled past the email from TT telling me I had been accepted. I checked the wmr and saw the Path message with the DD code 152. I was also able to order my transcripts as well. This was all prompted over an email from NetSpend telling me that my tax refund was in….. except when I checked my account it wasn’t there at all. So I’m not sure what to make of any of it. After last year’s fiasco I’m curious as how everything is going to play out. Same filing status and same dependant for the past 16 years, I didn’t get my refund until June. Fingers crossed for a smooth tax season for all. I’ll update with any changes.



    ugh mine didnt update was accepted 1/15 and it is still showing 9001 code :(



    Updated to path
    Filed on the 16th



    Updated this morning to the PATH message



    Updated this morning to the PATH message.Got mine last year on Feb 22nd.

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