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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Oregon – Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oregon Wheres My Refund? go to Oregon Department Of Revenue

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    @Gustavo it means processing is complete you should receive $ any day

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    What does it indicate when your amount zeroes out?

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    Return just showed up pending in my account today. Will clear tomorrow. Accepted 2/1. Oregon revenue site still says processing

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    My balance just got zeroed out as well, filed & accepted on 2/1

    *fingers crossed*

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    Thanks for the info Jen! I’m hoping I’ll see something tomorrow 🤞🏼

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    @tiptip mine zeroed out yesterday and this am very early my deposit was pending

    #4290924 Reply

    Mine is showing zeros also finally some movement

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    How many days did it take for the money to show in your bank account for those of you who went from a credit refund to $0? My WMR changed overnight and now shows $0 but at the same time the site still shows processing..

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    Big Daddy

    Zeroed out for me this morning but nothing pending at the bank. Hopefully in the morning!

    #4290685 Reply

    Finally zeroed out for me. Awesome!

    #4290586 Reply

    Posted to my bank account late lastnight (137 am) filed and excepted on 01/28/2019 good luck everyone !

    #4289736 Reply

    Pending in my bank account! Good luck to everyone else. Maybe they won’t keep you waiting as long as fed is!

    #4289237 Reply

    Mine is still green too..

    #4289188 Reply
    Big Daddy

    Still showing green as well, no update on OWMR.

    #4289120 Reply

    Mine is still in green also

    #4288873 Reply

    Mine still showing green and has been for about a week and half. I hope everyone that went to 0.00’s get theirs soon! Please update if you can.

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    Big Tex

    my amount went from showing a balance to zeros, will update if the money hits my bank or anything similar

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    I just checked and my amount went from green to black 0.00. Wmr still say processing though. Hopefully it will update tonight to sent.

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    Got mine this morning in my bank accepted on the 23rd by DOR.. DOR website updated to deposit sent to my bank at midnight

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    My amount went from showing in green to Black zeroes. Hopefully that means a DDD is coming!

    #4284396 Reply

    Hillary, I wouldn’t consider our refunds delayed (other than the standard delay to the 15th) unless it’s been more than 2 weeks after the general hold ended. So, if come March you don’t have your money yet, then it would be delayed.

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    Submitted initially on 1/30, via TurboTax. Rejected the next day with no explanation. Contacted DOR and was told there was an issue with TurboTax, not necessarily the actual return. Resubmitted on 2/2/19. Accepted on 2/3/19. No messages, except the standard “Your refund should be issued in two weeks”. Two weeks would have been Sunday. Monday was the holiday. I would have expected my refund today. But, the amount is still bracketed and still “processing”. No additional messages via DOR online about needing any additional information. If everybody’s refunds are going to be delayed for some reason, they should put a general notification on their website.

    #4280832 Reply

    I think state will require me to send my W2s again witch will delay my taxes till April…. bummer 😩

    #4279486 Reply

    I didn’t see any kicker info when I filed through TurboTax, I heard we will get one on the 2019 tax year.

    #4279123 Reply

    Mine was selected. Did anyone see any information about the kicker on their forms?

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    Jen, last year my return was under manual review and I didn’t get my money until may. I’d filed with the child care credit and had to send in documentation. They will probably be sending you a letter of some sort whether it’s about a specific credit or just verification. Check your messages in the revenue site.

    #4278759 Reply

    Is anyone still getting the Manual Peocessing screen ?

    #4278673 Reply

    I am still waiting too! Waiting on state and fed both! Good grief! My refunds must be in route to build the wall 😒

    #4278645 Reply

    My amount disappeared Friday the 15th but says still processing

    #4278629 Reply

    Mine still says Manual Processing with the refund amount in green and bracketed.

