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    Wheres My Refund Oregon – Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oregon Wheres My Refund? go to Oregon Department Of Revenue

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    Oregons wmr site has said refund sent since friday. Still no funds. I’m thinking my refund must have been offset. Anyone know how long it would take to get an offset notice in the mail?

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    Filed and accepted 2/2. Online it says manual review but when I go into my actual account it says return has been processed and I have a credit in the amount of my tax refund. I know they were holding till the 15 th but has anyone got a deposit yet or called and got any info?

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    I just checked my account, and the account balance has moved down to zero. Yesterday it showed my refund amount in green. If I remember correctly in prior years, I’ve gotten a deposit shortly after this happens. The tracker still shows me as processing. Never mentioned manual review. Here hoping!!!

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    I checked the comments from last year guys. Plenty of people saw the same exact things we’re seeing including manual review and got their money around the 22nd. So rest assured, as long as you don’t see any alerts/letters on the revenue site and you don’t get any letters in the mail, we should be getting it soon! Worst case scenario we get a paper check, but the wait for that is like 2 business days. A lot of people didnt even get any updates until after they got their money. Oregon needs to upgrade their system!!!

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    I filed on 1/26 and got accepted the 29th and I still haven’t updated past manual review and haven’t seen my amount on there at all. I don’t understand. Last year I got it on the 25th of February and filed january 25th. So I hope I see it around that time this year.

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    Mine still hasn’t even gone down to zero. I filed fairly early (filed and accepted on 2-1) so was hopeful it would this weekend based on them supposedly processing in order received, but doesn’t look like it’s going to be.

    Maybe on Monday.

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    I was in manual review up until yesterday, now my account shows 0.00 and that my return is being processed and i should receive it in 2 weeks.

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    Has anyone got their refund yet

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    From my experience once it shows zero a deposit is imminent. Would be surprised if you don’t have one by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

    Mine still hasn’t gone to a zero amount, hoping it does over the weekend.

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    Balance was at 0 yesterday, was hoping for deposit today, but as of now nope 😣, literally ridiculous!!

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    My refund has been selected for “manual processing.” This is the third year in a row.
    I always file early and feel like this is the punishment for doing so. I don’t understand why this is the case but could be that much like everything, Oregon is just slow and takes their sweet ass time. My return was accepted on Jan. 29th. Hopefully the funds are deposited SOON.

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    Well I gave them a call just to make sure there were no issues. The nice woman checked and said that no letters have been mailed to me, which is a good sign, that some people are just still seeing manual review. They’re processing refunds today and people should start getting them between tomorrow and the end of the month. Refunds are sent in order they were received and processed, so earlier you filed, sooner you’ll get it.

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    Mine doesn’t mention Mannual review anymore. It did for a week now it doesn’t. Just says I should have within 2 weeks.
    I filed on 2/7/18. Accepted on 2/8/18.

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    I haven’t seen any changes on mine. It’s shown $0.00 This whole time, and still says ontime in progress, still manual review message. Wtf Oregon!

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    Mine went to 0 this morning! YES!!!! Please let it deposit today or tomorrow, lol :)

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    I’m still seeing manual review. :(
    Huge bummer. Might call them today.

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    Michelle, based on previous years, that means they released your refund and now it’s up to your bank when it deposits.

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    Lastnight on my account the balance showed was in green my refund amount was correct this morning it is showing balance due $0 does anyone know if this is normal

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    I’m still seeing the manual review message. No letters, no messages in the inbox on the website. No changes at all. Hopefully I see an update tomorrow.

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    Please note: Much like last year, the department won’t be issuing personal income tax refunds until after February 15. This refund hold is part of the state’s tax fraud prevention activities, and will allow confirmation that the amounts claimed on returns matches what employers report on forms W-2 and 1099.
    Thats new to me on their wheres my refund page, so im guessing like usual for me, the state refund will come within hours of federal =/

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    As of today the message has changed and no longer mentions manual review. It instead talks about it being processed and says unless they need to contact you a refund should be issued within next two weeks.

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    I filed on 2-2 and went to check my refund status today with Oregon and I too have the manual review verbage. I know they got a new computer system last year, and it’s causing a TON of issues. I wonder if that’s not part of the issue this/last year? – I forgot to take my stupid kicker check rebate so I’m sure that’s part of my “problem”.

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    Filed 25th under Manual Review, if I remember right, just about everyone was getting the manual review tag last year as well.

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    Maxx Tomei-Mansour

    If for some reason you believe there is documentation that you’d need to provide to resolve manual review, it’s not out of the question to give DOR a call and check. There is a section in the online portal as well that provides electronic versions of any letters that have been, or will be sent out to you. This might help clear up some of the confusion. Side note, hold times are around 6-14 minutes. :)

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    I wish it wasnt so vague when I check my status. Im in manual review…Ummm okay why? Id rather know if something is going wrong before it actually does. But is it true that refunds wont be issued until mid feb?

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    Yep. No refunds until mid February. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Absolutely no reason for them to hold refunds. I’m sure they want anything owed to them right away though.
    At the very least I want an accurate update on the website, not a vague, generic BS message that worries me.

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    Just received an e-mail response that they are not issuing refunds until the 15th of February :(

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    Does anyone know what numbers to push when calling the number to check the status of your refund? I am just curious if it is different than what online says.

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    I’m pretty sure it updates overnight, but yes. All I want to know is that everything is good and they won’t need anything extra from me. I just want to know it will go through without an issue, even if I don’t get the money for a couple weeks lol. So frustrating.

