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      SO i filed on the 18th of this month , TT has not emailed me anything but i went to where is my refund and its on the first bar. What does that mean?

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        This is fake


          Here’s the thing. I pulled the photo and ran it through an EXIF data reader…it shows the image was modified today…meaning photo shopped. That explains the hesitation to share anything without being asked, doesn’t it? Disappointing.


            thank you and good luck :)


              LOL Good luck to you!


                yeah im sure questions will be asked lol


                  You know everyone will be asking you:

                  When you filed, when you were accepted, what service you used, when and how did WMR update, and all those goodies…better spill it now so you can have a thread to cut and paste from. LOL


                    If that is the truth, you gotta let us know if you actually get it Thursday. Good luck, if true, I hope it is for you. I only say if true because some people can get really crafty…call it the burden of being the first to have/show it. ;) Nothing personal, alright?


                      i filed and already been approved and have my DDD heres the screenshot from my phone if that didnt work heres the link for proof


                        It means the IRS accepted it, but the TT software just hasn’t updated to show it yet.

                        That happened to me, too.

                        I heard about a supposed turbo tax glitch, and went ahead and filed with Tax Act yesterday, being TT was pending from 1/15. I knew the worst that could happen was whichever one processed second, it would simply be rejected.

                        So, I got an email from Tax Act saying Federal was rejected because the Primary SSN had been used this year.

                        Logged onto TT, said “pending”.

                        Went to my IRS2Go app which has WMR built into it for the heck of it.

                        One orange bar, showing accepted.

                        An hour later, got the text from TT and the email saying it got accepted.

                        TT shows Feb. 20 for refund date (of course, that is 21 business days from now), but says 9 out of 10 people last year got theirs within 7-10 business days.

                        I remember it being pretty short, all things considered last year, but I’ve never had one within the week, it’s usually two for me…I always had seemed to file just after a cycle processed. LOL


                          I got accepted !!!!!!! Turbo tax gives me a date from 2m to feb 10!!!!!!!! Goodluck yall!


                            Update: Just got the official “Accepted” email from TT!! YAY!


                              Exact same situation here. It looks like we’ve been accepted but TT is slow and hasn’t changed us from Pending to Accepted yet. I’m choosing to believe the IRS over TT.


                                It means that your return was accepted. I would sign on to TT and see if it has been updated.

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