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      Ok so yayyyy to those who were able to view/print 2014 transcripts! But boooooooo i was so hoping for a date ths definitely remind me of last year i had a expected deposit date for 2/12/14 so idk if im a weekly or however they figure this stuff out every year lol well i filed 1/16/15 and accepted 1/20/15 hopefully ill be able to look fwd to the transcripts and see a deposit date to follow .

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        College Student

          I filed my 1040-EZ in April, had the right address on the copies and everything. Then when I try to get my transcript for financial aid, it says my address doesn’t match. What happened? I typed it just as it appeared on my copy and even tried rewriting “avenue”. Does NW have to be written out?

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            Very irritated! I filed my bf taxes on 4/10 and mine on 4/9 both of us accepted same day as filed our taxes. Okay on the 15th he got his update of DDD which was yesterday 17th. I was shocked to see that his DDD was established to be shown only 2 days b4 he received his refund. I called in; mine has been resequenced supposedly on the 13th which means on my 4th-5th day of processing is when I was completed processing and chosen to be reviewed. Therefore ppl according to IRS agent normal processing takes 4-5 days only and reasons for why it takes longer to get an DDD is simply bc your in a pile with a certain amt of others & each night a new pile is chosen to be updated on wmr; the pile that your in when that pile comes ahead of the line you will get your DDD. etc. So yesterday I assumed I wld have my DDD status showing being my 4-5 days after I had been resequenced however Im assuming that I was drawn out of processing before all the actual processing steps were taken/made with my return which isn’t normal since every return must 1st completely be processed before an agent may take it out of the system to review it.


            I created new login I get the msg on my pc that my info is not recognized and its an error therefore doesn’t allow me in. I get on my windows phone and use my new acct info and login, however when I click on my acct transcripts + I cant remember which other transcripts from present years they are all blank on my cell. I ordered my acct transcript 16th or 17th by mail but viewing online by cell the darn thing is blank as its blank for every past yr as well. I cant order my current year return transcript nor view it online bc it reads n/a. My income and wages transcript the IRS agent could only place an order on since its not a choice of transcripts to order by going online. And that was on the 16th I believe that he could order my wages and income transcript then a day or two later my acct transcript became available and now its been a day or two more I thought my return transcript would become available today so hopefully sometime today or next 2days it will become availables for me. Does any1 know why when viewing my acct transcripts from 2014 and past yrs they are all blank? Incl a diff type of transcript is blank from past yrs, and all of my wages and income ones from past yrs aren’t complete.

            My Boat:

            Have went under review for 2+ years in a row and or every other yr
            This yr chosen for review agent says there is no reason stated for why this yr but made an unusual gesture that he cant see my return info when its abnormal he stated all he can see is I was resequenced on 4/13/15. However he did say something about income verification which made me believe he sees my return info just wasn’t allowed to tell me the reason for review since this yr I had to file Schedule C within my tax return which must be reason for review. Idk why when all yr long my tax rep told me to chrg my customers under $10,000 being self employed thus way I wasn’t red flagged instantly; so not only did I still get a review and delay I also took a pay cut just to keep my earnings under 10Gs which sucks.
            Its always simple issues as to why I was reviewed and I never received an letter explaining the reasons or that I under went an review process. But instead calling in to agents is how I found out about being placed under reviews and they are the ones whom informed me of the reasons. One year was simply bc claiming my college tuition credit.
            Even being under review in past years the latest I waited for an refund was issued on exactly 14 or 15 days after the date I was accepted. Therefore Im probably looking at the 23rd or 24th for my refund which would make it 7-8 days after I received my state. If this is my case I wont have an status update on wmr until the latest 21st.
            Actually I think the latest I waited before was 21-23 days in fact bk in 2012. Anyways that was bc the agent didn’t put me back into sequence for awhile like 14-16 days she reviewed me for. But this yr I went bk into sequence within a weeks time. Im wondering when tax returns accepted on 4/13 will actually be processed since now im in their pile waiting on being processed or else Im on 2wk resequence which means I wont be processed until the pile of 4/20 comes up for processing. Which Im thinking I was put on 2wk resequence just bc by doing the math if my DDD doesn’t show tonight or tmrw night then I wasnt processed with the 4/13 tax returns. What upsets me is that: I got my state bk already, I cant touch state until I know when my fed is coming in, Im waiting to see If my refund is going to be as the amt I been expecting it to be or if it was changed during review, and I have an drs apt I pay cash for and with state being only like 30-35% of my fed amt 15% of my state refund will have to go to drs if I don’t get my fed bk by the 26th. I see my dr on an sunday each mnth which sucks but he has private practice of his own opened on sundays while he works full time for a diff medical office so therefore I cant put my meds off just to wait on my fed $. I also want to use my state and fed to create an savings to start me on my feet once again, and also pay to get onto an electric budget plan so I don’t lose electricity. IRS needs to understand that ppl need their refunds. They deducted quite a bit in taxes from my refund and so my refund cut in like half. Im lucky they didn’t tax me double or else I wldnt be getting an refund.

