Over 21 days has anyone been able to reach a live agent @irs?

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      Please help completely irritated at the whole thing.Id verified on the 14th but no updated via transcripts or wmr tool and no luck calling anyone else?

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        What Jahnai sent about the number is correct. From start to finish I was on the phone for 4 hours 16 minutes. They didn’t tell me anything other than even though I verified on the 18th, it is showing I verified on the 24th and to wait nine weeks from the 24th before I call back. SMH.


          How were you able to reach a rep at the irs

          Where is my refund

            I don’t think trying to call them would do any help. The agents answering the phone would tell you to just wait and check WMR daily and that they need X amount of weeks to process. In my case, they told me to wait another 10 weeks and not 10 weeks overall from my original e-file date which was in January!


              Then 1 , then 1 again


                I filed with TT. Accepted 1/21. HOH 4 dependent children. EIC CTC I think I have the Additional credit as well. The CTC payments I never got upfront.

                Said 2/14 I was selected for verification, completed it on the 18th.

                I’m playing the waiting game too. :(

                On hold with IRS as I type. 56 minutes so far.

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