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    Big Tex

    still nothing for me, checked this morning and still bracketed with the same message that it should be out in about 2 weeks

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    Has anyone received their Oregon tax refund yet? Thx

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    Big Tex

    Submitted through turbo tax the day before federal filing opened up, and my refund amount is still bracketed on the DOR website :( hopefully it will come through in the next week or so

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    M. Kelly Dixon

    So I just checked my account on the Oregon DOR website and it shows that I have a positive balance for my oregon state return that was accepted 2/3 hoping that means I’ll receive my return on the 15th when they start issuing them.

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    marcy e mcnally

    I only filed my taxes for 2018 a week ago, but it occurred to me that in this day and age of everything being automated…it shouldn’t even take a single DAY to process peoples tax refunds, much less weeks. Either the state tax workers are lazy or the system needs to be amped up a little. Just sayin’.

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    Do you have your own portal, and if so how do you get to it on their website?

    #4245780 Reply

    So, I want to give a little bit of info I was told when I called yesterday. Turns out, the holdup is due to the department of revenue not receiving income information from places of employment. Whether your employer slacked, it got mixed up, whatever, it makes it hard for them to verify. So they give a time limit on when they verify by employer before sending it out to us. Seeing as they generally don’t get a copy of our w2 when we file, only what we input ourselves, it makes sense.
    Hopefully everyone else still waiting gets an update soon.

    #4245752 Reply

    Finally an update! It shows it was processed and should get it within two weeks.

    #4245595 Reply

    Anyone who’s had to submit proof of childcare, how long did it take before you were given a final update?

    #4245523 Reply

    Well, I just submitted documents for proof of child care. Hopefully they’ll accept everything I spent days collecting between myself and the babysitter.

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    well they finally loaded a letter to my portal. apparently they think i didn’t include some tax credits for the federal tax liability. which is crazy since i used the numbers from my fed filing in order to do my oregon filing. so they are now reducing my refund by $80. seriously. all that payroll and crazy from the state to get $80-it cost more than that to calculate it. BESIDES THE FACT THAT IT IS WRONG! i looked at my fed return and i did use the number from there. but the reduced it anyways because they think i “qualify” for a larger deduction than claimed. just because i may have qualified doesn’t mean that i took it. ugh. whatever. hopefully i should get my smaller refund in the next few days. so stupid.

    ” We adjusted or denied the federal tax subtraction to the federal income tax after credits on your federal return. Your federal income tax after credits may have been decreased if you qualified for a larger federal standard deduction than you claimed. “

    #4245161 Reply

    my amount went to 0.00.and no longer under manual review…. finally after 11 weeks of waiting….:-/ ..

    #4244840 Reply

    the state’s latest reply:

    At this time I do not have an update for you regarding your 2017 tax return filed, no notices have been issued. If you do not receive a request for additional information or your refund after 12 weeks we may be able to send an update inquiry to our processing area on your behalf. Unfortunately at this time we do have to allow additional time for processing.

    ugh. so stupid. they say to allow additional time, but do not say WHY.

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    sms18- ugh. that sucks. im glad i kept all my child care stuff. but still ridiculous that the feds deposited my refund within two weeks of filing and here we are MONTHS later trying to figure out what is going on stateside. ill scan all of my stuff tonight to have it ready to load via the portal. thank you so much for updating what you are going through. it really is helping me to be ready for the next steps! :)

    nessi-right?! ive been filing since 14, (almost 30 years!) and have been doing “electronic” filing for about half that time. this is also the first time ive had any hold up.

    #4244815 Reply

    Just an update, they’re requiring proof of the child care credit. So, no good update for me just yet. Frustrating that the state isn’t satisfied with my filed return but the government is. My childrens sitter already filed and reported what I paid her, of course they have no issue taking the taxes owed from her without proof of childcare, but can’t go forward with my return without extensive proof. I can get it sent to them, but this is ridiculous.

    #4244810 Reply

    Kmpts7 I have to and in both of my w2s. I was shocked, they gave me some story like because i do my taxes online they needed me to send them. I’ve been doing my taxes since I was 17 and never was asked for them from the state revenue before. Idk I’m just glad they are on the way now. Good luck!!