            Anyone get accepted or resequenced on 4/13? If so, do you have any DDD as of yet if so, when did you receive your DDD update, and when is your refund date?

            Is there anyone who can only order wages/income transcript and their acct transcripts but no return transcripts, if so when you view your wages/income and acct transcripts are they blank? What does blank viewing of acct + wages/income transcripts online indicate? Why can they be mail ordered when they cant be reviewed online even though they read ready for viewing or read available?

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              I’ve been trying to view my transcripts online but everytime I do it tells me to call the ispu number. Have called them twice and still can not access it. The last person I talked to said she was going to make a refferal which would take 30 because I have not had any id theft issues and have even checked my credit reports for all 3 credit bureaus recently and nothing is wrong with them. So idk why it keeps telling me to contact that number.

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                @nik i had the same thing,

                federal accepted on 2/3 and its been sitting at processing since then,i went to get my transcripts and it said the same thing,so i called and the woman said my account had been flagged to go over with extra care, she said there were no notes on the account about why or anything,she said it could be a million things,like trying to login in and failing too many times,etc,i know i got rejected the first time though because had the wrong last name listed for my wife. so who knows.

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                  I tried to download and mail my transcripts. All I got was a message that my request cannot be processed and to call Specialized Identity Protection….I don’t know why..but scary!

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                    No transcripts of updates here. But from what I have been reading if your prior transcripts show 05 (day date) cycle code then you are most likely weekly. Since today is the last day of the cycle, we MAY see some update tomorrow or Friday morning, I read at the latest Sunday for weeklies. Do you know if you got a dead cycle code in your confirmation/submission code? They dead cycle codes are 201501, 201502, 201503. All of these are being resequenced to be processed during 201504 (ending today). This will help you determine if you can relax for a few days lol

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                      Be sure to send in Form 8962 for the healthcare. I was accepted on 1/12 and I know I’ve been waiting since the 20th. Bars on WMR disappeared 1/26 and transcripts N/A. Finally spoke with someone yesterday that helped me and they informed me that they didn’t receive my initial form and that’s why I was stuck processing.

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                        Filed 1/22 and accepted same day.. No transcript updates and account transcript is blank but showing “As of Feb 16th” I have had the last digits of my cycle the last two years of 05.

                        Any insight to this?

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                          Filed and accepted 1/22/15 . No movement since and no transcript available .
                          Called IRS yesterday. No resequencing or problems with my tax , just a waiting game boooo.

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                            I am very frustrated. It seems like everyone is getting a DD or a DD date and I am getting nothing. The only sign of life I’ve seen since I filed on the 19th was an account transcript that has no useful information on it. Everything else is no-progress or N/A

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                              I also was accepted via TT on the 20th. No movement on WMR and can’t see transcripts… not sure what the hold up is :/

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                                I don’t think it matters which state you are from because certain states go to certain hubs. I’m from indiana and mine is sent to MO & FL goes to Atlanta. We are just unlucky and got pushed aside somehow

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                                  FYI..Florida here as well

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                                    Filed 1/17.. accepted 1/20 with Tax slayer.. Cant see transcripts except for the blank one with no data which says no return on file. 1 bar and no movement so far on WMR

