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    Wheres My Refund Oklahoma – Share your experience with filing your Oklahoma Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Oklahoma Wheres My Refund? go to Oklahoma Tax Commission

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Stephanie Martin

    Filed 1/24 but had to do ID verification

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    Filed on 2/6, accepted 2/6, refund sent on 2/13. One week turn around time, not too bad!

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    I have good news!! My refund has been deposited. 😁 maybe now I can sleep.

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    Couldn’t sleep thought I would check my status. Finally showed approved!!!
    The message also said my refund should be deposited in 5-7 days.

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    To question, that does seem unusual…I have heard if you have your fileing fees taken out of your refund that can hold up your direct deposit. If you call tomorrow let us know what they say. I am still waiting for approval myself. So to hear people getting their refunds is encouraging.

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    I filed 1/28/2019. I have the message now that my return was approved 2/4/2019 and should be deposited in 5-7 days. It’s being direct deposited to a Serve card and have not received anything. I guess I will call tomorrow.

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    Ok state Filed and accepted 2/5, when I check, it says refund received but not approved.
    I did not have it direct deposited.
    Today, I received envelope from debit card company, with no card in it….
    Is Oklahoma waiting for Fed approval?(first time PATHer )

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    I filed my federal and state on Jan 15th. Federal was accepted with in a couple of days and have had the path message since opening day. My Oklahoma return has showed recieved but not approved since opening day as well. Still no change in my status I check once a day.

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    When did everyone file?

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    I woke up to approved refund msg and the deposit in my account. This was a first.

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    I have had that message in the past myself. The new amount never showed up on their site and I actually got my refund before it gave me a date for deposit. I bet if you call you can get the amount. Good luck!

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    I’m just curious if anyone here has ever had an offset that affected your state return. I received a letter dated 1/31 that it would be deducted from my state refund. I have been checking my status and it shows “ approved for a different amount or has not been approved” Will this message ever change? I have even tried to look with the new amount after the deduction.

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    Stephanie Martin

    Received State last night at 11:30 pm.. Finally now waiting on Federal… Good luck all

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    Stephanie Martin

    Their was an update Saturday morning.. If you haven’t checked in a few days you might do so

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    I called last Thursday and was placed on hold while he “checked” my return. He said all was fine when he returned. Still no progress. Accepted 1/28. Big delay this year?

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    Thank you for the quick response! If nothing changes by the three week mark I will give them a call. If anything changes before that I will post it. Have a great day!

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    Stephanie Martin

    I filed an was accepted on the 24th… I had to do the identity verification but did it Wednesday the 6th and now refund was Approved… You might give them a call..

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    I still have the wait three weeks for processing too. I work in retail and a customer told us that if you filed before opening day the state is taking longer to process those returns as they were received while gov was shut down. Anyone else heard anything like that? And by the way I am not saying that info is accurate, I did file early and it is taking longer this year to be approved. I am tempted to call the state but I will wait till the third week. Wish more Oklahoman’s posted here.

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    Still nothing here but refund not approved wait 3 weeks…

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    Stephanie Martin

    Refund approved 2/8 … Just updated this morning.. Says I’ll receive refund in 5-7 business days… Yay…

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    Stephanie Martin

    Congrats to everyone getting their DD… Hopefully I’ll get mine this week

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    I got my deposit this morning between 9-10am. The site still shows pending.

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    No, it still says its processing. Even now. I always get the money before it updates tho.

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    Mine still has the wait for 3weeks message😐. But it is encouraging to hear others are getting their DD. Did the oklahoma site change your message to approved since you got your DD for NetSpend.

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    Dd posted 10 mins ago on netspend! Now for the federal wait lol

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    I have searched and found nothing…waiting waiting waiting lol

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    Stephanie Martin

    Yes it is taking a lot longer this year.. I’ll check my status Friday.. Maybe something will have changed

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    My status has not changed from the first day tax season opened. It still says accepted but not approved and wait three weeks for processing. I have had no letters come to me wanting more more info so…..back to waiting. It is taking longer this year for me too. Regardless of when it comes it will be appreciated. has anyone heard any info other than the generic message about refunds taking three weeks to process

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    Dang! I bet it will process fine now. Y’all got me nervous now lol Nothing has changed in my info for 5yrs,maybe I’ll get a pass lol

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    I got accepted on the 24th then recieved a letter to verify my identity.. Just did that this morning … I’m hoping it will process through now

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    I did my identity verification… Hopefully it wont be long now

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    Aww that letter sucks, hope we dont all get it. If I’m getting it I bet I’ll get it today or tomorrow since mine was accepted the day after yours. Otc posted a silly video about that letter on their site. Id verify junk.

    Congrats Aura. Yes, this year is already a pain lol Fingers crossed it goes quickly now.

    Wish someone would post if they have received their refund :)

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    Mine finally got accepted. This tax year is very different.

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    I got a letter in the mail yesterday stating they needed an original copy of my w2 to be mailed in before they could process my refund. Never happened before. It said they instated some new mandates to help prevent fraud.

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    Definitely not! Last year I filed the 31st and got my Dd on the 6th. It’s always fast. Heres hoping this year is no different. :)

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    I filed the 28th and was accepted the 31st. I filed through jackson Hewitt. It days wait 3 weeks for processing but I dont expect it to be that long.

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    Yes, it said that when I filed today but it was accepted and the files were there for me to download.

