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    Wheres My Refund Oregon – Share your experience with filing your Oregon Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oregon Wheres My Refund? go to Oregon Department Of Revenue

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    Everyone getting the letters for W2s and 1099s submit them online through the Revenue Online portal!!! They get reviewed in 2-3 days if that, you can track it to see if they have been processed and then you should see your amount zero out and then they issue your refund quickly. They actually owed me more money so I got a letter a few days after I submitted my documents saying they adjusted my refund. I got the letter online on 4/5 and it was dated for 4/11 and my refund was deposited on 4/10. Got my letter in the mail on 4/2

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    Carma Strong

    This state continues to be an utter disappointment to me. First I was asked by the State of Oregon to take on 2 children who cannot watch themselves while I’m working. Then paid cash to the caretaker but because I’ve got no reciepts I have to pay this greedy state instead of getting a refund. Thanks Oregon a real piece of work.

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    FINALLY got a letter in the mail. I talked to someone on the phone, he did mention that these letters will not show up in the online portal. I’m very relieved it’s just my w2 and 1099r they want, it would’ve been a huge hassle gathering info for the child care credit, which I can provide, but still a hassle.
    Hopefully I can get these documents submitted quickly and get a better update soon!!

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    I have lived in Oregon most of my life and have always had to pay extra each year, never a refund. I’m now retired and didn’t work much extra last year and finally get a refund of almost $200, mostly thanks to the kicker. I filed on Jan 28, and just received a letter today asking for w-2’s and 1099’s. WTF? 10 weeks after I file they want copies of documents they should already have? Do only people getting refunds get manual processing? Mexico is sounding better all the time.

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    My refund was sent this morning. It matches the date on the offset adjustment letter I received in my online portal last Thursday or Friday.

    I highly encourage anyone getting letters and requests for additional information to submit them through the online portal. It is much faster than mailing anything back and it allows you to see when it’s been processed.

    Good luck everyone!

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    I’ve tried calling and they won’t tell me anything. I may give them a call again today.

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    SMS18 – I would call them. The letter they sent about needing additional documentation never showed in my online portal. It just arrived in the mail.

    I thought it was odd because they should have all W2 and 1099 info because it is sent to them electronically by the employers and other agencies that issue them. When I called Thursday I was told they did not get my 1099 from the agency that issued it and that’s why I got held up in review.

    Might be worth a call to see.

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    Jessica143, I have some hope.
    That’s awesome you’re getting progress! I filed 1/29 and am still stuck at 0.00, never seeing my amount in green and manual review. Hoping I at least get a letter or something soon.

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    My Revenus Online portal updated this morning. I submitted the documents they requested from me electronically through the portal on Tuesday, they got processed in a day or two and I logged in this morning and my amount was $0.00 (green previously) and I had a letter stating my refund was more then H&R Block had said it was going to be.

    Looked at the Where’s My Refund status bar and it no longer says manual review it just says processing and if a refund is due it should be issued in 2 weeks. I have 2 or the 3 blue balls on the status indicator filled so just waiting on them to actually send the refund now.

    Filed 2-15 accepted 2-16 and have had a green amount now for almost a month. Finally got the letter on 4/3 and submitted requested documents (one 1099).

    Hope everyone that is still here starts to see some progress too!

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    Hey Everyone,
    Quick update…I am in the same boat as Luis…I just received a letter today dated for 3/30/2018 requesting copies of W-2’s and 1099’s that show the taxes I paid to Oregon. Being as I only filed a tax return to get my kicker check benefit since I was a resident in 2015 and 2016, I only had a 1099-G with very little tax paid to Oregon from the Unemployment Department. I called to verify that this is all I had to send in along with the letter signed and sent back and the lady told me “yep that’s it”. There is no way to submit this online or fax it. I have to SNAIL mail this back. ONE FORM! Less than $300 in taxes paid to them and I can’t believe they don’t have access to to another state departments forms that were sent out. WHAT THE HELL!

    This is crazy. I filed almost 2 months ago and this is where it is currently at. Waiting on one form and I am not even a resident anymore. I have a feeling that others who have seen their amounts in green indefinitely will be getting this same letter.

    Oh and they couldn’t even be bothered to post this on the Revenue Online portal so I could have seen it as soon as it was sent and acted on it faster.

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    Kmpts7, I’m not sure. This is my 4th year filing and every year I’ve gotten a refund and never had this issue. Only thing that makes sense is maybe the state is so broke they’re putting off refunds they can’t afford to pay out right away.

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    got a letter today asking for a copy of w-2 .. and refund amount…

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    SMS18- I am in the same boat as you. Its super frustrating. I have not once seen the amount show up, it has always been zero. That being said the past two years I have paid money to OR, this is the first year we have gotten any refund since we moved here. Maybe since we have traditionally paid every year (my husband was putting the wrong withholding down on his W4) our file is flagged since this year they owe us money? I’ve actually emailed and called and gotten no where with the state. When I asked if they could explain why it was in manual review or what stage it was in on the review…I got the same pat answer “Some files take longer than others”. When I asked if there was anyone I could speak to or email-I was told no. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with my file, but who knows at this point!

