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      just wondering if anyone who has already received their tax refund & opted for a paper check . . . . How long did it take you to receive it ?

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          I filed on January 31st and got accepted the same day then got a date of Feb 11th for my refund. 3 days later Bam! My last name is valentine and I got it on Valentine’s Day, how fitting!
          3700…. all 20 ‘ s how nice :)

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            Might not be helpful, as it was a 1040x mailed to California on 1-17 and shown in WMAmendedR as received on 1-21 (3 days inclusive not counting Sunday)

            former year transcript updated, 2 days later WMAR updated to Adjusted with note that I’d receive a letter in 3 weeks.
            Transcript said 20150503
            Sent date said February 23 on transcript (last day it may be sent)
            So I figured it would go out 2-9 by the cycle (0503)
            Check arrived from KC MO. 2-14
            Date on check was 2-11
            So it looks like it may take 2 days in-house to hit the out box from the shown cycle date.
            From then it was 3 days inclusive, no Sundays in between.

            This may also hold true for 2014 returns as once you get a cycle its in the process regardless of what year – it’s just a piece of paper.

            Caught enough interest on the check to pay for Valentines dinner out, so that’s nice and now I don’t have to fret about this year’s return which is past 21 days.

            Hope any of that helped!

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              I filed mine Feb 1 got approved within seconds got a date for Feb 11 said it was sent Feb 11 bc its coming from Texas to kentucky I expected it to come today praying it comes tomorrow all my friend got theirs and I’m still left to wait for mine. *Geesshhh what a bummer* last year took all of 4 days to get my paper check this year it’s already been 2 weeks!!! Trying to be patient but with everyone rubbing in that they got theirs I’m not happy at all.

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                My tax return was accepted 1/27 just got approved today 2/13 and WMR finally updated and said that it would be mailed by February 20th. Just glad it got approved and I’m eventually gonna get my money.

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                  Any updates? Anyone have an actual mail date but fore the WMR mail by date?

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                    I don’t have my wmr bars anymore and its been 2 weeks.

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                      IRS wmr site says they mailed my check out on 2/6/15, still haven’t received it as of today, 2/11/15, maybe the awful weather on the east is slowing down mail? As I understand, they are mailed from PA… Anyone know?

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                        I filed on 1/29, received a date 2/4 of mailed by date 2/10, check was mailed out on 2/10..have not received yet

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                          I’m in the same boat as you are JSEF. I opted for paper check because my husband and I don’t have a joint account as of yet. My check is scheduled to mailed by tomorrow and I was accepted 1/26. Hopefully they send it tomorrow and I’ll get it Monday or Tuesday. I’ll update when WMR changes to ‘sent’ and I actually receive it.

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                            I was accepted 1/27 and opted for paper check b/c filed married filing jointly and husband I do not have a joint account. Still haven’t received a date yet. Will update when I do.

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