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    Wheres My Refund Ohio – Share your experience with filing your Ohio Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Ohio Wheres My Refund? go to Ohio Department Of Taxation

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    Still nothing… If you got it when did you file/when did they accept?

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    Woke up to state deposit 😂😂😂😂

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    I just got my deposit in my bank account. I filed through Ohio tax website. It was processed on 1/22 and I had the standard 15 day message.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/26 and status says processed. allow 15 days. Does this mean approved? my confirmation number was 18025 and then random

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    My Ohio confirmation on my transcripts is 18024xxxxx so I read that corresponds to year month date. So it could mean 2/4/18 or I hope it means this Thursday:) which tax wise is the 4th day of the week. But I don’t really know! Just my guess:)

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    Ok so Ohio person at tax office said my return was processed on 1/26 and a refund has been requested. Requested from whom?!? If it processed then why the wait?

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    Filed the 21 processed the 22 now the 15 day message don’t like the new generic message this year

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    The manual review message is a bit different from the message I got about verifying identity. Mine specifically stated that I was under review for identity and that a letter would be mailed out to me. I got the letter in 4 days and I just completed the identity quiz last night, but my message on ohio tax website hasn’t changed yet. When I did quiz it said allow 48 hours before checking refund status again. Hoping to have refund within the next few days/week!

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    I filed w/H&R block on 1/21 mine still shows that it’s waiting to be processed on their website and doesn’t find me of course on Ohio.gov I wonder when it will be processed ? Anyone file through H&R Block (no fee’s) and have their state accepted?

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    Mine said the same thing then changed to the 15 days the next day.

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    Midwest Mama

    Thursday is the day I was predicting, as someone told me 8 days or something along those lines. Hopefully Netspend kicks in and deposits mine tomorrow…..I will post up and let you guys know if it does. Thanks for the replies.

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    Thursday would be nice! I have the 15 day message too.

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    I hope so.

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    A good source said Thursday for Ohio refunds

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    Accepted 25, 15 day message. Wonder how long it takes to actually get refund

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    No Ohio refund, I’m also wondering when. Mine is saying 15 days…

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    I file every year through Ohio tax website. It says mine was accepted 22cd allow 15 days for deposit.

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    They will send you a letter in the mail with a code you will use to log in and verify your identity. It delays your refund a bit but it’s common that people have to verify for Ohio now. I’ve had to do it two years in a row. This is the first year I haven’t had to. It seems like everyone was flagged for review when they first started it.

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    So mine said under manual review yesterday but changed to 15 day message today

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    Filed my state around the 19th. It said that it was under manual review. Checked today and it said it was processed and shoumd have it in 15 days!

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    Mine is stating the same thing. I’ve never had this happen before I filed 3 days ago and accepted today and under manual review to. Bummer!

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    anyone get ohio refund yet

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    Just wanted to confirm it’s i.d. Verify. We will receive letters in mail. No big deal. They are doing twice as many this year they said

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    Your original return was received and posted to our system on 01/25/2018, but is currently under manual review. Please allow 60 days from the posted date for processing. If it has been more than 60 days, please call us at 1-800-282-1780 or e-mail us.

    I have no debts or address change or back child support. Let the games begin!

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    I am not 100% onthisbut if Iam thinking right, a few years ago that happened to me. I always file through TT. I had to confirm my identity with Ohio.gov. But i think you have to wait for the letter that they mail to you. Again it has been a couple years…

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    Ryan V

    So I filed my Federal & State Taxes with TT On 1/17/18 And was accepted on 1/19 on 1/24 my state taxes were accepted but with this message

    Your original return was received and posted to our system on 01/24/2018, but is currently under manual review. Please allow 60 days from the posted date for processing. If it has been more than 60 days, please call us at 1-800-282-1780 or e-mail us.

    What the hell does this mean I’ve never had this before and if it’s the security thing how long does it take to get the letter to do the questions ? Please Help

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    Does the Ohio state send the Identity quiz letter before they process the return or after they process the return?
    My status says returns processed on 04/02 please wait for 15 days for refund….
    I want to know if I should expect a Identity Quiz Letter?

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    I filed 2/9, accepted 2/9 (or so HR Block said). I have been unable to log into the online site, every time is says the info doesn’t match a record.
    2/14 I received a letter to verify my ID, which I completed. Still unable to log into website.
    Emailed, no reply.
    Called and was told that it finished processing the 15th.
    Has anyone had issues with the online site, or is it simply because I am new to the state?
    Does anyone else have a finished processing date of 2/15?

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    processed 2-8-17…still waiting! lol

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    Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1 ID Quiz and processed 2/7 when should I see my money

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    Filed 2-2
    Accepted 2-3
    Refund received in chase bank account 2-13

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    @Yess. Sweet. I bet mine show up tomorrow in my bank account. (Huntington Bank).

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    Yess R


    Both my son and I had processing dates of 2.3 and received our refunds today 2.13.

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    Anyone with a 2/3 processing date or around that time have any updates?

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    Filed in January, took identity quiz and now it says processed on 02-03-17 please allow 15 days and check back for release date etc… when do you guys think it will actually go on netspend card

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    Filed and then had to do that Identification quiz, State says accepted on Jan 31st. I am hoping it comes this week.

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    Hi all, I filed 1/27, was accepted 1/29, money was in my bank today 2/7. Also, maymay was right about transcripts. My numbers were 17027 (then random) the fifth number seems to be deposit/release day.

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    I filed my state on February 1st and ohio os showing it was processed on the 2nd. I read on here that the confirmation number on the transcript is actually like a deposit date. If this is true then I will not get my state refund until the end of march. As of right now I’m getting the 15 day message when I check the status. Can anyone help me understand what is going on with my refund?

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    I filed 01/23/2017. I called several times and they told me allow 15days and provided me DD of 02/07/2017. I called Taxation dept. today they said they sent letter to send in w’2’s and copy of tax forms.

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    Bank confirmed DD, funds will be available in my account sometime over night.

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    If Chase holds your payroll deposit then they’ll hold this deposit too. PNC always holds my direct deposits until the next day :-( It’s showing in my account as a pending deposit for 2/7/17. If they don’t hold direct deposits then it should be there tmrw morning.

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    Oh never mind I see you got a text. I have Chase bank…maybe tomorrow

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    I never got my refund today. How do you know it came today?

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    State refund came today, of course PNC Bank holds until next day but just got the text this morning. One down, one to go lol.

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    Based on what others are reporting we are probably looking at Monday.

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    Processed 1/29 same as you

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    Oh good; that sounds promising! I know in previous years the state was always quicker than the federal. I have a PATH return so I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that it’ll be a later refund this year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed as well!

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    I filled with tt on the same date as you with the same results so far.

    Other members of this thread are reporting their DD 8 calendar days from their processing date. That would put us at Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Good morning all! Filed my OH return through TT on 1/27 since some of the forms I had to file weren’t ready from the state until then. State website shows my return was processed on 1/29 and to allow 15 days for the refund to be deposited. Anyone else in a similar situation seen a deposit yet?

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    When did you file?

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