    #4244808 Reply

    An my amount went to 0.00 like normal! It’s on its way!

    #4244806 Reply

    My portal updated no longer under manual review 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    #4244741 Reply

    SMS18- so glad to hear you were able to actually get an update! we just moved into our new house, so I’ve updated via the portal our new address just in case. we didn’t have any 1099s. Only W-2s. I’d be surprised if they needed a copy of a W-2, but at this point who knows. Seems like they are really behind the times in comparison to other states. Please update once you receive your refund, I’d like to get an idea of how long it should take us. Thanks!

    #4244598 Reply

    Nessi, if you have a scanner and laptop/computer, you could scan the needed documents and submit through The portal. There’s an option to “submit documents”. It took me a minute to figure it out myself. I sent it in 2 days ago and they’ve received them already. Hoping it’ll update Monday or tuesday.

    #4244593 Reply

    @jessica143 I tried that they said follow the directions on the letter that said mail the documents. I mailed my w2s yesterday 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    #4244466 Reply

    Jessica143, its confusing for me because I never even saw my amount like every one else, I have no idea what to expect. Driving me crazy. I was able to submit my documents through the portal and hope it’s enough. Now just to wait for it to all go through without anymore issues!

    #4244459 Reply

    Everyone getting the letters for W2s and 1099s submit them online through the Revenue Online portal!!! They get reviewed in 2-3 days if that, you can track it to see if they have been processed and then you should see your amount zero out and then they issue your refund quickly. They actually owed me more money so I got a letter a few days after I submitted my documents saying they adjusted my refund. I got the letter online on 4/5 and it was dated for 4/11 and my refund was deposited on 4/10. Got my letter in the mail on 4/2

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    Carma Strong

    This state continues to be an utter disappointment to me. First I was asked by the State of Oregon to take on 2 children who cannot watch themselves while I’m working. Then paid cash to the caretaker but because I’ve got no reciepts I have to pay this greedy state instead of getting a refund. Thanks Oregon a real piece of work.

    #4244442 Reply

    FINALLY got a letter in the mail. I talked to someone on the phone, he did mention that these letters will not show up in the online portal. I’m very relieved it’s just my w2 and 1099r they want, it would’ve been a huge hassle gathering info for the child care credit, which I can provide, but still a hassle.
    Hopefully I can get these documents submitted quickly and get a better update soon!!

    #4244437 Reply

    I have lived in Oregon most of my life and have always had to pay extra each year, never a refund. I’m now retired and didn’t work much extra last year and finally get a refund of almost $200, mostly thanks to the kicker. I filed on Jan 28, and just received a letter today asking for w-2’s and 1099’s. WTF? 10 weeks after I file they want copies of documents they should already have? Do only people getting refunds get manual processing? Mexico is sounding better all the time.

    #4244138 Reply

    My refund was sent this morning. It matches the date on the offset adjustment letter I received in my online portal last Thursday or Friday.

    I highly encourage anyone getting letters and requests for additional information to submit them through the online portal. It is much faster than mailing anything back and it allows you to see when it’s been processed.

    Good luck everyone!

    #4244075 Reply

    I’ve tried calling and they won’t tell me anything. I may give them a call again today.

    #4243960 Reply

    SMS18 – I would call them. The letter they sent about needing additional documentation never showed in my online portal. It just arrived in the mail.

    I thought it was odd because they should have all W2 and 1099 info because it is sent to them electronically by the employers and other agencies that issue them. When I called Thursday I was told they did not get my 1099 from the agency that issued it and that’s why I got held up in review.

    Might be worth a call to see.

    #4243925 Reply

    Jessica143, I have some hope.
    That’s awesome you’re getting progress! I filed 1/29 and am still stuck at 0.00, never seeing my amount in green and manual review. Hoping I at least get a letter or something soon.