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                                    Always happens…

                                      I filed with Jackson Hewitt on 1/20/2015 and accepted the same day. I used to file early but I noticed everyone else the past few years would get their returns before me when they didn’t file early. So this year I didn’t file early and all these early filers got a DDD already… Always happens to me lol. I still have 1 bar and no transcripts. I wonder if its cause I’m in Texas compared to these other people…

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                                        same here. Filed 1/14 with TaxAct, accepted 1/14. Same deductions as always, nothing out of my ordinary yet I am at one bar, can only view my wage transcript for 2014 which says no tax return on file and my account and return transcript for 2014 say N/A. It seems this happens every year. I am in Florida and I wonder how many others in Florida have filed and not gotten approved to as quickly as others.

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                                          No transcripts or DDD here. Accepted on 1/16. Had 1 bar since acceptance. Filed through TaxAct. No offsets. I have medical insurance. Not eligible for EIC. I am using my bank account for my DD. I don’t know what’s going on.

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                                            Filed 14th accepted 16th. One bar, still processing, 2014 transcript N/A. Yeah.

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                                              Filed with H&R was accepted the 20th, only 1 bar and can not order transcripts.

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                                                I was accepted the 20th with H & R block and I only have one bar & no transcripts as well. =\

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                                                  Ok so earlier I was able to order my 2013 transcript using my old address 2014 was not yet available. NOW…my old address and my new address both say that is does not match the information they have on file…WTH??? Well who knows maybe something is being done on mine…JUST ODD.

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                                                    I wasnt able to order my transcripts, checked today up until about 1, checked again just now and they are all there…just for FYI to those who havent been able to pull them up. I filed on 1/24 and was accepted 1/24. Thank the lord!

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                                                    Kyle bourtelle

                                                      Hi guys I figured I’d share my experience. I filed my taxes 1/22 at around 8:30 and was approved about a half hour later. Both IRS and State of VT currently say accepted. Although, my state refund was deposited today. I filed with H&R Block. Hoping for Feds in a few days!

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                                                        I can pull my refund but it says no refund filed?

                                                        Filed and approved 1/20

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                                                          Im getting the same msg to call. I cant view them online. And when I called they said nothing was wrong and that the 2014 wasn’t ready to view yet. But i just told her to send me a copy of 2013 just for the hell of it. I hope that I dot have to go thru thru the same BS as last year. It was SUCH a pain and head ache. I was an early filer last year. and I didnt get my taxes until almost the end of Feebruary

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                                                            @ohambs yes thats the error im getting i called they say its nothing on my account i think becuz i had a account last year i tried resetting the password and i just created a new account and been getting that message since.

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                                                              When I go to get my transcripts
                                                              using the Online account, it tells me to call the Identity Protection Specialized Unit. Anyone else getting the same message?

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                                                              BIG JAMES

                                                                Accepted on the 20th no movement at all!!..topic 152 has been there since the 21st….they take our money quick if we owe..but when they have to pay ……different story ….IRS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

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                                                                tax depot

                                                                  I can order my 2014 transcript through the mail, but I’m still not able to see it online. Anyone know if this means I’ll be able to view it online soon?

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                                                                    Well, I filed injured spouse, so I had a question about that

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                                                                      +18008290582 ext 632

                                                                      Do not directly ask about your refund or they will tell you that you just have to wait. Just say you are trying to get ypur transcript and it’s not letting you in. You need it faxed but some are saying it’s available and some are saying it’s not. You are tired of getting mixed information so can they confirm it for you

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                                                                        What number did you call? I can never get to anyone, what extension did u use?

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                                                                          So I just called and talked someone and she told me my Direct deposit will be going out on 1/30. I filed on 1/8 and got accepted on 1/12.. I was worried for a while. But they are not updating the system until next week.

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                                                                            I have not been able to see my transcripts as of yet but it seems that its the same process as last year. Tax season opened Jan 30th and they made me wait the full 21 days and then I received my deposit the 21st day. I was able to see my transcripts about a week before the deposit

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                                                                              filed 22nd accepted 22nd one bar, no transcripts. I was told by a tax rep that if you were accepted before the 30th your ddd would be the 5th but idk how true that is.

