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    just wondering if anyone who has already received their tax refund & opted for a paper check . . . . How long did it take you to receive it ?

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    I filed on January 31st and got accepted the same day then got a date of Feb 11th for my refund. 3 days later Bam! My last name is valentine and I got it on Valentine’s Day, how fitting!
    3700…. all 20 ‘ s how nice :)


    Might not be helpful, as it was a 1040x mailed to California on 1-17 and shown in WMAmendedR as received on 1-21 (3 days inclusive not counting Sunday)

    former year transcript updated, 2 days later WMAR updated to Adjusted with note that I’d receive a letter in 3 weeks.
    Transcript said 20150503
    Sent date said February 23 on transcript (last day it may be sent)
    So I figured it would go out 2-9 by the cycle (0503)
    Check arrived from KC MO. 2-14
    Date on check was 2-11
    So it looks like it may take 2 days in-house to hit the out box from the shown cycle date.
    From then it was 3 days inclusive, no Sundays in between.

    This may also hold true for 2014 returns as once you get a cycle its in the process regardless of what year – it’s just a piece of paper.

    Caught enough interest on the check to pay for Valentines dinner out, so that’s nice and now I don’t have to fret about this year’s return which is past 21 days.

    Hope any of that helped!


    I filed mine Feb 1 got approved within seconds got a date for Feb 11 said it was sent Feb 11 bc its coming from Texas to kentucky I expected it to come today praying it comes tomorrow all my friend got theirs and I’m still left to wait for mine. *Geesshhh what a bummer* last year took all of 4 days to get my paper check this year it’s already been 2 weeks!!! Trying to be patient but with everyone rubbing in that they got theirs I’m not happy at all.


    My tax return was accepted 1/27 just got approved today 2/13 and WMR finally updated and said that it would be mailed by February 20th. Just glad it got approved and I’m eventually gonna get my money.


    Any updates? Anyone have an actual mail date but fore the WMR mail by date?


    I don’t have my wmr bars anymore and its been 2 weeks.


    IRS wmr site says they mailed my check out on 2/6/15, still haven’t received it as of today, 2/11/15, maybe the awful weather on the east is slowing down mail? As I understand, they are mailed from PA… Anyone know?


    I filed on 1/29, received a date 2/4 of mailed by date 2/10, check was mailed out on 2/10..have not received yet


    I’m in the same boat as you are JSEF. I opted for paper check because my husband and I don’t have a joint account as of yet. My check is scheduled to mailed by tomorrow and I was accepted 1/26. Hopefully they send it tomorrow and I’ll get it Monday or Tuesday. I’ll update when WMR changes to ‘sent’ and I actually receive it.


    I was accepted 1/27 and opted for paper check b/c filed married filing jointly and husband I do not have a joint account. Still haven’t received a date yet. Will update when I do.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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