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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Oregon – Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oregon Wheres My Refund? go to Oregon Department Of Revenue

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    Hey everyone! Happy tax season! Has anyone had their state return rejected because of a “Oregon Federal Tax Liability Hold – Oregon Form 40, 40N and 40P Federal tax liability subtraction requires a software update”?

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    Hey all. Welcome back to a new tax season. Just wondering if anyone else is having troubles with the WMR for OR? I filed with TT on 1/30 went to accepted by OR on 2/14, but every time I put in my information it says that there’s no record of my return. 😫 I’m hoping it’s just a glitch because of our state piggy backing off Fed. With the dates from PATH.

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    alfred e. dallwig
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    Accepted march 10 still says processing not flagged..anybody in march get refund yet

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    Accepted 2/18/2020 and amount has been green on my online account ever since until this morning 2/28/2020 it went black 0.00. Hopefully this means it will be deposited Monday! It still shows as processing but the black 0.00 means they’re issuing it soon!

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    My money deposited into my bank this morning.

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    @macaila did you have turbo tax deduct fees from your refund? If so it could go through them first and then your Turbo Card. I would check TPG and see if they received it.

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    MaCaila L.

    So my state says my refund was sent but I checked my TurboTax debit card and it’s still empty. How long did it take for yours to go through??

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    Mine’s been zeroed out since yesterday morning. Not showing as sent yet And nothing pending with Turbo Card or TPG 😒 Wishful thinking for Monday

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    It is one day away from it being exactly a full month since it was accepted. Still not zeroed out.

    I didn’t even file EITC/Child credits in Oregon or federal.

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    Yep, they’re pending in our accounts for Monday lol.

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    Really hope it deposits today. Could use it this weekend.

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    Mine account has zeroed out but I did not receive my refund yet. Odd….called the bank (Chase) and they said nothing was even pending

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    Refund deposited this morning

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    Kyle B

    **update** got my refund

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    Kyle B

    *update* got my refund

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    Yes i do, i was hoping it would as well.

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    @P905 Do you have a traditional bank account? Took 5 days for mine to deposit last year but the amount went to zeros on a Saturday so was hoping for sooner this year.

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    This is extremely frustrating. Mine was accepted on 1/22.


    Balance is still green.


    #4362877 Reply

    Never mind, got my answer but can’t edit post.

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    Does the kicker come separately from the regular refund?

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    Mine zeroed out yesterday, nothing deposited yet.

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    How long is it taking to deposit? Mine zeroed our this morning?

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    Kyle b

    Accepted 1/30 balance zeroed out this morning and I’m awaiting refund still

    #4362304 Reply

    Has anyone whose tax returns were accepted 2/1/20 received their refund yet??

    #4362203 Reply

    Zeroed out yesterday
    Refund in the bank (USAA) today

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    By blacked out you mean just zero’s right as in 0.00? Mine changed to that today where as yesterday I had my refund in green. Hopefully we see it here soon if that’s the case.

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    How long did it take to receive a direct deposit after the amount blacked out to zero balance?

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    Finally, mine and my boyfriend’s finally zeroed out. I checked like 2 hours ago and it still showed our amounts in green, so it was sent recently.
    Hopefully I get mine as fast as everyone else did this week lol.

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    Did anyone with a bank account receive their refund? Or only people with prepaid cards?

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    My Oregon’s WMR never said money sent, but yesterday my account went from my green amount to blacked out zeroes. Netspend. Just got my Oregon deposit 3:45 AM PST. <3 At least it’s something.

    Now just waiting for Federal to make a move.

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    They really don’t tell you about this stuff in high school. I mean I’m mid-20s now, but losing sleep over taxes coming back later than you were counting on? Year after year being placed in manual reviews?


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    Got mine on my netspend card this morning. Was really surprised considering Liberty Tax didn’t file my return correctly and they had to adjust the entire thing. N ow I’m just impatiently waiting for my federal. Can’t access my transcript due to never having a credit card or loan. Fingers crossed that they at least filed that right.