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                                                                                Filed on the 1/23 and can view transcript with code 846 lucky me

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                                                                                  Everyone who is freaking out… just calm down!

                                                                                  1. Today is the first day anyone has been able to pull their transcripts this season.
                                                                                  2. if you did not file prior to the 20th let alone the 12th which was the first day of early acceptance then shut it.
                                                                                  3. For those of you who have lost their bars and their amount, a little hint for you. After your refund has been processed and a DDD is scheduled your bars may not reappear, but your refund amount will magically reappear on the page.

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                                                                                    We do not owe the irs nor do we have offsets. So this is just plain crazy……. There is no rim or reason to the bs that has been going on the past couple of years with the IRS.

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                                                                                      My boyfriend and I filed at the same time, just minute apart. He can view his transcript , but I have no record on mines. He has school credits and dependent, I have no school , but with dependent. However ,I do owe the irs , but still will get a nice refund. I am wondering, for us that owe the irs , if we have to wait another week. I remember last year, this happened , he got his a week before I . Same filing , but I owed irs last yr too. I got refund the following week.

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                                                                                      hopeful in Atlanta

                                                                                        My mom, 2 cousins, & myself filed early 1-15-15we wall was accepted by irs and currently in 1 bar but my mom & I can’t order or view transcripts don’t know about my cousins maybe we will see something tomorrow fingers crossed

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                                                                                          Ok we filed 1-21-2015 got accepted 1-21-2015 simple return just a W2 that’s all and we are not able to obtain our transcripts plus we are still @ 1 bar 21 day thing with the 152 code. Who knows what’s going on this year.

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                                                                                            This is BS. I’ve been checking my transcripts once an hour since 9 AM and there has been no progress whatsoever. Wtf. I filed on the 19th and got accepted on the 20th. This is retarded.

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                                                                                              I am unable to view my 2014 transcript. Accept Date was the 20th. Not sure what’s going on.

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                                                                                                I went to the irs website and transcripts do not mean you are not getting your refund. According to the website you can not determine your refund from transcripts. I think people have convince themselves that it does. Last year I couldn’t get transcripts until march but received my refund in February. Read below.


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                                                                                                  Filed and accepted on 1/21 account transcripts and others say n/a the only one with the 2014 is Wages but it is empty. Simple return two people no dependents, Sec. C plus husband’s W2.

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                                                                                                    I can’t order/view them online but I was able to call the hot line and order them by mail, does anyone know what this means?

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                                                                                                      Filed and accepted the 21st. No transcripts for me either. Im bummed. :(

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                                                                                                        Filed on 1/20 accepted on 1/20 thru TaxAct one bar on WMR can’t access transcripts yet did my daughters return as well same day as mine I can access her transcripts..smh

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                                                                                                          I was early accepted on Jan 12th, and still cant view my transcripts

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                                                                                                            I have not been able to view my transcripts either, but, this is the first year I have education credits. ( went back to school In 2014). I am not sure if this will cause a delay or not, I hope not!! I know A few years ago people with school credits had to wait to file, but I did not see anything like that for this year. Filed 1/21 accepted approx. 10 minutes later 1/21

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                                                                                                              I was able to order my transcript from the IrsGo App. But not having my username for the site i am unable to see anything. What does that mean? Is my tax return approved or what??? Help Me Out Yall

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                                                                                                                I filed on Jan. 9th and accepted on the 12th, which I used Turbo tax like usual. I cannot order my transcripts and have still been stuck at the same place since the 20th of Jan. That is the day my 1 bar disappeared and then my status stated that my return is still being processed and to check back for a refund date to be provided when available. My boyfriend just filed and he seems to have more profess then I do.

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                                                                                                                  I filed on the 17th and accepted on the 20th. No transcripts. This is really aggravating!! I mean, I’m happy for everyone that’s getting them, but being part of that 1121 BS last year has me freaking out.

