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    I’ve seen a few who’ve claimed to already be getting DDD with EIC and ACTC. So I guess unless they post a screenshot of their WMR status then you can’t believe it’s true.

    What I do wonder is if you already went through the Path Act stuff last year then why shouldn’t you receive your refund more accurately and possibly earlier this year…. I mean “Technically” you’ve already passed the fraud screening!
    Last year I received my DD on 2/17/17 so I wasn’t disappointed by any means.

    Anyone else seeing faster movement with (EIC & ACTC) on their returns this year compared to last year?

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    Need my money

    Will there be a update Wednesday for ddd of this week or next week? I know it updates Saturday for ddd 2/21/2018.. Thanks everyone have a blesses day.



    I think if everything stays the same, meaning all the same dependents and the same address, then they are just holding our returns until the 15th due to the new law, then they will release them. But I think if you do have a change,you may have to wait a bit longer.



    There’s a new tax scam where it’s the correct social and all the dependents are correct. And it’s the correct bank account. The money then gets deposited and the person would get a call claiming to be an IRS agent telling you the money was deposited into the wrong account and that it needs to be returned.

    Every year, there is always a chance for you to be a victim of fraud. Just because you weren’t last year and everything went fine last year doesn’t mean it can’t happen to you this year. Or would you rather spend months sorting out the issue? Because if you were a victim, you’d be complaining that the IRS doesn’t have a good system and should have a better system in place to prevent this from happening.

    Stop complaining and just wait. Mid February is still within 21 days is when they start processing returns. It’s not 21 days from when you submitted yours.



    I want to know if mid-February is the legal requirement – why not the 14th rather than the 15th? After all – this Feb has just 28 days. Just saying. For some of us, every day really does matter. Sheesh.



    And if I am not mistaken there were a few altered screen shots last year that were caught and called out. People are ridiculous. No need to lie. This forum use to be a forum with a lot of knowledge being traded. Now it seems to be nothing but people lieing and trying to give people false hope. Grow up.



    Path was signed into law with the mid February date. No matter how many years you file, if you file EIC or ACTC it will be held. The dates on your transcripts if before 2/15 will come and go with no Direct deposit. The IRS would be breaking the law to deposit early. We had early dates on transcripts last year that didn’t lead to any deposit. So to the people who claim to be getting a DDD just like people tried claiming last year I call B.S. I believe the first deposits were quickly following the release date for PATH. They will process ur return and get my ready but then it will sit there until it 2/15.



    the 2-12-18 is just a processing date basically the date irs has to go back in and update the transcripts to code 846 and direct deposit date, if no hold on account no one will get deposits prior to 2/15/18 if on path



    @willbeas do you not comprehend? Yes, if someone with a different ss# than last year tries to claim a child, then it will and it should flag. Anyone can claim a kid but if you have a pattern of claiming the same children, then they know something is amiss when that SS# pops up under someone else’s SS#.

    All you are to the IRS is a SS#. My SS#, my spouse’s SS# and our two children’s SS#’s are associated together in the IRS’s system. None of those SS#’s should show up or associated with anyone else’s SS# unless there’s a divorce, marriage, adoption or whatnot, then that’s when things would have to be verified again.

    Since you seem to want to run this forum this year and not let anyone else have an opinion, I’ll go back to the FB groups so I can ignore your conceited self and not have to read your drivel. It’s not about false hope or dreaming, I’m not getting back enough to even take a vacation, it’s about the speculation and trying to figure out what they’re doing this year and watching this PATH mess unfold. It’s fun….or at least it was until you showed back up.




    Everything for mine this year was the same except my income went up. (Same employer)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some people did get them earlier. Nothing’s impossible.
    I’m with you though I’d be happy to just get my state right now which hasn’t even been accepted yet.
    Good luck!



    I wish that’s how it worked…will see this year…if that’s how it works which I doubt…then that would be love…because you can claim The same child year after year but who’s to say that the next year someone will not try as well. Its a protection set in place to prevent that fraud, but again, if I can get it early because I’ve filed the sake kids year over year, I’m super excited to see…either way I wouldn’t know because I just filed on the my 2 weeks is mid Feb anyway



    The IRS also notes that refunds cannot be issued before mid-February for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund — even the portion not associated with the EITC and ACTC. While the IRS will process the EITC and ACTC returns when received, these refunds cannot be issued before mid-February. The IRS expects the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or on debit cards starting on Feb. 27, 2018, if they chose direct deposit and there are no other issues with the tax return.

    “Where’s My Refund?” ‎on and the IRS2Go mobile app remain the best way to check the status of a refund. “Where’s My Refund?” will be updated with projected deposit dates for most early EITC and ACTC refund filers Feb. 17, so those filers will not see a refund date on “Where’s My Refund?” ‎or through their software packages until then. The IRS, tax preparers and tax software will not have additional information on refund dates, so these filers should not contact or call about refunds before the end of February.

    Sources: news from 1.29.18



    @Leah, if the same person is claiming the same children, then they know the ID’s aren’t stolen. Now if those kids popped up under someone who has never claimed them before, then yes, something would and SHOULD, that’s what the PATH Act is all about.



    @Courtney This is what I was told by a friend that does taxes and also a tax attorney (he mainly does corporate taxes but keeps up with individual for his family) and they both are saying they way they understand it is that if nothing has changed, other than income, and you went through PATH and verified last year, that you won’t have to go through all of the stringent screenings this year. This makes sense seeing as how so many are seeing DDD’s and updates already.

    I know the only thing on mine that has changed is the income and taxes. Same employers, dependents and filing status, address and all. I’ve tried looking it up online but can’t find anything that actually answers that question.

    I filed and was accepted on 1/19. I’ve been sitting on one bar ever since but on Saturday, was able to order both transcripts. I shouldn’t have been able to order the return if it’s not finished so until I get that in the mail or receive an update on WMR, I don’t know what to believe this year lol.

    I’d be quite happy just to get my state back right now and wait it out on Federal.



    I could only order my transcripts by mail and still waiting to receive them. But yes I believe that means it sent to your bank on 2/12 to hopefully receive by 2/15.



    I don’t think it’s as easy as that. People could steal your identity or your kid’s social security number from year to year.



    I was able to order my transcripts for 2017( account and return). Account transcript has a processing date of 2-12-18. Does that mean it will be sent to my bank on that date? I do have EIC. My transcript for 2016 shows processing date of 2-20-17 and I received it on 2-22-17 last year.

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