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    My return was accepted on 1/22.
    It’s been sitting at “Ontime-Processed” since 1/27.
    No alerts or letters, just a portal.
    And others are updating before me.

    I really need to learn to stop counting on my refunds in any way.

    #4359612 Reply

    Not gonna lie, a little frustrating when people who filed after me update before I do. :(
    Not much of a big deal, but it just sucks when I’m constantly skipped lol.

    #4359539 Reply

    So i checked today and -not what i expected- it says refund sent!!! Actual Yippees now!! Should see it sooner that i ever imagined after that manual review message Thank you all for your responses!!

    #4359475 Reply


    Mine zeroed out this morning as well.

    #4359238 Reply

    Oregon return:

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Green refund amount since 2/3 on Revenue Online site
    Refund zeroed out and is black
    Expect refund in the bank tomorrow or Friday

    This mirrors what has happened in the past

    Sign up!

    Cheers All!

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    Both myself and my boyfriend were selected for manual review because TurboTax miscalculated the kicker this year. Saying it’s just the kicker issue, and nothing else/they don’t need more information, does anyone know when we might expect to see our refund? Really hoping it’s not months out like a lot of people are saying here, we need this money to finish paying off the rest of our piece of crap car haha.

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    Torahsissy, two years ago I got manual review. If you have an account on the revenue site, check the correspondences. You’ll get the letter regarding what info they will need there before you get it in the mail. I didn’t get my money until almost May, but only because they took so long to send the letter and I didn’t check the revenue site for it.

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    Last years return got flagged for manual review. I didn’t get the letter requesting w2’s until March 16. Filed 2/5/2019. I finally got it 9/6/2019

    #4354918 Reply

    I just checked and i got selected for manual processing Yippee lol…what can i expect now?

    #4351938 Reply


    It’s been green since the 23rd I believe.

    Also, your return not falling under the PATH act (if it doesn’t) might explain your change in status. All I can say is I’m a touch jealous lol

    #4351833 Reply


    Can’t remember the exact day and unfortunately don’t really have time to check right now, but it would have been at least close to your same time frame.

    Not sure how long yours has been green, but mine has been green for at least a couple of weeks before zeroing out today. On where’s my refund it’s the message stating it’s processing and that if they don’t need more information I should see the refund in two weeks, that has been there at least close to two weeks already as well.

    I am not part of the Path act. Just a super simple single filing.

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    I filed on the 17th and was accepted 22nd. Mine is still reading green, no notice of impending alerts/changes from Turbo or within Revenue Online. How do your filing/acceptance dates compare? Just curious. Also, did you file for one of the PATH Act specifics?

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    Mine went from green with the amount to black and zeroed out today.

    I did my taxes quite early in Mid January, so hopefully that means they are already planning on depositing it.

    I know in previous years once it’s zeroed out you typically get the refund shortly thereafter.

    Only concern this year is that TurboTax somehow miscalculated the kicker and I apparently have an adjusted return based off that (the amount in green never did match what TurboTax said J would get) there was a letter in my account asking if I want to appeal and saying how

    I don’t care to appeal, I simply hope that doesn’t delay the money I am counting on and the amount that was in green and is now zeroed out.

    #4351232 Reply

    They probably saw it was processing on their personal Revenue Online account. For example, after logging in w/ my email and pass, it shows “Ontime-Processed” with the amount in green.

    #4351230 Reply

    @TheMizz – Went to the Oregon Revenue Website and created an account. I see the same now. Woot! Makes me feel better.

    #4351211 Reply

    TheMizz – Where did you see this? When I go to the refund checking part of the site it says to come back after the 15th.

    #4347863 Reply

    Return processing… Filed January 20th. Amount is in green.

    #4345186 Reply

    See there’s not much activity here yet.

    With the 15th and Oregon finally starting to release refunds quick approaching, I would expect that to change.

    With the 15th falling on a weekend this year (Saturday) and the following Monday being Presidents day which is a banking holiday, the absolute earliest I would expect to see refunds would be Tuesday the 18th. From that point forward they should start slowly trickling in.