    #4255705 Reply


    I haven’t try it game it kept telling me that not all form are there have to wait for upddate

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    Filed and Accepted this morning….finally lol

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    Exact same thing happened to me on 24th, 28th and then today…I’m going to try again tomorrow

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    I efiled OK tax the 28th and I also got rejected to to internal rejected and refiled yesterday and got rejected again due to child tax credit and all it said was that it need to be update. I file online and it should update itself so now not so sure if I refile again will be good idea. First time over 10 years, files the same everytime and this is first time I got rejected. Any ideas anyone?

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    I filed my state the 22nd got rejected on the 25th, said to file again on the 31st, I filed again yesterday and its pending again🤷🏾‍♀️.

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    TT keeps rejecting mine saying they dont have the forms until 1/31…blahhh I always get my star back fast. 5 days last year.

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    I filed both on Jan 12th and my federal was accepted the 17th. My Oklahoma return finally showed accepted today with a message that said wait 3 weeks for processing. I do expect it much earlier than three weeks because I had my Ok refund deposited in late January last year. The ok refund status site never showed approved or ddd date until after the funds were already in my account.

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    Has anyone successfully filed ok state taxes?

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    Filed Fed & State 4/18/18

    Will update once received.

    Federal is already showing up as pending in my bank account for Friday release. Come on Oklahoma refund, can you beat federal deposit!? You still have time :))

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    wesley pyburn

    got aletter thursday asking for w2 sent it in and still nothing

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    Ok, what gives, Oklahoma? Got my federal back in 8 days. My kids got their state refunds before their federal, and here its been the 3 weeks they say i should wait PLUS a few days and ok wesite still says received but not approved. I have no debt or offsets or any reason why the refund would be snatched, and the return was really pretty simple. Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

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    wesley pyburn

    when does oklahoma update there website?overnight like the irs and has any recieved theres yet

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    I got that message last year. I ended up having part of my refund intercepted for a $80 medical bill

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    my oklahoma return says “Your return has been processed; however, your refund was approved for a different amount or has not been approved.”
    has anyone else gotten this before and what does it mean?

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    “Your return has been processed. For direct deposit refunds, please allow 5 working days for the deposit to be made to your bank account. For debit card refunds, please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery”

    Im doing the debit card refund. Has anyone received the debit card yet? Anything? Its my money and I want it now! Lol.

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    I’ve been checking refund status on OTC site everyday day and as of yesterday it still said received but not approved. Just now went to make sure our federal deposit arrived as scheduled and the state refund was in the account too!

    Filed and accepted 1/31

    #4160090 Reply

    Sharon Williams

    I had heard that it wouldn’t affect your state refund but who knows?? I didn’t have either one of those credits and neither did my daughter; however she has received her refund and I haven’t.

    #4160077 Reply


    UGG! The only difference I know of is that I know of is that I did claim the EIC and ACTC…..coworker did not. But from what I understand that is not to affect state refunds

    #4160070 Reply

    Sharon Williams

    I don’t get it either. I filed my daughter’s on 1/27 and she got her’s deposited on 1/3. Doesn’t make any sense to me :(

    #4160048 Reply


    Really dont get it because I talked to someone at work today who filed 2/1 and got their refund from OK deposited today. I filed 1/30 and still nothing

    #4160046 Reply


    Im still waiting for mine aswell. Same msg….received but not approved yet…… :( :(

    #4160033 Reply

    Sharon Williams

    I filed on 1/24 and accepted on 1/25. Today is 2/6 and mine is still “received but not approved ” Anyone else that was accepted on this day still getting that message?

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    Okc mom….when did you file? Im waiting for my Ok return ….filed 1/30

    #4158541 Reply

    OKC Mom

    **UPDATE** I just checked mine this morning and it says:

    Your return has been processed. For direct deposit refunds, please allow 5 working days for the deposit to be made to your bank account. For debit card refunds, please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery. Your refund was approved on February 3, 2017.

    #4158527 Reply

    OKC Mom

    I have the same message. Filed 1/30/2016

    #4154161 Reply


    Anyone no how often the update there website?

    #4153279 Reply


    I have received the same message. Last year it took 3 months to get my state back.

    #4153235 Reply


    I have that message “Refund received, but not approved, please allow 3 weeks for processing”
    Anyone else?

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    My refund was accepted on 1/22/16. As of 2/9/16 there has been absolutely ZERO response. It isn’t showing as being processed at all.

    I did have a separate tax issue and called them the other day and she said that everything looks good on their end and that all information was received. She said I should see some change in the next few days.

    Still, doesn’t make me any less weary since I still haven’t received LAST YEARS refund despite sending in all the necessary things they asked for….

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    I got my approval date on 1/26. Has anyone actually got he deposit though? LMK please!

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    Mine updated to refund processed!

    #4116056 Reply


    Mine finally changed to processing refund. Any day now!

    #4115739 Reply


    Nothing here. Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19. Ok tap says has not been received as of yet

    #4115694 Reply


    Filed through h&r as soon as it let me. 1/19 accepted 1/20. Shows DDD of Feb 10th.

    #20934 Reply


    I filed on the 10th. My federal says still processing and my state says return processed however your refund has not been approved. Anyone else have this problem?

    #20554 Reply


    filed 2/3

    changed to my refund is done processing, however, refund has not been issued last night around 11.

    Now, how long it will take them to issue the refund is anyones guess.

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    Filed Feb 5 and ours hasnt been processed yet and to allow 3 weeks for it to be processed

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Reply To: Oklahoma

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