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    It would be nice to see a positive update from someone who HAS NOT seen their amount even show up. I see everyone has at least seen their balance. I’m extremely discouraged guys. It’s been longer than 2 months now.

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    Amount zeroed out 3/29. Deposit pending my account for 4/2.

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    Checked mine this morning. Amount zeroed out finally. But still says manual review processing. Hopefully it will be deposited soon. Fingers crossed.

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    Oh yes no letters/alerts

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    I’m happy you got yours @jimmy503 that gives me hope lol my amount is still in green it looks like (xxx.xx)!! This is so irritating but I can wait thank God I didn’t really need it for anything….

    File date 1/19 accepted the same day I’ve been seeing manual Review since then and my amount has always shown more than what hnr bock said I would get it’s never showed (0.00) in green .

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    still green… no letter… file d 1/30

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    Mines still green also, no info nor letters. Filed 2/2

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    Amount still shows in green filed and accepted 2/16. Still says manual review but no letters

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    Refund deposited today

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    Jessica143, maybe, but it isn’t the first year this has happened. I’m going to look into that though.

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    One of their employees just got caught uploading 36,000 personal files to their personal cloud so I’m wondering if that is creating any sort of hold up? Article said if you were affected you would get a notice in 7-10 days with an identity theft offer.

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    This is third straight year Oregon has flagged my tax return for manual review. I file every year in February and the first year I never received my refund until August. Last year it was June. Here is the funny thing, I have a pretty straightforward return and they have NEVER asked for additional paperwork and there has never been a mistake or error on my part.

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    Has anyone else not even seen their amount yet? I see all of you have at least seen your amount shown in green. Mine never did. It’s been at 0.00 since day one??

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    Yep same

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    no updates yet… green amount for 7 weeks now…

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    I still haven’t gotten anything but an amount listed in green. Filed and accepted by 2/16. Not even a resident this year but had to pay to file to get my kicker for living there previously. They are stalling with the kicker check money it seems like. My refund isn’t even that big so I’m not sure what the hold up is.

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    Has anyone received a tax return that was manually reviewed? It amazes me that not only can the department of revenue not provide answers, they are not being held to the same standards as Joe public. There are horror stories of returns taking 4-5 months in prior years and I personally would like to know what to prepare for. Next year I will adjust deductions to owe the state and when asked for a payment, I will tell them that there bill is under manual review and could you wait 12 business weeks before inquiring to payment whereabouts.

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    This is a really bad year… people had this issue last year too, but it’s a first for me. I’m almost losing hope that I’ll ever see my money. Not happy with our state government!

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    Another week and nothing. This is the worst year…

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    Still same for me too. What does the green amount mean? I’ve had that for 2-3 weeks now. I know it’s good when it zeros out and pays you but if it’s still showing a green amount does that mean they’ve determined your credit and now it’s just sitting there waiting to be processed?

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    I filed feb 2nd. Got federal return about 10 days later. Still waiting for states manual Review. Ugh. Amount still showing green.

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    @sms18 I’ve been calling they say they see the same thing we see and they don’t have further information

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    Still not a single update since shortly after filing.
    We should start calling them for answers. This isn’t right.

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    Another week and nothing.. No letters refund amount still in green.

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    same here.. still waiting…

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    Still waiting

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    I’m still waiting. Still has amount in green but still shows under manual review

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    Not here Jimmy503. :(

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    Anyone get any update?

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    Another week pasted and no movement.. This is terrible. Anyone else call in recently?

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    I’m still waiting for my state this is the longest I’ve ever had to wait. If they are doing them manually they need to hire a bigger team it should not take this long I did my taxes 1/21 I got my federal last week this is bull 🙄

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    got my federal refund on the 16th.. still waiting for state refund..

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    Same here Noah.
    Jimmy503, last time I tried to call they just tell me they don’t see anything is wrong, every one processes differently, and it hasn’t been 12 weeks yet. They won’t tell me anything else.

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    Still waiting for amount not zeroed out. Got federal a week ago. No letters or messages on my correspondence section. Showing manual review. Anyone call and find out?

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    This feels like the longest wait ever!! I received my federal on the 22nd, just waiting on OR now.
    Like most my status is showing processing, manual review. I am also showing $0.00, never had the amount..

    The one time I actually get money from OR ugh 😑

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    Refund amount still showing in green as of today…turned green 6 days ago, but my status still says manual review. No letters issued. This seems like it’s taking a really long time.

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    Nothing here for me. My amount still never changed from zero, still showing manual review, not even a letter or message on the website (I have an account). My boyfriend has his pending in his bank account and he filed around the 8th. This is ridiculous.
    They won’t tell me anything.

