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    Hello! So, here’s the breakdown:
    1/26 filed TT, EIC, CTC
    1/29 Accepted
    2/3 Updated to Path

    My husband has an offset on the offset line, but we updated to Path and still tax topic 152, not he 203 offset code. Wouldn’t the offset supersede the Path? Maybe we are lucky and they aren’t offsetting. I felt like last year, once the Path updated, you were done processing and just waiting for DD?

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    If you’re expecting an offset but are unsure when will you for sure know either way?



    Had an offset last year of close to 2000$ still got my refund in 8 days after I was accepted I had filed with JH but never again. This year no offset and it’s been a long 15 days. Smh bars disappeared last week same generic path message. 2 days ago the site was saying my info didn’t match and yesterday back to same path message. You would think that EIC and ACTC would get theirs first becuz we have obligations. But I guess we have to wait since we created more tax payers. The way it goes in my head anyways *sigh*



    @Cici From all the research I’ve done, it appears that it doesn’t. I’ve followed all the silly theories; ie my income is on SSA, transcripts are done, etc. I’m hoping my positive research ends on that note! :)



    Does the offset delay the refund? If so by how long?



    Perfect! Thanks! It’s the first time for an offset, so I wasn’t sure which was first. :)



    Mary is correct. Once WMR updates after the 15th with dates, you’ll see the 203 then



    You will not see the 203 offset until you get your DD. Or that is what my past experience.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.