    #4342435 Reply
    Lee broc

    Did id quiz yesterday. Now it says info not available

    #4326142 Reply
    Christina Cervantes

    I filled at the beginning of February already got my state refund i got them in February as well but i don’t know what’s going on with you guys I haven’t received my Oregon refund u guys ask copies of my W-2 forms which I sent through express mail so you guys receive it faster but yet it’s been in return processing for about two months what the heck is going on people need the money I called to ask about information on why is it taking so long and the only answer I got was we can’t give exact time on when your return will be processed like hello ppl haven’t bills , debts And what not

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    Joyce Gilbert

    All the sight says is processing i sent in additional information 3 weeks ago so hopefully i will hear something soon

    #4310959 Reply

    I filed my taxes in early february (maybe even late january) and I have a “manual review” on my taxes. still haven’t received my refund

    #4310002 Reply
    Michael Moore

    Got mine today after it was in review for 3 weeks. And for some odd reason they did not deposit all my refund, will be talking w/ my CPA in the morning

    #4308639 Reply
    Reanna Sunford

    I filed and was accepted Jan 27th, website has been showing that I’m being manually reviewed but no extra info has been requested. Any one else in the same boat?

    #4307320 Reply

    Finally saw the refund today! Good luck to the rest of you.

    #4305909 Reply

    oregon revenue says sent chatted with banner bank say they dont see anything being processed or scheduld called the automated number say my state was processed and should see in 5 to 7 days. is there a reason why my bank couldnt see it.we owe irs almost 500 and my taxes are almost 8 will i get all of my taxes or some?

    #4305762 Reply

    zeroed out overnight.
    when should i expect to see a deposit?

    #4303256 Reply

    I called the Oregon Revenue Department earlier today and they said that mine had a direct deposit date for tomorrow which is down today the 26th so we shall see

    #4301904 Reply

    my status is showing “return processing” with a

    ” We’re processing your return. If we need additional information to finish processing your return, you’ll receive a letter from us. Otherwise, your refund should be issued in the next two weeks.”
    how long does it usually take to zero out/ move to the next stage ?

    #4301587 Reply

    Same situation. Website says zero and no money in my account. Not sure what to think. Return says processing on the website also. Hope we both get some answers

    #4301574 Reply

    No change since Friday when DOR balance zeroed out. Still nothing pending at my bank and DOR still says Return Processing.
    Beginning to get really frustrated as my return was accepted on 2/3 and no manual review or additional information requested from me.

    #4299827 Reply

    @just me I filed on February 8th. I checked the status of my review multiple times but it said I was in manual review. I made an account on Friday to see what I could find out. Suddenly I’m not in manual review anymore. Says my refund should be issued in 2 weeks. It showed the amount in green. As of last night, the number is black and is zero. Hoping that means they sent it.

    #4299121 Reply
    Just me

    Anyone file 2/7/19 and get a OR refund yet?

    #4298959 Reply

    Mines say sent and is on the last circle but I called and I still have a balance of 0 and there’s no pending deposit I don’t know what’s going on can anyone help or is anybody going through the same thing

    #4297160 Reply

    Deposit posted (chase)

    #4295575 Reply

    TipTip. It will be Monday. Ours is pending in our account as of this morning, but it won’t be released until Monday. Super bummed seeing that money sitting there and we can’t even touch it, but it’s still there and I’m relieved.
    Now if only the IRS would hurry up and work on federal as well.

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    I’m still waiting for my deposit. I bank with BECU and they don’t “have” a thing for pending deposits or something like that… so they post deposits as they get them. Perhaps I won’t get my money until Monday or Tuesday of next week ☹️

    #4294917 Reply

    Mine was deposited today

    #4294915 Reply

    Mine zeroed out yesterday and is now pending in our bank account.

    #4294763 Reply

    Balance zeroed out overnight. Nothing pending on my bank account. DOR site still says “Return Processing”.
    Hopefully I see my refund by Monday.

    #4293218 Reply

    @hello I appreciate the information

    #4292939 Reply

    Mine 0 out yesterday and i still haven’t seen any deposit. Is this normal?

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