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    Still nothing. My girlfriend filed and accept 2/1 dd 2/21. My amount is in green and has not zeroed out. No correspondence letters. However I believe there is a offset but that is not showing. Only thing that it’s showing is under review.

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    If you want to know if you have an offset or other pending letter, etc. I highly recommend you create an account on the Oregon Department of Rwvenue site here:

    It is a bit difficult to navigate, but if you examine the Unread Correspondence/Correspondence.

    Well done!

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    1) Filed 1/26 – Accepted 1/29
    2) Manual Review indicates on Where’s my refund page after acceptance
    3) Created Department of Revenue Account online 1/16
    4) Read letter online on 2/19 via account correspondence link on Oregon Department of Revenue site that was dated 2/23 detailing offset (State OHSU balance & wife’s federal student loan)
    5) Account showed $0.00 balance on 2/19
    6) Refund minus offset direct deposited on 2/21

    Surprisingly quick, considering there were both state and federal offsets.

    I am a happy camper.

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    Well hmmmmm…. I never got a letter, but I sure have a feeling they look my refund. I have a school bill I’ve been paying on, but I never got a letter. There goes that money! Oh well, now my school bill is almost paid off at least!

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    Got my direct deposit today. Day after my balance went to zero.

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    @jessica I believe they send you a letter if you have an offset.

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    Wow 2-17 and just got it today. I don’t remember it taking that long typically once it goes down to zero (though could be mistaken on that) Hopefully it only took that long because of the weekend and President’s day. I say that mainly because mine as of today finally shows zero.

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    Got mine today. Account went to 0.00 on 2/17.

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    The amount in green doesn’t necessarily mean much.

    I filed and accepted on the first and since the second it’s been in green for me and once the 15th and the state hold on refunds passed, I honestly expected a deposit within days, yet still waiting. It has also said ontime-processed that entire time.

    A more accurate gauge is when it goes down to a zero amount that is *usually* a good sign that a deposit will take place soon.

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    How do you know if you had a state offset?

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    Filed 2/15 and accepted same day. Went into manual review a few days later and when I checked my account this morning there were no updates but when I checked this evening my refund amount is now showing in green. Does this mean it will get sent soon? My refund status page still says manual review but on my account page it says OnTime – Processed under the Period Activity section.

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    Ok! Woooo!!! Finally says refund approved and will receive my refund in 5-7 business days! Filed 2/1. My online account doesn’t show 0 yet, though. Getting there!!

    #4227478 Reply


    Anyone have experience with having to send proof of daycare payments? And how long a refund took to receive after providing all documentation requested?

    #4227163 Reply


    Good luck everyone. Looks like my manual review is legitimate for whatever reason, still not a damn change on my account. I’m giving them a week to give me an update before I start really bugging them.
    Anyone got a good email to contact them???

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    Still nothing here. Account went to 0.00 on Sat 2/17.

    #4226908 Reply


    Refund deposited around 1am , filed the 27th excepted the 29th.

    #4226370 Reply


    Oregon refund hit at 3am on Bank of America no fees out of state.

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    Well, I don’t know. I decided to call because I’ve never even seen my amount showing on my account, which strikes me as odd considering people who filed after me saw their amount pretty quick. The woman briefly said something about my account being “suspended”, she was confused because there were no letters sent out… put me on hold for a minute then picked back up giving me the basic “everyone processes differently, call back in a week if there’s nothing from us still.” Lady was very nice, but I’m tired of getting absolutely no information. Plus, I filed the 26th, why the heck is it taking so long for even my return amount to show? And why is my return suspended??

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    Filed 1/29, Accepted 1/29, was in manual review with total amount showing until 2/17 then amount went to 0.00 and says they’re processing my refund and I should receive it within 2 weeks.

    #4225493 Reply


    Filed and accepted 2/1, still says manual review and my balance is in green with ($xxx). One of these days….

    #4225397 Reply


    Lisa, do you see your amount on the revenue site yet? On your account?

    #4225369 Reply


    I filed and was accepted 2/7. Mine still says its under manual review….any thoughts?

    #4225293 Reply


    When did everyone file? Mine was accepted the 29th and I’m seriously envious of everyone seeing updates. I’ve been in manual review since I was accepted (filed the 26th) and have never even seen my amount show up, stuck on zero. I was told last week there are no issues but I don’t believe that anymore. I’ll be upset if my boyfriend gets his first, he just filed on the 8th.

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    It’s just bogus they make us wait. It was already discovered that the PATH delay in federal returns was not effective this year, fraud is worse than ever. Makes NO sense to delay people’s money at this point. Ridiculous oregon has followed suit. While I’m not dead broke and will do just fine without my money right now, at least keep us up to date on what’s going on. Tired of seeing no movement whatsoever, when they want us to pay our taxes right away anytime we have any sort of income with no leniency.

    #4225219 Reply


    Trinity, when did your balance go to 0.00?

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