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Panic mode 2/13 accepted

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    Grrrr – I’m a weekly, I usually get my refund on Wednesday’s – I filed 1/31 accepted 2/13 – filed with TT would’ve been 2/12 but TT didn’t give me a spot to add my IP pin until it was rejected. Anywho. 1 bar. My as of date on my transcript changed yesterday but no update today. Transcript shows no updated information, just stimulus information…I know the app been having issues but getting really nervous as next week is the last week. Really hoping it just pops into my account.

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    Stacy C

    No change here except the bars disappeared last Saturday. Filed and accepted 2/13 via TT

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    I called yesterday – she said I had to wait 10 weeks because they are backed up from last years stuff. But I can see my stimulus pending in my account. I need all my coins please and thank you

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    And now I have no bars. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Jesus what is going on!

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    Jessica d

    I got accepted 2/13 nothing yet stuck on the first box in wmr I called today and all they said was to wait until next Monday if I don’t get them really really frustrating when it’s there website that’s done should at least tell us

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    I tried to call and ask but the woman gave me the 21 day speech. Yes I know it’s not quite 21 days, but I always have mine in a week, I know there’s something wrong. I think it’s a dumb that I have to wait until next week to be told what I need to do. I’d like to get this show on the road.

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    I’m gonna call tomorrow and ask specifically if it has been approved “since the site is down, I need a human to tell me” fingers crossesd I get someone that cares and wants to help. I have 2 stinking ass W-2s and 1 kid wtf is so hard- that should take them 10 mins to approve and verify but it’s like they haven’t even started. There’s literally no info on my transcript whatsoever – just stimulus information. It’s starting to stress me. I just want to buy a damn bed!!!! Ughh!!!

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    I was accepted the 13th as well with no movement. I have ALWAYS gotten my refund on the last wed of feb although I file early every year. But im reassuring myself by counting the days between the acceptance and ddd on my previous years, which believe it or not is always around the 18-21 day range. This year it opened up later so Im trying to stay calm and hope that its this Wednesday, which would make sense.

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    I am in the same boat. Filed with TT 2/13 and have not received an update since. It took my return a few days just to show up in WMR but other than as of date there has been no update. Previous years I have always updated between 20-24 of February. I miss the good old days where you got your refund the next day after filing lol.

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    Same here,
    I was accepted the 13th just called them today, they asked me a bunch of questions, even about my 2019 tax return, my mom my father, where I was born.
    Then told me to wait the 21 days and if there was an error they would send me a letter.

    Like WTF just tell me what’s going on so I don’t panic

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    Filed 2/12, accepted 2/13. No movement no transcripts. Getting irritated >:(

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    Filed 2-8
    Accepted 2-12
    Self Employment

    I just called and was told that the 21days are up on friday. If I don’t hear anything to call back monday and someone will go into my account . That’s that bull

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    I called last week and had to ID verify over the phone. They said it would be NINE more weeks!

    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Bars disappeared and say “still processing”

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    Another mom

    Filed in Jan
    Rejected 2/10
    Accepted 2/13

    1 bar WMR
    Transcript 2020 available
    DDD 3/3

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    Accepted 2/13. Was at 1 bar for days now tool and website say info incorrect.

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    Accepted 2/13 no movement no deposit as of today!

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    Called this morning only to get the run around, she did check my account – asked a billion questions – I haven’t gotten a letter but ma’am can I get some specifics lol- all she said was wait them 21 days. They wana make me cry!! Will Kee updating y’all.

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    Still waiting no movement no clue if I’m a weekly they accepted feb 14th

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    Same. filed 2/3 accepted 2/13 with both credits. weekly since 2017 and have been on one bar since 2/22. As of date changed to 3/15 on Friday on 202 account transcript. N/A on top two still.

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    Still no update for me 🥺 I’m def calling tomorrow

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    Angie B

    Trying to stay positive so my guess is our ddd is 3/1. There was a holiday on the Monday after we were accepted. I always got mine 10 business days after accepted. If we count business days, not that holiday and’s 10 business days. 🤷‍♀️ So I’m praying 3/1.

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    Filed on the 12th accepted the 13,
    NA on transcripts,
    Can see my stimulus payment had a as of date of 3/1 now it’s 3/15.

    I’m worried because almost everyone I know has received their refund. And I’m stuck waiting.

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    Accepted 2/13, no top transcripts. Only stimulus information on account transcript and only one bar on WMR. Supposed to receive refund by the 5th, not confident that is going to happen. They just need to tell people something.

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    Same here, accepted 2/13, n/a on transcript, eic/ctc, fees paid upfront, Chime, was really hoping to see money on Wednesday, now we’re at Sunday with no updates and I’m mildly freaking out!

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    Yeah i filed the 31st of January. I got rejected the 10th of Feb. Filed again on the 12th. Accepted the 13th. Can’t access transcripts. No movement on wmr. Nothing deposited to my bank account. Smh i been ordered the pin offline to view my transcripts but they sent it to my ex husbands house. Luckily I was being proactive and did an address change with usps. Hopefully by Monday i get some damn movement or my pin to view my transcripts

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    It’s 2/11’s still in the dark too

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    What’s up with all us 2/13’s being in the dark… I hate this.

    I just want some kind of an update.

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    Same boat as yall. I was looking at my scripts from the previous years since the Path Act became law and noticed that mine seem to always take just short of the 21 days on the Wednesday before the 21 days. I was all “It’s never taken this long” but the transcripts and bank records don’t lie. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed for this week. May the odds be ever in all of our favor.

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    Aaron B

    I’m in the same exact situation as everyone. Accepted 2/13.. nothing has updated on transcript and doesn’t even indicate a return has been received

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    I know they say not to count on my tax refund to pay bills, but I don’t have any other income at the moment and was hoping to use it to pay rent! Filed early HRB and accepted 2/13, 1 bar…was expecting an update Saturday but nothing. For me too, it has never taken this long! I’m glad I’m not the only one, but it’s like all these people got their refunds and I’m like….why not mine?

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    Filed/Accepted 02/13/21.

    -Received state yesterday (02/26/21)
    -Still @ 1 bar on WMR, (tax topic 152)

    TaxAct used, Republic bank.

    I’ve never had it take two full weeks. I want to say it usually takes 9-11 days for me. Literally nothing changed this year.

    I guess we’ll just have to sit tight a minute. Not that we have a choice.

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    In the same boat as you!! We did get our state deposit last week but the federal one is still not progressing. It’s driving me crazy!!! We got bills to pay!!

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