    #4243794 Reply

    My Revenus Online portal updated this morning. I submitted the documents they requested from me electronically through the portal on Tuesday, they got processed in a day or two and I logged in this morning and my amount was $0.00 (green previously) and I had a letter stating my refund was more then H&R Block had said it was going to be.

    Looked at the Where’s My Refund status bar and it no longer says manual review it just says processing and if a refund is due it should be issued in 2 weeks. I have 2 or the 3 blue balls on the status indicator filled so just waiting on them to actually send the refund now.

    Filed 2-15 accepted 2-16 and have had a green amount now for almost a month. Finally got the letter on 4/3 and submitted requested documents (one 1099).

    Hope everyone that is still here starts to see some progress too!

    #4243554 Reply

    Hey Everyone,
    Quick update…I am in the same boat as Luis…I just received a letter today dated for 3/30/2018 requesting copies of W-2’s and 1099’s that show the taxes I paid to Oregon. Being as I only filed a tax return to get my kicker check benefit since I was a resident in 2015 and 2016, I only had a 1099-G with very little tax paid to Oregon from the Unemployment Department. I called to verify that this is all I had to send in along with the letter signed and sent back and the lady told me “yep that’s it”. There is no way to submit this online or fax it. I have to SNAIL mail this back. ONE FORM! Less than $300 in taxes paid to them and I can’t believe they don’t have access to to another state departments forms that were sent out. WHAT THE HELL!

    This is crazy. I filed almost 2 months ago and this is where it is currently at. Waiting on one form and I am not even a resident anymore. I have a feeling that others who have seen their amounts in green indefinitely will be getting this same letter.

    Oh and they couldn’t even be bothered to post this on the Revenue Online portal so I could have seen it as soon as it was sent and acted on it faster.

    #4243485 Reply

    Kmpts7, I’m not sure. This is my 4th year filing and every year I’ve gotten a refund and never had this issue. Only thing that makes sense is maybe the state is so broke they’re putting off refunds they can’t afford to pay out right away.

    #4243467 Reply

    got a letter today asking for a copy of w-2 .. and refund amount…

    #4243428 Reply

    SMS18- I am in the same boat as you. Its super frustrating. I have not once seen the amount show up, it has always been zero. That being said the past two years I have paid money to OR, this is the first year we have gotten any refund since we moved here. Maybe since we have traditionally paid every year (my husband was putting the wrong withholding down on his W4) our file is flagged since this year they owe us money? I’ve actually emailed and called and gotten no where with the state. When I asked if they could explain why it was in manual review or what stage it was in on the review…I got the same pat answer “Some files take longer than others”. When I asked if there was anyone I could speak to or email-I was told no. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with my file, but who knows at this point!

    #4243152 Reply

    It would be nice to see a positive update from someone who HAS NOT seen their amount even show up. I see everyone has at least seen their balance. I’m extremely discouraged guys. It’s been longer than 2 months now.

    #4243123 Reply

    Amount zeroed out 3/29. Deposit pending my account for 4/2.

    #4242939 Reply

    Checked mine this morning. Amount zeroed out finally. But still says manual review processing. Hopefully it will be deposited soon. Fingers crossed.

    #4242867 Reply

    Oh yes no letters/alerts

    #4242865 Reply

    I’m happy you got yours @jimmy503 that gives me hope lol my amount is still in green it looks like (xxx.xx)!! This is so irritating but I can wait thank God I didn’t really need it for anything….

    File date 1/19 accepted the same day I’ve been seeing manual Review since then and my amount has always shown more than what hnr bock said I would get it’s never showed (0.00) in green .

    #4242845 Reply

    still green… no letter… file d 1/30

    #4242839 Reply

    Mines still green also, no info nor letters. Filed 2/2

    #4242830 Reply

    Amount still shows in green filed and accepted 2/16. Still says manual review but no letters

    #4242827 Reply

    Refund deposited today

    #4242303 Reply

    Jessica143, maybe, but it isn’t the first year this has happened. I’m going to look into that though.

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