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    Just want one answer … but the right answer ?
    Does the path act mean you are already approved?
    That’s all , pretty simple!
    Thanks 👍🏻

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    Another thing that I believe is happening is they *The IRS* is going to issue the returns along with the stimulus payments. *I’m not saying that this is going to happen…. I’m only guessing and tossing in this scenario as a what if sort of thing*, because in my mind, it would make more sense to disburse the funds this way……especially if they are in the process of issuing refunds to the people anyway.

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    Don’t quote me. I’m not an IRS worker, nor am I a government official; but my guess is the IRS is holding refunds until after they see what was going on with the “American Rescue Plan Act” or (H.R. 1319).
    The reason behind this *if I read the fine print correctly*, is because if this bill passes (which it did today) and gets signed into law by the president, the EITC and CTC will be increased for individuals who claim(ed) dependent(s) this year.

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    I have not received any updates unfortunately, unlike everyone else who seemed to have gotten some good news on 2/17, in regards to their PATHACT. I also claimed eic/actc, filed and accepted on 1/24, had the PATHACT notification for about a week, then a change in status to “being processed” which is still remaining on 2/19.
    My question is, I noticed some of you are seeing “codes”. Where are you seeing this at? On tax transcripts?

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    Have an EIC…projected deposit date was Feb 22nd.. I looked at my American Express Serve card balance and it had my refund! From the time the IRS accepted my refund till deposited was 48 hours!! Check your cards, not the site because on the IRS wmr it still doesn’t say deposited, but it was. Weird but true.

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    Nope. I had path act. Now I have code 570….yayyy being held for further action.

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    Glad someone answered that, because Ive had the same question now, and a lot of people are stating that it dose mean its been approved and they just have to hold it until the 15. UGH need the right answers for sure

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    Kaycee Messmer I

    Not at all! Just a generic message stating that your refund will be held.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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