Once transcripts update with as of date do they change or is that the DD?

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      Transcripts updated today no 846 with as of date of 3-14-22, will that be my date or have I been resequenced? The initial date was 1-3-22 with just last years payments.

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          On hold got through the tax number this morning quick secretary transferred me to IRS said I’ll be on hold for 60 min or more lmao!

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            No update for me calling now, don’t know why lol!😂 They’re going to tell me the same damn lie! Some people with delays have got their refund.

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              @Tara same

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                @T tried calling for my dad and not able to either. This is Sad.

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                  Not able to get through on any line that is crazy! When did people start calling, last night lmao!

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                    I hope so, tomorrow would be perfect. I usually get updates on Wednesday or Friday, but since they’re changing everything who knows lol. This year has been the weirdest for most of us… So ready for this to be over, next year I’m making sure I don’t file until after the 15th of February. I learned my lesson!😂❤️

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                      No movement on my end. Same “as of” date, 03/07, but no 846. ITS website says most early filers will get their deposits tomorrow. Here’s crossing our fingers for all of us!!!!

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                        Tax advocates are not available until May. If you need to speak to the IRS call (877) 777-4778 option 1 then option 1 again. Ask to be transferred to accounts management for help with refund because it’s over 21 days. The secretary at the tax advocates office will transfer you to the IRS. Other numbers do not work for me.

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                          They just don’t want to pay us lmao! If the transcript dates are changing that means they’re working on them. It said 3/14/22 before it changed back to 1/3/22 so hopefully this week. I don’t have no codes, no letters. WMR says still being processed.

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                            Still laughing about that one, I thought WMR updated more frequently!😂😂😂

                            Keep faith for big movement this week!❤️❤️❤️

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                              Omg I got that last week. Lol I was freaking out.

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                                Refund Status Results

                                We’re sorry but you have exceeded the number of daily attempts allowed.
                                Information is updated every 24 hours, usually overnight, so you only need to check once a day. Please try again tomorrow

                                Who else got this message? Don’t lie!😂😂😂

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                                  I feel the same way, guess I should’ve declined those advances last year. They’re having to do too much to verify!

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                                    Mine look the same this morning as they did last night. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Ugh this is killing me.

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                                      Glad to know it’s not just my transcripts that keeps changing on the same day. SMH!

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                                        Wish we will all update tonight! Filed & accepted 1/25,

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                                          @IRS please hire more people! This is soooooo annoying… just checked, still shows January 3rd, 2022 on transcripts. I was hoping it was a glitch and would correct itself back to 3-14-22, at least it was done movement. Will check after 6am.

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                                            Any updates

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                                                I was going to post the same question!

                                                Filed 01/31
                                                Accepted 01/31
                                                PATH msg/transcript “as of” 02/28
                                                PATH lifted 02/15, no bars/ “as of” 03/07
                                                Transcripts this morning had “as of” 03/14
                                                Transcripts just now at 530p eastern time “as of” back to 03/07.

                                                What is the “as of” date anyway? Why does it change? Why am I having to take my Ativan for this?! Gaaaaah!!

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                                                  My as of date was showing 2/28/22 the past week. This morning it moved to 3/14/22 then this afternoon it switched back to 2/28/22.

                                                  -I filed and was accepted 1/24/22
                                                  -Transcripts showing 570 code date 2/3/22
                                                  -Transcripts don’t even show my refund amount on the top.
                                                  -WMR has delay message and all bars are gone

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                                                    Same situation. Mine had been 3/7, updated to 3/14 this morning, and now back to 3/7. I’m not sure what to think …

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                                                      Checked my transcripts this morning at 6:30a it showed my as of date WAS 3-14-22. I made this post this morning when I saw it. I just now checked NOW at 4:32p same freaking day & it’s back to what I’ve been seeing the whole time. 1-3-22 so now it’s like I didn’t update all at. What is going on?

                                                      Anyone else change on same day? So weird. I have a screenshot of it showing March glad I took it but now I’m really confused!

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                                                        @Ms tax I’m not sure, I haven’t seen that before. They should give us all an increase for the inconvenience after the 21 days!😂

                                                        @SanDiego I sure hope the deposit hits next week. I was shocked to see any movement at all this morning, hopefully we get more movement tomorrow morning.❤️

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                                                          so if you have an as of date of 3/14/22 we will get another transcript update next week *weekly here* with 846 for a deposit for the following week (week of 3/7) or do you think we will actually receive deposits next week?

                                                          *sorry for any confusion, filed/accepted 1/31 and transcripts finally updated overnight with 766/971 codes, no 846 but numbers are way different than my original return so I’m super confused!*

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                                                          Ms tax

                                                            Anyone help with my transcripts please at the bottom it says

                                                            You get the point the numbers or amounts -$$.00 is that my expected refund. If yes it’s 1,000 more and I have codes 570/971.

                                                            Also there’s no point in calling????

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                                                              @Ladder88 yes I’m adding a child this year.

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                                                                Did you happen to claim a missing stimulus or add a child?

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                                                                  Looks like I’m a 05, so confusing lol. Thanks for responding!🥰

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                                                                    What is your cycle code. Looks like your WMR will update next week

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