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                                                                                                                    @texasgirl, if you can order them at all you are in good shape it does matter which form you can view them in. The fact that you can order shows your return is more than likely completed. Some people can’t even order them.. I.e. They aren’t even ready to have them mailed out.

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                                                                                                                      I cant order my transcripts online HOWEVER; I can order them for mail delivery. I’m so confused. If I can order the 2014 return transcript via mail does that mean my return has processed? So, I can but cant order them if that makes since to anyone else.

                                                                                                                      Please any info would be helpful

                                                                                                                    • #4094701

                                                                                                                        @keri…..I filed injured spouse last year and it will take 12 weeks…I’m sorry…

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                                                                                                                          I cant view anything and when i gk online its giving me a error message

                                                                                                                        • #4094697

                                                                                                                            Filed and accepted on the 20th with taxslayer in Texas, HOH, can only order account transcript return can’t order. Called IRS waited for about an hour. Doesn’t see anything wrong with my return but ” can’t get into it” too many specifics. I was told by the agent that at times transcripts aren’t available until after you get your money. soooo wanted my money yesterday… So many things to do:(

                                                                                                                          • #4094694

                                                                                                                              I was able to order and view my transcripts this morning as well. Not sure if that means we will have a ddd this week or not. I am not banking on it though. I would be happy to at least know my federal ddd and NYS ddd by the end of the week though lol.

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                                                                                                                                I can get into my account transcript, but there is no return data there. It gives me a feb. 16 date, but no code and no refund amount

                                                                                                                              • #4094690

                                                                                                                                  Wow, so sorry.. I just realized the title says DON’T post if you received your xscripts. Good luck to everyone!

                                                                                                                                • #4094688

                                                                                                                                    On the app i can order it but online i lost my id and i have rest ir 20 timea now and still nothing. I have no idea why i still haven’t received a response yet. I will be calling when i get off at 5 to get more information. If you can help me please do..

                                                                                                                                  • #4094686

                                                                                                                                      i filed on 1/22 was accepted on 1/22 and i cannot order transcripts :-(

                                                                                                                                    • #4094683

                                                                                                                                        filed 1/22/2015 – accepted 1/22/2015 and I can order my return transcripts.

                                                                                                                                      • #4094682


                                                                                                                                        • #4094681

                                                                                                                                            Tis is so crazy it drives me crazy to see ppl that filed before and after and they have movement smh maybe uts truth to ths whole cycle, and weekly business

                                                                                                                                          • #4094674

                                                                                                                                              I don’t know why it says that is that normal?

                                                                                                                                            • #4094673

                                                                                                                                                Hi guys I filed 1/20/2015 with tax act and accepted 20 min later with irs. Still can’t order transcripts. My wage transcript says no refund filed?

                                                                                                                                              • #4094672

                                                                                                                                                  It sucks…I got locked of doing it online for some reason. Was directed to identity protection services group. I called them and they told me it was because I entered an incorrect password, they said my refund should not be effected at all. I have tried to order by mail, but it does not recognize my new address yet and says the year isn’t available, which tells me mine isn’t fully processed or my new address would have showed up and 2014 would be available. I filed 01/19 and was accepted 1/20. This waiting game drives me crazy every year. I really just hope I get my return sooner rather than later. Really hope its to me by the 21 day mark as their website states. In most cases I get mine with in 14 days…keeping fingers crossed. I am glad I am not the only one on pins and needles.

                                                                                                                                                • #4094669

                                                                                                                                                    I filed 1/15 accepted by IRS 1/16 – still processing with 1 bar on WMR and topic 152; can’t order account or return transcripts both show N/A. I know its only been 7 days since IRS opened for returns but I don’t remember it taking this long in past years to at least get a DDD or transcripts. It’s a bit frustrating. The IRS encouraged early filing but it in no way benefits most of the ones who do it. I will never submit my taxes early again!

                                                                                                                                                  • #4094664

                                                                                                                                                      Its nerve wrecking

                                                                                                                                                    • #4094661

                                                                                                                                                        No transcript here either but I filed injured spouse no idea, how long it’ll take

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