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    Mine also says “Ontime-Processed”, but I have seen nothing $$ wise :(. I don’t understand any of this. Just wish it would hurry up already, or we could at least be told a time of day the updates take place because honestly even though I know its only once a day I check 50 + times a day because who knows when it updates so……

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    Hmm, I filed mine the 26th and was accepted the 29th, I’ve been seeing “manual review, may take additional time” since it updated Tuesday morning. Really hoping it will move out of that message soon. I reported payments for childcare, so I’m hoping they don’t delay for that. But I haven’t seen any other messages or mail yet, who knows. Hopefully a positive update tomorrow.

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    Haha, please excuse my “manuel” vs. “manual” spelling errors, lol. I’m tired and my daughter boyfriends name is Manuel, so I am also confused, lol.

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    SMS18 yes, it originally showed Manuel review for 2 days. I didn’t know about creating a revenue account until I found this site so I created one when I saw it change from manuel to processing regularly. It has shown my refund amount in green since I created the account, and wmr has been out of manuel review for just about 9 days.

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    I saw the “Manual Review” about 6-7 days ago. its been processing, standard 2 weeks message since then

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    Trinity, when you say it’s showing in green, are you seeing it posted on the oregon revenue site already? And, did you ever see the “manual review” message?

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    Mine has been two weeks since WMR has said they were processing and I will get within 2 weeks if no errors. I am still showing in green, and there are no letters or anything. Frustrating to say the least!

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    Crystails, I believe it did that last year too. Not an automatic 12 week wait. I’m pretty sure it’s standard message for everyone as Oregon also waits until mid February to approve refunds and send them out. I wish they had a less confusing message for it.

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    Is being manually processed an automatic 12 week delay?

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    Does anyone know if Oregon is delaying refunds until the 15th again?

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    My state taxes were accepted on 30 Jan 2017. Today is the 28th of April and it is still being processed. I called the number listed on the ORS website since its been 12 weeks. The person I talked with after holding for 30 minutes wasn’t really helpful, said they would send some type of message to another department telling them to issue my refund or send me paperwork that they might still need from me and i should here from them in about 2 weeks. So they have had my taxes for 12 weeks and have not even looked at them, I got my Fed refund in 3 weeks

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    Is this site active, seems to be dead, commits not be moderated at all

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    this was week 12 since filing at the beginning of february. with my refund amount still in green parentheses and saying on time processed. it also had the manual review status on WMR.

    I called yesterday, tuesday, to get an update. they agreed it had been 12 weeks. the rep said he would send a note to a tax processor and i should hear back within 7-10 days.

    today, my refund is now zero’ed, still says on time processed and the WMR status now says “We’re processing your return. If we need additional information to finish processing your return, you’ll receive a letter from us. Otherwise, your refund should be issued in the next two weeks.”

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    Is anyone else still waiting. I got an email from turbo tax stating my state refund was accepted on Feb 9th. Then I checked on the website and was under manual review. I just called today 6/19 and was told they are working on it and to check back in another week or two. I haven’t received any letters and the gal on the phone confirmed I haven’t been sent anything. When I log in the balance says $0.00 so I’m hoping that means they are sending me a refund based on some of the other comments.

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    So, Filed and accepted Feb 1st. Part year resident since my family moved here for my husband’s job. Received my federal and nj state (which is notoriously slower than slow) beginning of last month.

    Still no Oregon refund. No letters. No ID quiz. No W2’s requested. Nada. On my account says processed with the amount in green. Has said that for a month now. Measly $144 but it’s the principle of it. On wmr still states being manually processed. Ugghh. Anyone else in this situation have any insight?

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    That’s good news. I think i should be receiving something by Monday. That will be week 12. I uploaded my drivers license, W2, employee paystub with my ID badge, copy of insurance card with address, and the original letter. I don’t think they could possibly need anything else.

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    I got a letter last Monday asking for proof of W-2 and my 1099 which I copied and emailed over that same day, now today I logged on to my acct and it says refund is being processed and will be sent to bank within 2 weeks. Also it shows a $0 balance now. So finally after almost 10 weeks I’m getting somewhere. Instead of it saying “return being manually processed”

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    For those of you who received an identity test, how long did it take for you to receive your refund after you submitted the test? I received a letter yesterday asking for proof of address, drivers licence, and for a copy of my W2. Glad i finally received something from ODR. I think i’ll receive something back soon.

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    Oregon tax advocates only assist individuals who are having issues retrieving their federal income tax returns unfortunately. It was a good attempt. I flew in and out of state several times for work before moving to texas, also for work, so I had a lot to write off, my Oregon refund will be close to 7k. It paid off for me to go through all of my bank and CC statements and itemize all of my deductions. It will be 11 weeks on monday since i filed, I’m facing medical bills from an accident in January so i’ll be all over them if i don’t get it back by week 12.

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    Thank you for the help! I logged in and seen there was a letter (that hasn’t even been mailed out yet) asking for a copy of our W-2 so I attached it and sent it over, hopefully this will get things rolling… been over 9 weeks now!

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    Hi Melanie~

    Totally understand your frustration! We’ve had to pay the last 2 years but this year was way different and they owe us. Possibly why we also were dinged for manual review but it’s hard to say. If you go to https://revenueonline.dor.oregon.gov you can make an online account. Thats where you can see the “green” as well as previous tax years ect. I hope this helps and good luck!

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